St Moritz Switzerland European Vacation

The Best Place to Have a Variety of Tastes

Are you in search of a place where you don’t have to be a billionaire or a celebrity to have a taste and enjoy St Moritz or you are someone looking for that place where you can extravagantly spend on satisfying your appetite for the finest meals and dessert?

St Moritz Switzerland European Vacation

Switzerland’s glitziest resort town is the best place to be, a place of breathtaking views and a satisfied appetite for the finest food, trust me you won’t be disappointed here.

Are you ready to feast at stunning altitudes?

The best place for lovers of height, have a taste of excitingly delicious dishes at magnificent attitudes. At soaring heights there are more than a number of mountain restaurants offering magnificent views as a spice to delectable dishes.


The Absolute Must-Sees Of Geneva

GenevaGeneva is located in the western part of Switzerland on the southwest side of Lake Geneva. The town is built on hills of different heights on either side of the Rhône. Situated between the Jura to the northwest and the Voirons and Mont Salève’s limestone ridges to the southeast, Geneva boasts a spectacular placement on the biggest of the Alpine lakes.

A center of European cultural life in which French savoir-vivre and Swiss solidity are combined, Geneva has an energetic atmosphere that makes it arguably the most beautiful town in Switzerland and the one that attracts the largest number of visitors every year. Its dynamic growth during the last few decades is provided by the great amount of new buildings in the city and surrounding area, where residential suburbs and satellite towns of significant importance have popped up. There are ten experiences that we believe will make Geneva one of the best vacation experiences in all of Europe.


Mont-Salève is a magnificent experience that no one should pass-by. Grab a bus to the French border and ride up with the cable car to experience an astonishing 360° view of the area. This is the best starting point for hiking, paragliding and other sports activities in the area

Geneva’s old town

Overlooked by St. Peter’s Cathedral, the heart of the Reformation movement, Geneva’s old town is Switzerland’s largest historical city. Steps lead to the top of its tower for an amazing view of the town. The backstreets are home to many of the city’s historical treasures.


Where To Eat In St Moritz, Switzerland

St. MoritzEnjoying the finest cuisine in St Moritz may cost a bit of money, but it is worth it for the indulgent luxury that you are able to find here. The budget-conscious need not apply in the glitziest resort town in Switzerland. The gourmet fare, the extravagant hotels rich in history, and the mountain scenery, all make this a luxury traveler’s dream.

Enjoy your food at breathtaking altitudes

The tagline ‘top of the world’ is not just referencing the fact that you are getting the best of the best in St Moritz, because you can dine at soaring heights at more than 30 mountain restaurants. The main ski area above the town is Mt Corviglia, and it stands at 2486 meters. This is also where you are able to find the most famous chef in St Moritz – Reto Mathis. He presides over seven different dining experiences, with the finest undoubtedly being La Marmite (which specializes in caviar and truffles)

Ski Hut El Paradiso is another great nearby option, where you can sprawl on the sun terrace or dine inside. This gives you a great view of the lake and mountain scenery. The homemade ‘Älpler Gruyère’ ravioli with caramelized apples is absolutely worth saving room for.

If you were still not satisfied with how high up you are, the Panorama Restaurant and Piz Nair can be found at 3057 meters. The dreamy views here certainly ensure that you want to take your time, be sure to try the Rösti potatoes and veal sausage – or the other hearty Swiss dishes.


The Top Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

MatterhornEven though it is renowned for its political neutrality, cheese, chocolate, clocks, and mountains, there are many other interesting aspects about Switzerland. One of the first is that you have three different languages throughout the country, depending on what region you are in at the time. These are some of our favorite tourist attractions in Switzerland.


If you think about an iconic emblem of the Swiss Alps, the famous Matterhorn has to be it. The mountain gets its name from combining Matte (which means meadow in German) and Horn (which means peak). With a summit of 4,478 meters (14,692 feet) and bordering Italy and Switzerland, it is one of the Alps’ highest peaks. It is also one of the most dangerous, making this a great place to see from the ground up if you are not experienced.

Château de Chillon

The Château de Chillon (Chillon Castle) is located on Lake Geneva’s shores. For more than 400 years, this water castle guarded the land route to St Bernhard Pass and monitored water freight on the lake. You can find 14th century art here, 25 separate buildings with three courtyards, subterranean vaults, and two circular walls. Every year hundreds of thousands of guests tour the castle.


