The Perfect Luxury Honeymoon is More than Just a “Click” Away

95407528In the age of technology, planning a honeymoon is easier than ever. Where we used to rely on travel tools that seem almost obsolete now – like road maps – today we can just log onto the World Wide Web and locate information on just about any destination we’re considering for that special post-wedding trip. Furthermore, we don’t need to call an airline to book our plane tickets and don’t have to locate a travel professional to set up hotels, tours, and other particulars. Right?

But while many internet sites are extremely helpful to those planning a honeymoon trip – like Tripadvisor with its many traveler-written reviews – are we cheating ourselves by planning our honeymoon by just clicking a few buttons here and there? Most avid travelers would respond to that question with a hearty “yes”. If we’re depending on a computer for most of our travel plans, we’re missing out on the expertise of those who have truly immersed themselves in the destinations we’re considered. Using an experienced travel agent can mean the difference between an unforgettable honeymoon and one that you’d prefer to forget.

There are a number of ways in which an agent that’s well-versed in luxury travel – and/or honeymoons, in particular – can assist you with your plans.

1.      Choosing the Right Honeymoon Destination – Perhaps you’ve done some preliminary research on certain honeymoon spots or maybe you’ve got a particular destination in mind. A travel professional can either give you more information about the destination you believe is the perfect choice (including why it may not be!) or can provide you with specific information you’ll need to make the right decision, including costs, activities, attractions, and more. Once you have a list of possibilities, he or she will take time to help you trim that list, eventually zeroing in on that ideal destination.

2.      Planning Accommodations – Travelocity, Expedia,, Kayak – they can all provide you with a long list of hotels, B&Bs, inns, or other options for your honeymoon lodging. They’ll give you a synopsis of the hotel’s perks, location, and other specifics, and you’ll no doubt see a few photos as well. But even if you use the “live chat” on any of those sites, the person at the other end usually doesn’t have personal experience with the hotel or other lodging option you’re considering. If you hire a travel company/agent that truly knows the destination you’ve chosen, chances are that agent (or someone else in the agent’s office) can give you first-hand advice about your selections. That means they’ve seen it, stayed there, and can tell you what to expect when you arrive. There’s no substitute for such knowledge.

3.      Planning Activities – If you use a travel professional, that individual will take the time to get to know you and your future spouse, whether in person or on the telephone. As such, they’ll be able to surmise which activities, tours, attractions, etc. will be the ideal ones for you. No computer can accomplish this task! Even with online research, it’s difficult for a couple to ascertain the perfect schedule for their trip and what to include on the itinerary as well as other things like how much time needs to be allotted for each activity/attraction.

4.      Back-up – When something goes wrong on your honeymoon trip (the hotel forgot your reservation, etc.), you have little recourse if you’ve booked most of your trip particulars online. If, however, you’ve used a travel agent, you’ve got someone available to go to bat for you should something be amiss. This extra security means the world to someone who’s stuck in a foreign country in the midst of a situation that’s less than ideal.

Remember, the DIY approach just isn’t the right way to go when you’re planning something as special as your honeymoon trip. There are so many travel products on the market, so many internet travel sites, and so much travel online advice available that it’s difficult to ascertain whether or not you’re being led in the right direction and whether the information is even accurate.

Working with a travel professional takes all the guesswork out of organizing your trip and, in the long run, can help you save both time and money, and will provide you with a better overall costumer service experience. And that’s priceless!


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