The Top Sights In Perugia

Perugia, ItalyItaly – the land of pasta and so much more! With mindboggling scenery and a beautiful landscape, Italy is definitely a must-visit country! Perugia is one of Italy’s most artistic and traditional cities and it is truly spectacular. It is home to numerous elegant sites that make Perugia an exclusive place to visit. These are some of the top sights that we believe that you HAVE to see.

Etruscan Well

The Etruscan Well is an amazing work of hydraulic engineering. It highlights the level of technical and civil engineering knowledge that the Etruscans had at 300 BC. Its original construction is estimated to be dated back to 4th or 3rd century BC. Even though the well is very deep, it is accessible through stairs that were specifically made for visitors to use. The bottom of the well and the walls of the well are covered with a material called travertine.

The San Bernardino Oratory

The San Bernardino Oratory is a church that Franciscan asked to be built in honor of San Bernardino from Siena. The primary reason was that his preaching was loved by Perugia’s city dwellers. Agostino di Duccio used several materials and a wide range of colors to make the beautiful interior of the church. A double door provides the entrance of this church, which has a striking Gothic interior, including a pre-Christian altar, dated back to the 4th century. Behind the altar, there is a door leading to the Saint Andrew Oratory, which has an exquisitely painted ceiling.

Rocca Paolina Tower

Famous Italian poets have often mentioned the Rocca Paolina Tower. Pope Paolo III asked for this tower to be built. The objective that the Pope had in mind was to make the city safe, providing a safe refuge to go to if needed. In order to build this fortified tower, over one hundred houses, churches, and monasteries were destroyed, especially those homes that were owned by the Baglioni family. This was because this family was despised by Pope Paolo III.

The Rocca was a symbol of the pope’s power all the way up to 1860. In 1860, the Tower was brought down after Italians took over the region. What’s interesting is that the Tower is located underground, situated in Piazza Partigiani, which leads to the Palazzo del Governo (it was the office for local Government officials) and enters into Piazza Italia. Here you can find shops and many other cultural places that are worth your time.

The National Gallery of Umbria in Perugia

The National Gallery of Umbria is located in the Palazzo dei Priori, which is in Corso Vannucci. The foundation for this gallery can be dated back to 1878. It is said to have the richest art history in the region. The works in the gallery are kept in chronological order. It is a small gallery, with great works that can be admired in greater depth. Here you can appreciate the variety of Florentine paintings from 1400, the masterpieces of the Renaissance, and the distinctive works of the Umbrian goldsmith.

San Lorenzo Cathedral in Perugia

San Lorenzo Cathedral is a famous Cathedral, built for one of the city’s famous saints, San Lorenzo. The work to build the Cathedral began at around 1345 A.D and ended in 1490 A.D. Both the sides and front parts are still incomplete. The decorations for the Cathedral were finished in the 18th century. The obituary monument is placed in honor of Bishop Andrea Baglioni. In the monastery, you can also look through the Museo Capitolare, which holds important artworks.

Fontana Maggiore in Perugia

At the center of Novembre Square, you will walk right into this magnificent fountain. It is one of the most renowned in Italy and presents a true symbol of Medieval Age Perugia. At around 1275, the Main Fountain (also known as The Fontana Maggiore) was built. This fountain was a project by Giovanni and Nicola Pisano.

Its purpose was to receive and allow the flow of water coming from Mount Pacciano. They envisioned the fountain over a spiraling stairway comprised of two sinks: one of white stone and the other of pink stone, both surrounded by bronze.

The fountain leans on small columns, and here rest figures that represent the mythological characters connected with the history of the town. The lower sink is decorated with fifty sculptures, representing cultivation works, and certain Bible stories. The fountain was recently renovated and you can enjoy all of its beauty and splendor.

Staying in Perugia in luxury

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