The Top Things To Do In Stockholm Sweden

StockholmContrary to what people think, there is more to do in Sweden than to check out the beautiful blonde people. These are a few of our favorite sights in Stockholm that we believe that you should check out if you ever decide to

The ABBA Museum

Despite the fact that ABBA might not be the most famous Swedish export anymore, it has become one of Stockholm’s main attractions since having opened in May of 2013. The ABBA Museum is a dream come true for anyone who is in love with the music from this popular band, but it is a great way to spend a few hours for those with even a passing interest in music. If you want to see how one of the world’s most successful pop groups became as incredibly popular as it did, this provides you with great insight. Making everything all the more interesting is the fact that you have a strong interactive theme throughout the museum.

Visit the port of Stockholm

Traveling by boat is one of the best ways to explore Stockholm, and undoubtedly one of the most pleasant. If you are visiting Stockholm, make sure to head to the port and travel between the many different islands. It provides an entirely different point of view to explore the city, so if you have a moment, experience Stockholm from this side. You can do some people watching from the water or travel underneath the many different bridges.


Plenty of Whitewater Rafting Adventure in Europe

Inn River, AustriaIf you’re a whitewater aficionado, you’ve probably already struggled through some of the most spectacular river rapids in the U.S., perhaps elsewhere, too. Many of the best-known rivers for whitewater rafting are in the western portion of North America, like the Colorado, the Salmon, and the Magpie. But did you know that Europe is also a wonderful place to enjoy a whitewater rafting trip, offering a wealth of options in countries that include France, Switzerland, Austria, and the British Isles?

If you’d like whitewater adventure to be part of your next trip to Europe, check out the rivers we’ve listed here. The class of rapids vary from river to river so there’s sure to be a rafting journey that’s just right for you!


Europe’s Top 5 Late Season Skiing Spots

177706983Perhaps you didn’t get as much time on the slopes as you’d wished this year. Nasty weather may have hindered your travel plans or that four-letter word spelled w-o-r-k may have kept you from spending time honing your skiing skills. But take heart! It’s not too late to book travel to some of Europe’s top ski locations, where the snow is so good that you can ski straight into the late weeks of spring.

Skiing in the spring is a treat for a number of reasons. First of all, the crowds are generally lighter so that means shorter lift lines and more room to have fun on the slopes. Additionally, accommodations are priced lower, so even reservations at a 5-star luxury resort won’t set you back as much as it would during the thick of winter. Happily, however, the après ski scene is – in general – just as good, with plenty of visitors eager to enjoy a little night life after a long day on the slopes.


Skiing in Sweden: A Different Kind of Snow Experience

186325535Every year, millions of visitors flock to Europe for an exemplary winter skiing experience, flooding spots like Zermatt, Courchevel, St. Moritz, and other extremely popular ski destinations. These are, no doubt, some of the best places on the planet to enjoy a ski vacation, but if you’ve “been there-done that” and are looking for something new this year, how about taking a wintertime trip to beautiful Scandinavia to check out the ski resorts of Sweden?

“Sweden?” you ask. “Isn’t it cold there in the winter?” Of course it is, but it’s also a winter wonderland of fun, offering not only a wide variety of places to ski but also resorts that provide a host of other snow and non-snow activities, from sledding, snowmobiling, and ice skating to strolling through charming villages and basking in the warmth of an opulent spa.


Malmo is Sweden’s New Must-do Destination

Western Harbour, MalmoeSweden’s third-largest city, Malmo hasn’t always been a popular city on Swedish vacation itineraries. Formerly a very industrial area, it experienced a lot of hard times, especially in the 70s when industry faltered and then again in the 90s when all of Sweden suffered a financial crunch. For years, a large portion of the city’s work sector was unemployed and things looked grim for Malmo.

Enter the Øresund Bridge project, which took flight in 1995. With this massive bridge-tunnel opening in 2000, connecting Malmo with Copenhagen, Denmark, suddenly Malmo had a new reason to live. In addition, Malmo University opened in 1998 and programs to re-gentrify the city in general, especially the harbor area, made it a much more attractive place to spend time. Now, it’s a much more cultural, much more visitor-friendly spot, and worth a few days time if you’re heading to Sweden or Denmark.            (more…)

Sweden’s Best Castles and Palaces

153569000Spring and summer are ideal times of year for a trip to beautiful Sweden. The short days are becoming longer, the wintry winds have subsided, and the place is abloom with flowers galore. The cities, like Stockholm, are waking up and you’ll find the hustle and bustle reappearing. Shops are sprucing up for the spring season and there’s just a general overall feeling of rebirth. The countryside is coming to life as well, ready for tourists to take to their bicycles and explore places like Ängsö National Park, the Scandinavian Mountains, or the beautiful Bohuslän Coast.

If you’re a lover of castles, palaces, and other grand edifices, spring and summer are the perfect time for exploring those structures as well…and Sweden has plenty of them, probably more than you might expect. Some of the structures date back as far as the 11th or 12th centuries and are still in good condition or have been lovingly restored. Others consist of interesting ruins. Many are a joy to photograph and are within reasonable driving distance of each other, so visiting won’t consume an excessive amount of time. Some have also been turned into hotels and provide a unique accommodation experience. (more…)

Experience Scandinavia’s Finest on a Trip to Beautiful Stockholm

Panorama of Stockholm, SwedenPicture clean sparkling waterways, stunning architecture, expansive green parks, museums and art galleries galore, distinguished theaters, exciting sports teams, and enough restaurants to keep you busy for months on end. That’s an accurate portrait of pretty Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and its largest and most populous city.

Situated on a set of 14 islands that are part of the so-called Stockholm Archipelago, this city of about 2 million (including the entire metropolitan area) is often referred to as “The Venice of the North”, though most would argue that it’s much cleaner and much more affordable than its Italian namesake. That makes it attractive to visitors the world over, and many fans of Stockholm obviously choose to stay after visiting the city; about one-fourth of the population is immigrants, a fact that’s evident by the huge number of languages spoken here, the many ethnic restaurants, and the interesting neighborhoods both inside and outside the city limits.  (more…)

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