Exploring Killarney For Your Next Vacation

Muckross HouseNear the coast in the southwest corner of Ireland, you can find Killarney. Even though the nearby picturesque Killarney Lakes get a great deal of attention, there are many other interesting things to see nearby. This makes Killarney one of the most popular tourist centers in all of Ireland. Even though there is something available for all budgets, those who want to explore Killarney in style have a chance to do so.

Staying at the Aghadoe Heights hotel and spa

The five-star Aghadoe Heights overlooks mountains and lakes and is relatively close to the town’s center. There is transportation from Kerry Airport, an award-winning restaurant onsite, an indoor pool. Why settle for something like a B&B when you can enjoy your stay in total luxury?

The spa offered at Aghadoe also is something to behold, it offers a range of treatments while overlooking the Kerry countryside. There is also a mini-gym, steam room, and hot tub. The aforementioned restaurant offers fine European cuisine and the center of the restaurant is home to a glass-walled wine cellar. You can enjoy the stunning mountain views at the terrace bar if you prefer to dine outdoors. Now that we have revealed the best possible place to stay, what are some of the sights that you should include on your trip?

Craig Cave

This cave was not discovered until 1983, but it is believed to have been here for a million years already. There are dramatic sound and lighting effects here, making it ‘Ireland’s most exciting show cave’.  The formation of the cave is through natural limestone. There is also a large souvenir shop and restaurant with home cooking nearby.


Reasons To Select Ireland As A Holiday Destination

IrelandWhen traveling to Europe, most people understand being drawn to Spain, Italy, France – but Ireland? That is one destination that most people are not necessarily going to think about. However, there are countless reasons that you should consider the Emerald Isle on your next stop. We have listed a few of the reasons why traveling to Ireland is a good choice.

It is the ‘Auld Country’

Most people from Australia, Canada, and the United States have some Irish ancestors at some point in their history. In fact, anywhere the British Empire once meddled might have a distant relationship with Ireland. If you want to explore these roots and see for yourself where your ancestors came from (provided this is applicable to you) Ireland would be the perfect stop.

The original Irish Pubs

It does not matter if you are in the United States, Australia, Turkey, or Mongolia; you can find “Irish Pubs” almost everywhere on the planet. However, most of these pubs are nothing but pale imitations of the original Irish pub. You can opt for the top pubs in Dublin or opt for the sawdust-and-spit affairs that have pig-farmers as their main clientele. If you have any interest in the Irish drink, you need to have had your Guinness in a pub in Ireland.


The Kids’ll Love Dublin!

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-malahide-castle-dublin-ireland-image19597569If you’ve been to Dublin, you know what a great city it is! It has a terrific food scene, wonderful nightlife, excellent cultural opportunities, and so much more. But what about going to Ireland’s capital city with the kids? Is there enough for them to do? Will they be bored?

We answer that question with an emphatic “no”! Dublin is a great place to take the kids on vacation. The city has been entertaining families for decades and, in the last few decades especially, Dublin has paid extra attention to adding attractions that make it kid-friendly. Below we’ve listed a number of places to see and things to do with your children. Take a look before you leave and consider putting some of these on your itinerary. (more…)

Europe’s Best Culinary Cities are a Foodie’s Delight

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-street-cafe-paris-image21874566Some people eat to live. Others live to eat. If you’re part of the latter group, chances are your vacations always include trips to great restaurants. If you’re an avid foodie, you probably do a little food-based research before you go, zeroing in on a few of your destination’s best restaurants or perhaps some signature dishes that you simply MUST try while in town.

Europe, of course, offers a wealth of some of the world’s most magnificent culinary capitals. Some are easy to guess while others might not be so obvious. A number have been on this list for decades and others are relatively new on the list of notable European food destinations. Take a look and consider including one or more of these on your next vacation itinerary. (more…)

Europe’s Top Castle Hotels Offer Unique Lodging Experiences

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-auf-schonburg-image20616187Whether you’re a total castle fanatic or just curious about what it would be like to spend a night or two inside such a magnificent structure, we’re convinced you’ll at least love reading about the unique options offered in a castle hotel stay. So we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite European castle hotels. Ones you might want to consider including on your next trip to The Old Country. Check these out! (more…)

Planning a Summer Surfing Trip…to Europe??

