The Best Italian Beach Vacations

PositanaAs the weather is slowly turning colder, it might be interesting (possibly even necessary) to dream about an amazing beach vacation. Italy offers some of the greatest beaches that you are going to find in Europe. These are some of our personal favorites that you should certainly consider.


There is plenty of thermal activity on the island of Ischia. The magnificent Mezzatorre Resort and its spa treatment center certainly utilize this to the fullest. You also get exclusive access to a marvelous bit of Mediterranean at this 57-room hotel. You can find long strips of white sand beach at the nearby town of Forio d’Ischia, because the little bay outside of the resort is rocky (though perfect for snorkeling with the local marine life).

Vasto, Abruzzo

With seemingly endless white-sand beaches, the Adriatic coast is worth exploring beyond Riccione and Rimini. This location is an elegant place, set alongside a stretch of coastline in the Punta Aderci nature reserve and the family-fun beach high-rises. You will find that many of the places that you are able to stay are only a stone throw removed from the Adriatic waves.

Monte Argentario, Tuscany

Even though Monte Argentario is known for its exquisite summer tourism, the Hotel Il Pellicano is certainly amongst the most refined options. It celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2015. A combination of faultless attention to 21st-century detail and star-studded 1960s glamour are offered along with the hotel’s own private stretch of undisturbed Mediterranean coast. The garden of the hotel is filled with the scent of rosemary and lavender and there are only 50 rooms and suites available. There is a two-Michelin-star restaurant onsite as well. You can find a heated saltwater pool so you are able to enjoy the sunshine and the exquisite water.

San Vito lo Capo, Sicily

Both families and couples from Palermo and Trapani are consistently drawn to this location. This dramatically located resort town is mostly unknown for people outside of that area though, so you should not expect too much in the way of foreign tourists. You can find that the centuries of Arabian influence truly affect the local cuisine as well; by default, you will find couscous, not pasta.


The dapper grand hotels, Belle Epoque villas, carefully groomed sand, and ordered rows of beach umbrellas; this is the Italian seaside holiday at its most classic. It is not uncommon to see the same families come here who have come to Viareggio for more than three generations. These tend to stick to the same great restaurants such as elegant Romano for special occasions or Miro alla Lanterna down by the port.

Because it combines the Tuscan passion for the finer things in life with history and style, many people refer to Viareggio as Florence by the sea. The Grand Hotel Royal is now run by Best Western, and it offers a few great options that take care of everything, including transfer to and from the airport.


When looking at the Italian summer-sun brochures, you will find that Calabria is not featured as prominently as Puglia or Sicily. One of the reasons is because the coast is regularly cluttered up by the barely regulated sprawl. However, there are some exceptions, one of them being Tropea. This is Calabria’s answer to Taormina or Positano.

The old town has gently shelving sandy beaches, a rocky outcrop and it is filled with good trattorias and shops. The evening passeggiata (evening stroll after work hours) is one of the slowest you are going to find in all of Italy, but this might be because of the many wonderful sights and Gelati Tonino – a historic ice-cream emporium that includes some really amazing and crazy flavors.


In Puglia, you are going to find some of the best beaches in mainland Italy. Especially near the historic towns of Avetrana and Manduria, you will find a string of pristine sandy strands. Head to Torre Colimena or Punta Prosciutto for informal lunches on the beach, translucent water, and white sands. The scene here is molto informale, meaning that you do not have to worry about impressing anyone, but are just able to enjoy your day on the beach. You will find that the best selection of hotels can be found in the nearby town of Porto Cesareo.

San Fruttuoso

San Fruttuoso really does strike you as a magical place, with a beachside medieval abbey as a backdrop, overlooking an idyllic cove, and some beautiful restaurants. You can find it in Liguria. The only place that you can eat here is Da Giovanni, and it is also the only place that you are able to stay. You should not expect much luxury. The food here is good, an obvious seafood slanted trattoria fare. Even though it does not have much luxury, who really needs that if you have breathtaking views like these?

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