The Top Things To Do In Stockholm Sweden

StockholmContrary to what people think, there is more to do in Sweden than to check out the beautiful blonde people. These are a few of our favorite sights in Stockholm that we believe that you should check out if you ever decide to

The ABBA Museum

Despite the fact that ABBA might not be the most famous Swedish export anymore, it has become one of Stockholm’s main attractions since having opened in May of 2013. The ABBA Museum is a dream come true for anyone who is in love with the music from this popular band, but it is a great way to spend a few hours for those with even a passing interest in music. If you want to see how one of the world’s most successful pop groups became as incredibly popular as it did, this provides you with great insight. Making everything all the more interesting is the fact that you have a strong interactive theme throughout the museum.

Visit the port of Stockholm

Traveling by boat is one of the best ways to explore Stockholm, and undoubtedly one of the most pleasant. If you are visiting Stockholm, make sure to head to the port and travel between the many different islands. It provides an entirely different point of view to explore the city, so if you have a moment, experience Stockholm from this side. You can do some people watching from the water or travel underneath the many different bridges.


Especially in the warmer months, you are going to see locals and tourists alike flock here. It is home to the aforementioned newly opened ABBA Museum and the Skansen open museum. If you are visiting Stockholm in the summer months, you can easily enjoy an entire day here, stopping by numerous restaurants and cafes and riding through the endless gardens.

Fotografskia Museum

Even though pronouncing the name of the museum can be a challenge for English-speakers, the Fotografskia museum is a world’s first and truly a feast for the eyes. Any photography enthusiast would be wise to stop by here, because it is home to one of the most celebrated photographic displays in the world. Even if you only have a passing interest in photography, this is still worth the journey.

The Stockholm city hall

This is undeniably one of the most iconic buildings in all of Stockholm. The exterior of the city hall is absolutely stunning, and the interior more than matches. Make sure that you partake in a short tour so you are able to find out a bit more about the surrounding. Make sure that you stop by the Gold Room in the City Hall, there are more than 18 million gold mosaic tiles here. The city hall is open daily and you can enjoy guided tours here.

Skansen open-air museum

If you were wondering what the first open-air museum in the world was, wonder no more – because it was Skansen! For people who travel to the city of Stockholm, this remains an absolute favorite. Not only is the museum open daily, but there is a great range of Swedish cuisine to sample here and more than 150 different buildings to explore.

The Vasa Museum

Home to the incredible Vasa Ship, the Vasa Museum is even worth a trip if you are not particularly interested in ships or seafaring. Even though the Vasa Ship was originally supposed to be standard-bearer for the Swedish imperial fleet, the first voyage in 1628 had less than spectacular effects – the boat sank! It was not until 19611 that the massive operation to salvage the boat began.

Nowadays it rests here as a symbol where people can educate themselves on naval history and look at the spectacular wreckage. This is also an incredibly popular option, because it is Sweden’s most visited museum with more than a million visitors per year.

Gamla Stan (Old Town)

The Old Town in Stockholm can be traced all the way to the 1200s and it is full of endless cobblestone alleyways, trinket shops, restaurants, bars, and quaint cafes. If you want to get a feel for the city and its history, this is the perfect starting point for anyone who has just arrived in the city of Stockholm. Even though the Skansen open-air museum gets a great deal of attention, the Old Town section of Stockholm is almost an open-air museum itself. If you have the time and want more insight into different aspects of Swedish culture and history, visit the Royal Palace and the Stockholm Cathedral here.

The Royal Palace

If you are already in Gamla Stan, you cannot afford to walk past what was once the official residence of the King of Sweden. a visit to the official Royal Palace is essential, even if the Royal family now lives in a UNESCO World Heritage listed outlying island.

A luxury stay at the Grand Hôtel Stockholm

If you want to explore Stockholm in luxury, you will need a hotel that can offer truly spectacular options. Overlooking Old Town and the Royal Palace, the Grand Hôtel Stockholm is located directly on the waterfront. There are two restaurants, one with a single Michelin star and Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren has two.

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