Why Eastern Europe Is Certainly Worth Your Time

Bratislava, SlovakiaWhen people talk about visiting Europe, they are often talking about the western parts of Europe. However, the truth is that you can find some amazingly beautiful sights in the eastern part of Europe as well. Anyone who has ever traveled to the ‘other’ side of Europe and has ventured off the beaten path will know just how stark the contrast is between the two. Even though Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, and London are beautiful, they are only half of what Europe has to offer.

On the eastern part of Europe, you can find some incredible people, architecture, castles, art, traditions, culture, and history. Trust us when we tell you that there is no denying that Eastern Europe has just as much to offer as its western counterpart.

The people are friendly and hospitable

Contrary to what Hollywood productions might tell you or the belief that may remain in the western part of Europe, Eastern Europeans are incredibly hospitable, warm, and friendly. People who have ventured into Eastern Europe before have proclaimed its inhabitants to be the most hospitable people in the world. You may be welcomed to understand their customs, try the traditional cuisine, and you will find that most of them genuinely want you to enjoy yourself in their country.

It is far more affordable

Even though Eastern Europe no longer has the same pricing as it did in the early 1990s (unfortunately for most of us), it is still very affordable to visit Eastern Europe. Especially when looking at Western- and Eastern Europe comparatively, Eastern Europe offers great value for money.

You get an authentic experience

If you want a great, authentic experience and really know how people live their daily lives, Eastern Europe is perfect. There are fewer people who come to Eastern Europe and there are far fewer crowds. Eastern Europe has not been subjected to mass tourism as of yet. From the moment that  you arrive to the moment that you leave, you are getting an authentic experience in Eastern Europe. Part of what makes this such an amazing, authentic experience is the fact that you can expect a few challenges along the way. One example? You should not expect every sign to be available in English, sometimes you will have to do a little detective work.

It is relatively un-Westernized

You will find a great number of people who simply do not speak English, in many regards, this is not a westernized landscape. Even though you can find McDonalds and most other fast-food chains, you will find far more local jaunts and hole-in-the-wall cafes. You may be surprised how many stores in Eastern Europe simply ‘do it all’, from having a hotel upstairs to being a general store during the day, to functioning as a bar later in the evening.

The rich history

Remember, it is not a bad thing that Eastern Europe has an extremely turbulent past. Countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina are very much impacted by history – some of the tremendous strife there coming as recent as the late 1990s. However, these are amazing places to visit nowadays. If you are interested in learning more about history, Eastern Europe simply has a great deal to offer you.

The souvenirs here are true keepsakes

Even though you can buy some cheap coins or key rings while in Western Europe, you can buy far more authentic souvenirs in Eastern Europe – and oftentimes for less money too. You can take home some beautiful handmade textiles, crafts, crotchet, knitted scarves, and garments. You should not expect to find a great deal of ‘touristy’ things here – but more things that you would be proud to take home and keep in your family for quite some time.

The beautiful, untouched scenery

Many places around the world have relied on offering the keyword ‘untouched scenery,’ but the truth is that you can find heaps of it in Eastern Europe. If you want impressive ski slopes, rolling hills, and clear open land, Eastern Europe is the perfect place for you to be.

Now or never – it will not always be like that

One of the great things about Eastern Europe is the fact that you can enjoy a luxury vacation here for a good price, and you will not be fighting over people just to get a great spot. We are not the only ones who write about the draw that Eastern Europe has, and this ‘hidden gem’ is not going to be hidden forever.

More and more people are pouring into Eastern Europe, and people are going to realize just what amazing sights Eastern Europe offers. Remember that you still have time to travel to Eastern Europe before it becomes incredibly popular. What this means is that you still have a chance to be one of the first to see this side of Europe for what it really is.

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