Some London Travel Tips And Travel Tricks

LondonLondon is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world – it is home to the famous red double-decker busses, the Queen, and Big Ben. Considering how much there is to see, it might be too overwhelming with a single trip. That is why we have these tips and tr4icks to make your stay in London more enjoyable.

Pick and choose – there is too much to see!

One of the mistakes that first-time travelers to London tend to make is that they try to do and see everything. Remember that there is so much to do, so much to see in London – Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye, and that is just a quick selection.

Keep in mind that unless you plan to vacation in London for a month, it is impossible to see everything. Make sure that you do your research beforehand, find out what is current in the city at that time, make a list of the things that you absolutely HAVE to see, and go from there. Considering that London is a massive city, it is important to prioritize.

Go outside the tourist zone

Most people have a relatively narrow sighted idea of what London actually is. Once you venture into what most people would consider unknown territory, you are getting into the truly spectacular sights of London. Once you begin to explore the neighborhoods, you can see just how much London has changed over the course of its history.


A Few Overrated British Attractions

BritainThere are some amazing sights throughout Britain, yet some of the less than spectacular ones have built up quite a reputation. This article is going to discuss a few of the overrated British attractions, which should give you a chance to determine for yourself whether some of these sights are actually worth visiting.


Harrods remains one of the obligatory stops on a tourist visit to London. The unfortunate truth is that the concept of ‘Britishness’ that Harrods has thrived on for decades has evaporated years ago. Nowadays the legendary sales have made way for a very expensive department store, one that is continuously packed with tourists.

Make no mistake about it, it is still great to look through the decorated windows and admire the massive terracotta building in Knightsbridge. However, do not expect this to be anything more than a ‘retailing theme park’ rather than the pinnacle of Britishness. Most Londoners never set foot inside Harrods.


The Top British Cathedrals

Winchester CathedralOne of the great things about Britain that often gets lost in the many other attractions is the abundance of spectacular cathedrals that you can find throughout the island. Even if you are not into history or churches entirely, these are some of the most beautiful structural achievements that have ever been created. There are countless cathedrals throughout Britain, so we wanted to give you a selection of a few of the best ones that you should make time for on your trip.

Winchester Cathedral

The magnificent Church of England Cathedral is located in the heart of the historic town of Winchester. Once the seat of the Anglo-Saxon monarchs, the history stretches back 15 centuries. After the cathedral was already five centuries old, it found new life with the coming of William the Conquer.


10 European Museums and Galleries Not to Be Missed!

The LouvreNo matter where you go in Europe, you’ll certainly find wonderful museums that should be on your must-see list! Many are quite well known and you’ve no doubt heard lots about how you can’t miss them. Others are small museums but of particular interest for one reason or another. Some will be in large cities; others in smaller towns or villages. But there are handful of museums and galleries that stand out head-and-shoulders above the rest, and you simply must make them part of your itinerary if you find yourself in the destination where they are located.

One note in regards to the list below: You’ll often find it difficult to nab tickets to these places if you wait until you get there, and will most likely find yourself in a long line, even if tickets ARE available. So, as long as know when you’re going to be there, plan to buy advance tickets if available online or through a travel professional. It’s well worth any extra dollars you might spend doing so. (more…)

Visit one of Europe’s Oustanding National Parks

Teide National ParkIf you’re a regular visitor to the properties in the U.S. National Park systems, you’ve no doubt realized that some of the most stunning – and interesting – scenery in America can be found in places like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Everglades, and many of the other amazing parks around the country.

It’s the same in Europe. Some on the most spectacular landscapes are offered in the protected lands that make up the national park systems in various European countries. Many of those same parks also provide great places for active pursuits including hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, boating, and any number of other fun activities you might want to include on your next trip to Europe. (more…)

Plenty of Whitewater Rafting Adventure in Europe

Inn River, AustriaIf you’re a whitewater aficionado, you’ve probably already struggled through some of the most spectacular river rapids in the U.S., perhaps elsewhere, too. Many of the best-known rivers for whitewater rafting are in the western portion of North America, like the Colorado, the Salmon, and the Magpie. But did you know that Europe is also a wonderful place to enjoy a whitewater rafting trip, offering a wealth of options in countries that include France, Switzerland, Austria, and the British Isles?

If you’d like whitewater adventure to be part of your next trip to Europe, check out the rivers we’ve listed here. The class of rapids vary from river to river so there’s sure to be a rafting journey that’s just right for you!


First Time in Europe? Check Out these Cities First!, you’ve decided to “go abroad”. Chances are you’ve thought about such an excursion for a really long time but perhaps you’re just not sure about what destinations are ideal for first-time visitors to Europe. There are so many choices and, no doubt, lots of places on your bucket list, but what’s best for someone who’s never traveled to Europe before.

Well, allow us to offer a few suggestions. We’ve compiled a list of the destinations that we consider among the best for newbie European travelers. You’ll find them below along with a list of reasons as to why we’ve selected these particular cities. Once you’ve read the suggestions and pondered about your travel desires, contact one of our travel agents and get started on designing your ideal European vacation. Undoubtedly, you’ll want to go back again and again, so maybe you can check off all the great cities listed below! (more…)

Music Festivals make England the Place to Be this Summer

GlastoburySummer brings all sorts of opportunities to spend time outside, and there’s nothing quite lot enjoying great music in the open air, surrounded by others who enjoy the genre, whether its rock, pop, jazz, classical, or alternative. International music festivals abound, and England has one of the most impressive lists of such festivals, available throughout the summer in a number of different locations. So, if you’re heading there this summer, consider the possibility of including one or more of these great festivals on your list of must-dos. (more…)

Europe’s Best Culinary Cities are a Foodie’s Delight people eat to live. Others live to eat. If you’re part of the latter group, chances are your vacations always include trips to great restaurants. If you’re an avid foodie, you probably do a little food-based research before you go, zeroing in on a few of your destination’s best restaurants or perhaps some signature dishes that you simply MUST try while in town.

Europe, of course, offers a wealth of some of the world’s most magnificent culinary capitals. Some are easy to guess while others might not be so obvious. A number have been on this list for decades and others are relatively new on the list of notable European food destinations. Take a look and consider including one or more of these on your next vacation itinerary. (more…)

Beatles Fan? Include Liverpool on your England Itinerary “It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night” is your personal anthem and you cry every time “Eleanor Rigby” comes on the radio, chances are you’ve longed worshipped those four British guys who took the world by storm in the early 1960s. Whether you’ve been a Beatles devotee your entire life or just discovered the wonders of this early British rock music, any upcoming trip to England should include a visit to the city from which they hailed…Liverpool.

Though Liverpool has been named “The World Capital City of Pop”, thanks to the Beatles and other groups that called the city their home, there’s plenty more to see in this town that is known for its wonderful innovations and for its rich architectural heritage. As a matter of fact, much of the historic city center was dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site about a decade ago, and visitors continue to head there not only due to the love of those four long-haired rockers but also because of its other cultural offerings. (more…)

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