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AnacapriThe island of Capri consists of two main towns – Anacapri being the town located on an elevated plain while Capri is the one below it. The zigzag road here was built in the 19th century and it links the two towns together. According to some residents, there are villagers who have never visited their neighboring town, because the two are historic rivals. As you might imagine, the two have very different environments – Anacapri being on the rural side, while Capri is urbanized.

Anacapri rests under the inclined areas of the island’s peak – ‘Monte Solaro’. You can picture the town as a small, quiet town with quant roads. The surrounding countryside contains affordable accommodations and some very basic shopping options. Anacapri has a peaceful environment, with some interesting tourist spots and souvenir shops.

What to enjoy in Anacapri

Anacapri’s most attractive tourist spot is Villa San Michele. Swedish doctor Axel Munthe (1857-1949) was the one in charge of building this villa. During the summer, it is possible to visit here from 9 AM to 6 PM. However, it does close considerably earlier in winter. Be aware that the villa is not free to enter either. During the evenings, outside concerts take place at the villa during the summertime.

The Chisa di San Michele church is located at the heart of the town and it certainly worth a visit. The prestigious 18th century ceramic floor has exquisite pastoral scenes of Adam and Eve. The church is normally open from 9 AM to 7 PM and the cost for entry is relatively low. Summer concerts take place outside Piazza San Nicola.

The Casa Rossa (Red House) is an extraordinary building painted bold Pompeian red, built near the end of 19th century as a gift to an American colonel. The museum is home to a plethora of paintings, each of them related to the natural beauty of the island of Capri. This home is situated at Via Orlandi, and is open at very selective times.

Anacapri: Places To Be

Monte Solaro

This is the most elevated place in all of Capri and visitors can easily reach the top using the famous chairlift (seggiovia) from Anacapri. It is not recommended for the faint of heart though! Walking there feels delightful and the distance is relatively short: perhaps you use the chairlift if the weather is too hot or you simply do not feel like walking. The summit has a café with terraces in some rather unique designs. The views are beautiful when it is bright and sunny outside.

Via Capodimonte is the starting point, and it links the Villa San Michele to Piazza Vittoria, which goes up to the Monte Solaro, a pedestrian path that leads in from the mountain slopes. Once you reach the peak, you will see plenty of grass. Heading to the summit, you might prefer strolling along the pleasant footpath that is on the left. This leads away from a villa with a small hermitage chapel of Santa Maria a Cetrella.

Grotta Azzurra                                                                                 

This is Capri’s most popular attraction. You can reach the western side by boat, which often leaves from Marina Grande. This ‘Blue Cave’ has a small passageway at water level, despite the cave itself being large, and the light here refracts through the sea. This irradiates the cave with a mysterious blue light. This tourist spot was already famous at least two centuries ago, but some say that there are signs of the Romans visiting it as well. You can also reach here by bus. There is an entrance fee, and you are also expected to tip your boatman. The cave can be entered through the small sea-level openings. Make sure that you watch your step here! It is always a good idea to check whether this attraction is open or closed, because if the sea is acting up, chances are that the area is closed off.

Villa Damecuta

An Archaeological site, situated alongside the heliport that is on the western corner. Emperor Tiberius once owned this villa, but there is not much to enjoy here compared to the Villa Jovis. There is no admission fee, and is open while the sun is still up. You can enjoy a very good view of the coastline here


Situated atop a rocky piece of land called the Punta Carena, Capri’s lighthouse is an excellent attraction site for swimmers. By using buses from Anacapri, or even by walking if you are feeling adventurous, you can reach this wonderful location that offers amazing views and peaceful surroundings.

The Via dei Fortini (Way of the Little Forts) is a cool little walkway that forms a link between various historic fortifications and the western Capri shoreline. Other places such as the Grotta Azzurra and the Punta Carena are also connected in this way. At night, everything seems more beautiful here.

Staying at the Caesar Augustus Relais & Chateaux

If you were planning to see Anacapri in complete luxury, this is absolutely a must-stay destination. The luxury hotel is only ten minutes on foot from Chiesa di San Michele, Casa Rossa, and Piazza Vittoria. There are 55 total rooms and everything is designed to offer you outstanding five-star luxury during your stay.

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