179273508Unless you’re a real surfing aficionado, you’ve probably never put the words “Europe” and “surfing” together in the same sentence. Most non-surfers acquaint the sport with locations like Hawaii, Florida, California, Bali, Australia, and other more familiar spots where the surfing scene is quite well-known. But there are a number of spots in Europe where the opportunities for surfing are spectacular, so if you’ve thought about looking for new places to enjoy the sport, consider this list of potential surf spots…some of our favorites. (more…)

Ireland Offers a Vast Array of Wonderful Museums

dv656006Many visitors head to Ireland strictly to enjoy the country’s natural beauty. And beautiful it is…offering dramatic cliffs, lovely green pastures, sparkling lakes, and so much more. But Ireland certainly has an arts-and-culture side too, certainly in Dublin and Belfast, but also in other parts of the country where you might think that locating a museum or any sort is pretty much out of the question.

The museums here range in subject matter from ethnological and natural history museums to art galleries to a place that even offers to educate you about those little magical Irish creatures. Whatever your preference, you’ll no doubt find some great attractions to keep you busy while you’re not oohing and aahing at the scenery. (more…)

County Cork Offers Visitors a Wide Variety of Options

152991456Cork City isn’t Dublin…at least not yet. However, it seems that many travel experts have started referring to this other fair city as “The Dublin of the South”, a moniker that attests to the fact that it’s becoming more and more cosmopolitan each day. This university town and capital of County Cork boasts great restaurants, a wonderful cultural scene, live music, and plenty of other opportunities that attract both international visitors and Irish from other parts of the country.

On the other hand, parts of County Cork are still quite old-fashioned, a little rural, and – in the case of the coast – quite rugged. Kinsale, less than 20 miles from the county’s busy capital city, still looks like an old-fashioned fishing village, with galleries and shops added to attract the tourists. West Cork, the most remote part of the county, has jagged coastlines, stunning scenery, rough-and-tumble pubs that are always lively, and roads that are quite difficult to navigate. And then there’s East Cork, home to the harbor town of Cobh, which was once the spot where Irish emigrants boarded large ships to make the journey to America in search of a better life. (The Titanic made its last stop there.) (more…)

Dublin’s Top 5 Hotels Ideal for a Late Winter Vacation

106457930If you’re the type of traveler who just doesn’t enjoy dealing with crowds AND is blessed with a schedule that allows for traveling flexibility, you probably already know that the late winter and early spring months are often an ideal time for a vacation to Europe. Though the weather in most locales can be a little iffy, if you’re heading to a vibrant city like Dublin, you’ll find that there’s so much to do and see that you won’t even notice the chilly temps or the less-than-blue skies.

Dublin, increasingly popular with international travelers, can be overwhelmingly crowded in the summertime but wide open and wonderful to explore when it’s mostly you and the locals. Furthermore, if you’re interested in a stay at one of the city’s luxury hotels, you’ll find the prices lower and the service especially top-notch, simply because there are fewer guests to please.


Experience Ireland’s Top 5 Natural Attractions

87512172Ireland’s cities are marvelous. Dublin is one of the chicest cities in Europe and one of the fastest-growing as well. Belfast is growing in popularity, too. And then there’s the small towns and villages of Ireland, fun and lively, filled with noisy pubs and blessed with man-made attractions that keep visitors coming back again and again.

On the other hand, there’s the Ireland you most often see in pictures. That’s the one with the huge green expanses, dramatic cliffs, lovely lakes, and more. This is the Ireland that so often attracts visitors and leaves them breathless, awed by the natural beauty of a country that has always been one of the most spectacular in the world… though often one of the most underrated.   (more…)

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