Why Salzburg Is An Awesome Destination

One of the main views of old town in Salzburg - AustriaWhile some might only know it as the home of The Sound of Music and the birthplace of Mozart, there is much more on offer when traveling to Salzburg. These are some of the best reasons that we recommend traveling to Salzburg.

The castles

While there are many European cities that have one beautiful castle, Salzburg has three of them. Amongst the most interesting is undoubtedly the Hohensalzburg, which dates back to the 11th century. This sparkling white palace is a stunning piece of Baroque architecture. This was once the most powerful castle in all of central Europe, and nowadays it entertains countless tourists with its elaborate Goldene Stube (golden chamber), ramparts, courtyards, towers, and torture chamber.

The great shopping experience

The sprawling, ornate squares of the Altstadt are great to discover, but the shopping might be even better. Even though we are seeing the introduction of some of the major chains, the long-standing independent confectioners and antique shops still dominate the scene in Salzburg.

Here you will find specialists in metalwork, porcelain, handmade shoes, musical instruments, and umbrellas. Many of them still available after decades of service. You can find the best stores in Goldgasse and Getreidegasse, but make sure that you explore the courtyards as well. These are some of the oldest, more charming streets in all of Salzburg. You will find that the traditional wrought-iron guild shop signs are still present on many boutiques. 

The ice caves

If you want to explore the haunting Eisriesenwelt cave system, make sure that you wear some warm clothing. These offer the largest ice caves in the world, including a spectacular cable-car ride and scenic drive through the Salzach Valley. Because of the climb, it is recommended that you at least be somewhat physically fit. Once you get there, you find yourself in cathedral-like caverns, overlooking sparkling ice formations and a series of stalactites and stalagmites.

The Residenz

The Residenz are the palace of Salzburg’s former ruling prince-archbishops, and it has the same baroque features that most of Salzburg is famous for. Unlike many of the other European palaces, the Residenz has a certain consistency that you cannot see anywhere else. This includes large ceiling frescos and swirls framing in just about every room. 

Schloss Hellbrun

Markus Sittikus was not just one of the Prince-Archbishops of Salzburg, but he was also rather childish. He decided that he wanted a large, summer palace in his honor on the outskirts of the city. The gardens are where his childish wonder really shines. There are over 200 wooden figures throughout the water-powered mechanical theatre. The numerous trick fountains are also worth a mention here. You are likely to get soaked from the most unusual sources.

The salt mines

Both the name and the original wealth of Salzburg came from the salt mines around the city. As a tourist, you are able to view a couple of different salt mines. The 450-year old mine at Hallein is one of the most famous ones. Here you set off on a journey deep into the mountain, all while wearing traditional mining clothes.

The Salzburger Dom

If you want to explore one of the most stunning baroque masterpieces in all of Europe, make sure that you visit Salzburg’s cathedral. It is worth sitting in the pews and admiring the scenery as you get there. Once you get there, you realize that there is more to this cathedral than the enormous pipe organ or the ceiling frescos; the black and white stuccowork around the different arches truly makes this spectacular. This is clean and crisp while being dazzlingly detailed. Once you get here and see it for yourself, you realize that the amount of detail here has to be seen to be believed.

Staying in Salzburg – luxury paramount

If you want to enjoy the unique mix of world charm and modern comfort that Salzburg has to offer, it does not get much better than the Hotel Sacher Salzburg. This is where innovation is joined hand in hand with tradition.

There are 113 rooms available at the Hotel Sacher Salzburg. Each of the different rooms is individually furnished and designed with modern technical equipment. There is a balcony available in some rooms, which offers you a tremendous view of the fortress Hohensalzburg and the old city of Salzburg.

The dining options offered at the Hotel Sacher Salzburg also ensure a superior experience, with amazing chefs, a large selection of venues, and a proud commitment to excellent ingredients. The hotel is also home to one of the finest wine lists in all of Austria.

The traditional Roter Salon offers both Austrian and international cuisine while the Zirbelzimmer serves as a gourmet restaurant. The Salzachgrill is probably your best option if you are a lover of grilled dishes, while the Sacher Bar and Sacher Café allow you to get a drink and indulge in an Original Sacher-Torte chocolate cake respectively.

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