The Best Of The Slopes In Megève

MegeveMegève is a commune with a resort that offers breathtaking spas, dining and shopping as well as a massive ski area. Megève is where France’s upper class comes to play at the Megève ski resort. The medieval village also boasts breathtaking scenic views, and offers amenities for all tastes and budgets. However, those who want to experience a true luxury vacation would be wise to come here.

The town began as a ski resort in 1910 when the Rothschild family began to take their winter vacations there. This happened after the family grew tired of a different Swiss resort. The massive hotel here was opened by Baroness Noémie de Rothschild in 1921, something that really augmented the resort’s growth. Around the 1950s, Megève was amongst the most trendy ski resorts in Europe and both celebrities and the wealthy elite were more than enamored. Today it continues to be frequented mainly by wealthy people as is obvious by the price of real estate. Being a ski town, and one of the best that there is in all of Europe, we want to talk about the slopes.

Average weather conditions and snowfall

Megève is one of France’s original ski resorts and it includes the most snow-sure slopes. Many of the north-facing slopes are protected from excessive sunshine. The area also provides snowmaking, with almost 300 snow machines covering the slopes.


Europe’s Top 5 Late Season Skiing Spots

177706983Perhaps you didn’t get as much time on the slopes as you’d wished this year. Nasty weather may have hindered your travel plans or that four-letter word spelled w-o-r-k may have kept you from spending time honing your skiing skills. But take heart! It’s not too late to book travel to some of Europe’s top ski locations, where the snow is so good that you can ski straight into the late weeks of spring.

Skiing in the spring is a treat for a number of reasons. First of all, the crowds are generally lighter so that means shorter lift lines and more room to have fun on the slopes. Additionally, accommodations are priced lower, so even reservations at a 5-star luxury resort won’t set you back as much as it would during the thick of winter. Happily, however, the après ski scene is – in general – just as good, with plenty of visitors eager to enjoy a little night life after a long day on the slopes.


Our 5 Favorite European Ski Resorts for Families with Young Children

178432179If you’re an avid skier who totes their kids along whenever you go on a ski vacation, no doubt you’re always in search of a new spot where you can enjoy intermediate or expert runs while the kids enjoy quality ski programs designed just for them, whether they are strapping on their first pair of skis or already have a few notches on their ski poles. After all, you want them not only to learn from the best but also in an environment where they’re safe and well-tended.

In the Alpine countries, many children ski from a very young age. Hence, the resorts offer quality programs that allow them to get a good start and learn properly. Many of these same resorts include excellent beginner runs that allow children to test their skills at a proper pace, gradually making their way to something more difficult when the correct time arrives. These resorts also offer other fun perks for kids, like special non-skiing programs to keep them busy while mom and dad are on the slopes.


The Top 10 Ski Resort Activities for Non-Skiers

157955430Okay, so your group of best friends wants to go on a once-in-a-lifetime ski vacation to the Alps, Dolomites, or some other great, snowy European location, but you don’t ski. Furthermore, you’re not even interested in learning to ski. As a matter of fact, even thinking about strapping on skis conjures up thoughts of broken legs and run-ins with wayward trees. No way! You’re not skiing!

So, do you miss this grand opportunity for an unforgettable vacation just because you don’t ski? Absolutely not! At Europe’s many ski resorts, there are tons of things to do besides ski, both outdoors in the snow and indoors where it’s warm and toasty. So don’t just sit there…ready, set, go!  


Europe’s Small Ski Resorts Offer Fewer Crowds and a Different Kind of Atmosphere

93249029Do long lift lines get you down? Do you worry about your kids skiing down busy pistes crowded with less-than-careful skiers? Are the large, trendy ski resorts simply not your thing? If so, you’re not alone! There are plenty of skiers who prefer to forego places like Chamonix and St. Moritz in favor of smaller resorts that provide a more relaxed – and definitely more charming – vacation experience, whether you’re traveling alone, with your significant other, or with the entire family.

