The Best Tourist Attractions in Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden wooden sign with winery backgroundPeople have been using spas since the Romans, and nowadays, a great number of people come to Baden-Baden to enjoy the amazing spa opportunities here.  Baden-Baden has a reputation for being the finest spa town in all of Europe. However, you have more to enjoy here aside from spas. Golf clubs, tennis clubs, horseback riding, hiking, skiing, and many more activities are available at Baden-Baden. There are also a vast number of forests, one of the more popular ones being the famous Black Forest. We will look at some of the best attractions in all of Baden-Baden.

New Castle (Neues Schloss)

Built by Margrave Christoph in 1479, this historic castle known as Neues Schloss, is located on the edge of the Black Forest in the Florentine mountains. At one time, a grand-ducal family lived here, and now a private group bought it in 2010. The goal was to have it renovated and turned into a Hyatt hotel. The highlights of this castle are the exquisite architecture and the beautiful scenery.

The Paradies Cascade

Constructed back in 1925, this is an arrangement of fountains and cascades. The waterfalls are upwards of 40 meters high, and are served by an underground spring. The town center provides public transport, and perhaps best of all, it is also reachable by foot. (more…)

The Top Reasons To Visit Hamburg, Germany

Old Speicherstadt in Hamburg illuminated at night. Sunset backgrMost people who tour Germany are going to travel to Munich, Berlin, and if there is time, a trip along the Rhine or the Black Forest. There is far more to enjoy in Germany though. The country’s second biggest city – Hamburg – has its own personality and it is certainly worth a visit.

The rich history

There is a reason that the citizens of Hamburg are proud of the city’s maritime history. The city is located on a river that connects Hamburg to the nearby North Sea. This made Hamburg an important trade partner for centuries. The city was declared an Imperial Free City in 1189, which meant that the city enjoyed tax-free access from the Elbe River to the North Sea. In 1321, Hamburg joined the Hanseatic League and became an even more prominent trading hub.

Art and other museums

If you appreciate the arts, Hamburg gives you a chance to enjoy seven centuries of it. In the three different buildings of Hamburg’s Kunsthalle, you are able to experience everything from medieval to contemporary. Make sure to visit the Deichtorhallen if you are more interested in contemporary art and photography.

If you want to learn more about the aforementioned history of Hamburg, you can visit the Maritime Museum. This museum details why Hamburg became such a prominent trading partner for much of Europe. One of the most popular attractions in Hamburg is the Miniatur Wunderland, home to a working model airport, full model cities, and the largest model railroad in the world. (more…)

The Best Tourist Attractions in Düsseldorf

Old Town DusseldorfFor the city of Düsseldorf, art and fashion has defined its culture for centuries. This German city, as quiet as it may seem upon first glance, is actually considered to be one of the more important cultural centers in Europe. It is home to hundreds of art galleries and fashion shows that are sure to please even the more discerning guests. Located near the Rhine, Düsseldorf is the place to be to enjoy creativity in the most vivid of flavors.

Schloss Benrath

As a starting point in the beautiful city of Düsseldorf, Schloss Benrath is the place all tourists must go to at least once. It is easy to reach as well, since it is only ten kilometers from the center of the city. Schloss Benrath is an ancient Baroque palace that was built somewhere between 1756 to 1773.


The Best Shops And Markets In Berlin

Welcome To BerlinIf you want to experience some of the best shopping options in Berlin, from the Berlin’s farmer’s markets and their German delicacies to the vintage frills and luxury wares, we have a few suggestions where you should start looking. Shopping in Berlin is a mixture of a number of different elements, these include the local, the traditional, and even some craft and originality.

Unlike many other cities that we have discussed before, there is no distinctive shopping center to Berlin. This means that the best thing you can do is just to start walking. You should expect to find some of the finer things in the least expected places. Because it has a massive DJ population and relatively cheap overheads, you should also expect a thriving record shop scene in Berlin.

If you go west, on Kurfürstendamm, you can find some of the more conventional shopping options. These include the flagship Uniqlo and an Apple store that both opened in 2014. The Friedrichstrasse in the east offers a similarly upmarket selection. Even though Berlin has become increasingly popular, you should be aware that you are probably not going to do much shopping on a Sunday. This might seem particularly strange to people who have become accustomed to major cities being open seven days a week, but local laws do not permit it.


Things To Avoid At Oktoberfest

oktoberfestIf you have ever considered going to Oktoberfest, you probably realize that it is going to be a rowdy, hectic, and most of all FUN atmosphere. However, there are a few things that you should avoid when you attend one of the world’s largest drinking festivals. This is not to say that any of these things are going to ‘ruin your fun’, but knowing what you can avoid is certainly going to enhance your experience.