Visit one of Europe’s Oustanding National Parks

Teide National ParkIf you’re a regular visitor to the properties in the U.S. National Park systems, you’ve no doubt realized that some of the most stunning – and interesting – scenery in America can be found in places like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Everglades, and many of the other amazing parks around the country.

It’s the same in Europe. Some on the most spectacular landscapes are offered in the protected lands that make up the national park systems in various European countries. Many of those same parks also provide great places for active pursuits including hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, boating, and any number of other fun activities you might want to include on your next trip to Europe. (more…)

Plenty of Whitewater Rafting Adventure in Europe

Inn River, AustriaIf you’re a whitewater aficionado, you’ve probably already struggled through some of the most spectacular river rapids in the U.S., perhaps elsewhere, too. Many of the best-known rivers for whitewater rafting are in the western portion of North America, like the Colorado, the Salmon, and the Magpie. But did you know that Europe is also a wonderful place to enjoy a whitewater rafting trip, offering a wealth of options in countries that include France, Switzerland, Austria, and the British Isles?

If you’d like whitewater adventure to be part of your next trip to Europe, check out the rivers we’ve listed here. The class of rapids vary from river to river so there’s sure to be a rafting journey that’s just right for you!


Lucerne is One of Switzerland’s Storybook Towns

465786989Just about all of Switzerland is beautiful, from the larger cities like Geneva and Zurich to the wonderful mountain destinations such as Zermatt, which attracts skiers from around the world. Switzerland also has its share of smaller cities and towns as well – many that are truly picturesque – and Lucerne ranks right up there with the most lovely and traditional in style. If you conjure up a picture in your mind of the typical Alpine Swiss town, it’s Lucerne that you’ll see in your mind’s eye.

A city of about 75,000 residents, measuring some 6 square miles in size, Lucerne is situated on the shore of the lake of the same name and is seemingly just a stone’s throw from Mounts Rigi and Pilatus in the Alps. It’s just 40 minutes from the Zurich Airport and is an easy city to traverse once you get there; you can explore on foot or via the city’s very good transportation system, which includes both trolleys and buses. It’s also simple to reach Lucerne by rail. (more…)

Europe’s Top 5 Late Season Skiing Spots

177706983Perhaps you didn’t get as much time on the slopes as you’d wished this year. Nasty weather may have hindered your travel plans or that four-letter word spelled w-o-r-k may have kept you from spending time honing your skiing skills. But take heart! It’s not too late to book travel to some of Europe’s top ski locations, where the snow is so good that you can ski straight into the late weeks of spring.

Skiing in the spring is a treat for a number of reasons. First of all, the crowds are generally lighter so that means shorter lift lines and more room to have fun on the slopes. Additionally, accommodations are priced lower, so even reservations at a 5-star luxury resort won’t set you back as much as it would during the thick of winter. Happily, however, the après ski scene is – in general – just as good, with plenty of visitors eager to enjoy a little night life after a long day on the slopes.


Spend This Year’s Spring Break in Europe!

174426845Okay, you’re not the Ft. Lauderdale/South Padre Island/Puerto Vallarta spring break type but are looking for a fun and perhaps slightly more sophisticated opportunity during your weeklong hiatus from college life. So why not go to Europe?

There are a number of destinations in Europe that have landed on the spring break hot list, from beach locales to cities that provide not only plenty of young adult fun but also a little culture as well. Which you choose will depend on how you want to spend those precious seven days in the middle of your stressful semester. But here are a handful of our favorite spring break recommendations for your consideration.


Europe’s Best Luxury Ski Hotels Indulge All Your Senses

144803060Ski holidays can be better than ever when you take great powder and add to it accommodations that’ll knock your socks off. Truly, a ski vacation is made countless times better when you find just the right luxury lodging spot where you and your traveling companions can enjoy comfortable sleeping arrangements, delicious food, wonderful amenities, and more, all wrapped up in a package that’s convenient to the slopes.

In Europe, there are a number of fine luxury ski resorts that fit that description. They range from homey chalet-like accommodations, where you’ll feel warm and cozy, to sleek, modern hotels with contemporary furnishings and the latest in amenities. Choose one of our favorites listed below and you’ll be treated to a vacation that’ll take your breath away, whether you’re soaring down the slopes, basking in the sauna, or partaking of a particularly scrumptious meal.


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