These smaller resorts often represent a substantial savings in cost as well, but most skiers who choose them over the larger resorts say they do so simply for the peace and quiet. Also, winter vacationers who like these spots note that they’re not necessarily looking for lively après ski scenes. Nevertheless, you won’t be bored as most of these places come accompanied by a lovely village in which there are generally plenty of low-key places to hang out at night and enjoy dinner and a drink.  (more…)

Combine Winter Sports Fun with a Visit to Fascinating Turin

154393572The host city for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, Italy’s Turin has a little bit of everything for visitors who are seeking a vacation that includes both active and passive pursuits. Situated in the Piedmont region of the country and nicely located on the beautiful Po River, Turin (or Torino, in Italian) is both a notable cultural and business center, but is surrounded on the northern and western sides by the Alps, allowing visitors the opportunity to visit a museum one day and ski down a mountain the next.

Also known as “The Detroit of Italy” because of the presence of numerous auto factories nearby, including FIAT, Turin offers cold but dry winters that are ideal for skiing and other snow sports and not too bad for sightseeing as well, if you don’t mind bundling up a little against the chill. Of course, as is true with all of Europe, the crowds are fewer in winter than in the summer and the hotel rates considerably less than during peak tourist season. Overall, it’s a win-win for those who are cold weather fans.


Visit Chamonix to Experience “The Capital of Extreme”

153567765If skiing is your passion and you’ve got a yen for terrain that challenges you and leaves you exhilarated, perhaps the perfect place for your next ski vacation is France’s Chamonix-Mont Blanc resort. Seated in the northwestern Alps, close to both Switzerland and Italy, it’s the ideal location for adventurers and – because of where it’s situated – is also the perfect place as a base for exploring the region.

Chamonix and its glacial valley provide access to the Mont Blanc range to the south and the so-called Red Peaks to the north. The town center sits at an altitude of about 3,500 feet and it’s a charming place to enjoy plenty of après ski experiences. Mont Blanc, of course, is the highest European mountain west of Russia and is the main attraction for people who enjoy pursuits such as extreme skiing, ice climbing, and other adventuresome outdoor winter activities, as well as mountain biking, canyoning, rafting, and even “windsuit flying” in the summertime.


Plenty of Fun – On and Off the Slopes – in Austria’s Ski Regions

71056856What constitutes the ideal ski trip? Is it the number of runs available? Is it a crackerjack lift system that helps you avoid the crowds? Maybe it’s an abundance of off-piste skiing or perhaps lots of open space for cross country fun. For some, a great ski vacation also has to include plenty of things to do at the end of the day, off the slopes, or lots of activities for friends and family members that don’t ski.

If some or all of those parameters are included in your idea of the perfect ski holiday, consider Austria for your next snow-based vacation. Austria boasts several regions where the skiing is top notch and where things like the après ski scene are important, too. In the Austrian Alps, there are a number of resort areas that fit the bill for great vacation spots, from the slopes near beautiful Innsbruck to much more remote areas where the abundant beauty will take your breath away – with a little help from the awesome skiing.


Europe’s Best Luxury Ski Hotels Indulge All Your Senses

144803060Ski holidays can be better than ever when you take great powder and add to it accommodations that’ll knock your socks off. Truly, a ski vacation is made countless times better when you find just the right luxury lodging spot where you and your traveling companions can enjoy comfortable sleeping arrangements, delicious food, wonderful amenities, and more, all wrapped up in a package that’s convenient to the slopes.

In Europe, there are a number of fine luxury ski resorts that fit that description. They range from homey chalet-like accommodations, where you’ll feel warm and cozy, to sleek, modern hotels with contemporary furnishings and the latest in amenities. Choose one of our favorites listed below and you’ll be treated to a vacation that’ll take your breath away, whether you’re soaring down the slopes, basking in the sauna, or partaking of a particularly scrumptious meal.


Break Out the Board and Head to Europe’s Best Snowboarding Spots

177495561For many snow lovers, wintertime is all about skiing and finding a new and challenging place to practice the sport. But if someone in your traveling party fits this demographic – 15 to 30, energetic, a bit of a daredevil, and into extreme winter sports – chances are that when you travel you’re also on the lookout for a great place for your snowboarding friends or family members to hone their skills and simply have a good time.

Demographics show that the average serious snowboarder is now somewhere around 27 years old, a little older than 10 years ago, when that number was closer to 23 or 24. That’s not to say, of course, that you won’t find plenty of teenagers on the slopes. As a matter of fact, many resorts – including those in Europe – are reaching out to younger visitors, attempting to entice them to try snowboarding, primarily because the “original” crew of snowboarders has matured now and has stopped participating in the sport, impacting the income that used to come in from avid boarders.


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