Do not – just hope that you will find a place to stay

Remember that preparations for Oktoberfest should start well in advance of opening day. Hoping for a miracle of an affordable open room or sleeping it off in the train station may seem plausible at first, but you will start to regret it after the first two or three nights. If you do not book well in advance, chances are that you are going to have to stay at some of the less desirable hostels. This means that you are going to pay premium prices for non-premium accommodations. Honestly, you know you can do better by planning in advance, even if having a hostel is not necessarily a bad last-minute alternative.

Do not – Arrive early on a weekday

Some people think that it is best to arrive when the tents first open – this is not always true. For example, if you were to arrive at 10 AM on a Tuesday, you are going to see that people are not walking into their reservations until around the midafternoon. If you arrive at any point between 2 PM, you will find that there is plenty of space available and you can make friends with the people at your bench. You are also able to stay all night at some of the open-air beer gardens that do not take reservations


Seeing Germany On A Budget

German FlagIf you are a budget traveler and still want to see Germany – you are in luck. The reason is because  Germany is a relatively cheap country to visit. Furthermore, arguably the best town in Germany to visit (Berlin) is one of the most inexpensive big cities in Europe.

In order to make sure that you can stretch your budget even further – without taking the fun out of your vacation – we have come up with the following tips/pieces of advice that are going to help you. These tips range from sightseeing to public transportation, from flights and hotels, our Germany budget travel tips are going to help you.

Save on your flight to Germany

Granted, you can always catch a good deal if you are lucky, but the basic rule of thumb is straightforward – the earlier you book, the cheaper your flight is going to be. Visiting Germany during the tourist ‘off-season’ is another way to lower your airfare even more. This means going outside of the times that it is most expensive to travel to Germany.

The most expensive times to travel to Germany include during the holiday season (December) and during the summer (June through August). Perhaps you can make time to visit Germany between January and May. Alternatively, between October and November. You will notice that the overall travel prices are down while the crowds for some of the more famous sights are significantly lower.


The Best Attractions In Berlin

Brandenburg Gate at sunset, BerlinAside from being German’s capital city, Berlin is also rich in culture and history. Even though the city was badly divided during both World War II and the Cold War, it has since reestablished itself as an internal city with spectacular architecture and diverse cultures. These are some of the best tourist attractions in Berlin.

The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is the only surviving city gate of Berlin and was built in the late 1700s. It marks the entrance to Unter den Linden and is located in the western part of Berlin. Because it was used as a crossing for the Berlin Wall, it was a site of protest during the separation of Germany and became a place of celebration when the wall finally fell in 1989.

During World War II, the Brandenburg Gate was badly damaged. But in the early 2000s, it underwent extensive renovation. Today the gate has been fully restored and it serves as a symbol to the reunification of East and West Berlin and the turbulent history of the region.


10 European Museums and Galleries Not to Be Missed!

The LouvreNo matter where you go in Europe, you’ll certainly find wonderful museums that should be on your must-see list! Many are quite well known and you’ve no doubt heard lots about how you can’t miss them. Others are small museums but of particular interest for one reason or another. Some will be in large cities; others in smaller towns or villages. But there are handful of museums and galleries that stand out head-and-shoulders above the rest, and you simply must make them part of your itinerary if you find yourself in the destination where they are located.

One note in regards to the list below: You’ll often find it difficult to nab tickets to these places if you wait until you get there, and will most likely find yourself in a long line, even if tickets ARE available. So, as long as know when you’re going to be there, plan to buy advance tickets if available online or through a travel professional. It’s well worth any extra dollars you might spend doing so. (more…)

Europe’s Top Castle Hotels Offer Unique Lodging Experiences you’re a total castle fanatic or just curious about what it would be like to spend a night or two inside such a magnificent structure, we’re convinced you’ll at least love reading about the unique options offered in a castle hotel stay. So we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite European castle hotels. Ones you might want to consider including on your next trip to The Old Country. Check these out! (more…)

Germany’s Capital City Offers Plenty of Family-Friendly Options

452534461Think about Berlin, Germany and your mind’s eye will probably conjure up pictures of military installations, somber monuments, the former Wall, and lots of other serious sites. But, during the last few decades, Berlin has done its best to become a more family-friendly destination, with plenty of attractions that’ll have little ones asking to come back for more.

Now, this may be contrary to what you’ve heard. After all, Berlin is considered quite chic and is very popular with hip young adults and single (or married) professionals. So, why would you want to bring your kids?

That’s simple. The after-the-Wall Berlin is not only a more hip and cultural place but – undoubtedly – it’s also a friendlier, more laid-back destination, and it has plenty of what visitors with children seek when searching for an ideal vacation spot that will interest and excite the entire family, from little ones to teens and adults. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the attractions and activities we think families like yours will love. Check ‘em out. (more…)

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