Luxury Tours in Italy

Italian Luxury Vacation Tour

Featuring Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast

10 days

139509777Two of the most magnificently beautiful areas in Italy, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast are both ideal locations for a relaxing, fun-filled vacation. From the gentle slopes of Italy’s lovely hill towns to the sheer cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, this vacation allows you to experience two distinctly different portions of the country. In the end, you can decide which one you prefer. The choice will be difficult!

Begin by flying to Florence, where your rental car will be waiting. Drive to the town of Siena, a medieval masterpiece that includes many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. While you’re there, visit the Civic Museum, view the site of the famous twice-yearly Palio horserace, and explore the Duomo with its rich collection of Tuscan art. Grab dinner at one of the town’s many cafes and be sure to sample some panettone.

With Siena as your base, you’ll explore a wealth of other hill towns at your leisure including San Gimignano, knows as the “Medieval Manhattan” thanks to its tall stone towers; Montepulciano, another medieval masterpiece known for its Vino Nobile wine; Montalcino, offering an excellent local museum and scrumptious cuisine best enjoyed with its Brunello wine; and Montecatini Terme, a destination where the tourism industry centers around its wonderful healing spas and medieval architecture.

Finally, spend one night in Florence, exploring the city where the Renaissance began. Take a few hours to browse through the Uffizi Gallery or Accademia and experience examples of amazing art, including Michelangelo’s David. Browse the designer shops of the city and enjoy a traditional Florentian meal before heading to bed.

Next, depart from Florence via the Eurostar Italia train for the stunning Amalfi Coast, one of the most photographed regions of Italy. Transfer by private car to Positano, the most popular town on this picturesque coast and still one of the most exclusive retreats in Italy. Perched on a seemingly-vertical rock formation, the town boasts pastel-colored houses, beautiful citrus groves, lovely churches, and – of course – four beautiful beaches. During your 4-night stay in a room with a sea view, you can traverse the town on foot, rent a boat and explore the coastline, swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, or simply catch some rays by the pool of your first-class hotel. Before you head home, don’t miss a chance to shop along the Via dei Mulini, where you’ll find wonderful boutiques peddling locally-made apparel and beautiful handmade sandals.


Tour Overview


Day 1              Arrive in Florence; drive to Siena


Day 2              Explore Tuscany at your leisure


Day 3              Explore Tuscany at your leisure


Day 4              Explore Tuscany at your leisure


Day 5              Depart for 1-night stay in Florence and time to explore on your own


Day 6              Depart for Positano and the Amalfi Coast


Day 7              Explore Positano and vicinity at your leisure


Day 8              Explore Positano and vicinity at your leisure


Day 9              Explore Positano and vicinity at your leisure


Day 10            Depart for home

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