What to do in Saint-Tropez

Panoramic view of the bay of Saint-Tropez, FranceSaint-Tropez is always going to remain a draw for people across the globe. Despite the fact that its reputation may have waned slightly in the last few years, it is important to remember that this will never be anything like an “expensive” Ibiza. It is a truly wonderful holiday location for couples and families. Saint-Tropez is all about being safe, contained, and cozy. These are just a few suggestions on what you could do in Saint- Tropez.

Explore the café life of Saint-Tropez

Once you are in the port of Saint-Tropez, you will find that there is no better place around to people watch. Watch the stunning and interesting people go by at Le Senequier in the port. This café is known throughout and you can look over the bobbing row of super yachts as the evening sun is slowly setting for the day. This is also where you are going to spot the celebrities if they are staying in Saint-Tropez. If you prefer to stay somewhere a bit more traditional, make sure that you visit the Place des Lices. Sitting in the shade of the giant plane trees is going to keep you comfortable in the heat.

Visit Saint-Tropez’ museums

Few people are going to travel to Saint-Tropez for the museums, but it is home to one of the most beautiful town centers that you are going to find along the coast. It has drawn in some of the more famous painters in the world, starting with Paul Signac in 1892. Because Signac was utterly drawn to Saint-Tropez, he also invited a number of his friends to the town. Because of this, Saint-Tropez became an active part of the avant-garde set. New techniques such as fauvism, pointism, and impressionism were actively being explored here. The Annonciade museum is home to works from Signac, Bonnard, and Matisse.

Explore the Citadelle Saint-Tropez

The Citadelle Saint-Tropez looks out across the sea, perched high above the town. Even though this might not be the greatest museum for kids, they are sure to burn up some energy when running up the ramparts. This defensive site began development around 1589, and it has been torn down and rebuilt more than once. It evokes memories of a dramatic past and offers a stunning view as well.

The House of Butterflies Saint-Tropez

Established in 1993, the House of Butterflies is known as Maison de Papillon. There are approximately 4,500 butterfly species kept in this antique house. Dany Lartigue gathered the collection of butterflies. Lartigue was a famous painter who lived in Saint-Tropez since 1970. There are many rare species of butterfly here, all of them beautifully displayed and carefully documented. The butterflies all have recreations of their natural habitat.

Make sure that you visit Saint-Tropez Beach

When making a list of the most famous beaches in the world, chances are that Saint-Tropez beach is going to be on it somewhere. Despite the name, the beach is not actually in the town of Saint Tropez. Instead, it stretches out into an area called Pamplonne, along the peninsula to the west of the town.

You should expect glittering blue skies and perfect white sandy beaches. Because the sea is shallow here, the sand bar makes for a perfect place for kids to play and swim. The facilities near the beach are also excellent, there are coastguards at regular intervals, bars, restaurants, activities, showers, toilets, and shaded parking. If you have young children, remember that some private beach clubs may be restrictive.

Luna Park – if you have kids

If you have children, you should check out Azur Park or Luna Park. This park is noisy, bright, and big. It has countless activities that kids are simply going to love, and it is only 15 minutes outside of Saint Tropez by car. Some of the activities here include crazy golf, fast food options, a Ferris wheel, horse rides, attractions, water slides, and rollercoasters. There are many shops and restaurants in a large commercial area nearby, but you will need a taxi or a car to get there.

Traveling to Saint-Tropez as a couple

If you are a couple looking for a romantic trip, this is a wonderful place to discover. It is both small and pretty, and it is an intimate place to discover because of the old stone buildings and winding cobbled streets. The best time to travel to Saint-Tropez if you are looking for some quiet romantic time has to be summer, June, or early Autumn, September. This would ensure that you are there before the tourists come in in droves.

Staying at Château de la Messardière

The Château de la Messardière is a five-star luxury hotel that is located in the Var region of Saint-Tropez. It spans across both the French Riviera and Provence. With 117 rooms, it is the largest hotel in Saint-Tropez and has magnificent 25-acre grounds, an art gallery, bars, restaurants, a gourmet restaurant, and a spa. This is a truly stunning location if you are already bathing in the luxury of Saint-Tropez and want to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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