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Paris is considered one of the most romantic places on earth, travels to Paris has become synonymous with love and romance. Paris is a destination for honeymooning couples, new couples, couples celebrating years together and even the young who are not yet married, it is the best place for anyone to spend his/her vacation. Paris vacation is considered the ideal experience to see your love reborn as you celebrate and experience vacation in one of the most romantic and remarkable places on earth. We are honored to provide you with affordable, exciting and amazing Paris vacation packages irrespective your budget, for every couple, individuals and every family. There is a special, unique and exciting package for you irrespective your budget.

paris vacation packages

Paris Vacations packages include exciting and fun tours, some of the finest accommodations in Paris and airline travel. We make sure every hotel we use for our esteemed customers meets our extremely high standards, as we seek to provide uttermost satisfaction to all our customers. You will love your Paris hotel and your entire Paris encounter. The airline transportation through Destination Europe and accomplice airlines will be comfortable, safe and enjoyable for you as you travel to and from this magnificent city.


Traveling To The Pink City; Explore Toulouse in France

Traveling To The Pink City

Toulouse is France’s fourth greatest city by populace. Setting out from the pink city of Toulouse; a position of convincing design with entirely all that could possibly be needed time for rich Gers food en route.

Toulouse a position of value way of life and a fabulous transportation organize has regularly been positioned as one of the French’s most loved common towns. Set between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and amongst Bordeaux and Montpellier. Probably about it: the Pink City is effectively available from anyplace in France and anticipates your visit!

Traveling To The Pink City

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for a place to spend prudently without giving up style?


Why Monaco Is Certainly Worth Your Time

Luxury yachts in the bay of Monaco, France

Luxury yachts in the bay of Monaco, France

When people think of Monaco, they often think of lavish parties and other spectacular scenes. There are some other reasons that a trip to Monaco is certainly worth your time though. These are some of our favorites.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo

There is no better place to splash the cash in glamorous surroundings than here at the casino. The gold-splattered décor looks lavish and the extravagant surroundings are enough to make even large high rollers feel a little underdressed. The smart dress code is strict, but it is certainly worth it in order to see this for yourself.

Le Jardin Exotique

The principality is basically built onto the side of a mountain, something that is often an understated factor in the appeal of Monaco. To see the terracotta-roofed dome stand out from the Mediterranean Sea is a truly spectacular sight. If you buy a ticket here, you also get entry to a tour of La Grotte de l’Observatoire. This mountainside cave is home to flint weapons designed by pre-Neanderthal man, some 250,000 years old. (more…)

Why Cannes Is A Can’t Miss

amazing blue firework in Bay of Cannes, FranceWhile it might be renowned for its film festival, there is more to Cannes that meets the eye. What is now one of the social hubs in all of Europe once started out as a small fishing village on the French Riviera. This expensive and glamourous seaside town has plenty to offer, and we will take you through a number of the different sights.

Dynamic and entertaining

Cannes is an entertaining and dynamic city. While it might be renowned for being the capital of cinema and playing host to some of the most renowned international event, that is not all that you can expect here. When staying in Cannes, it can be easy to reach other attractive cities by train. A few of the different options include St. Tropez, Monaco and Nice.

Îles de Lérins

If you are looking for a place worth visiting, look no further than these two islands in the bay. The smaller of the two is St. Honorat. This small island is home to a ruined castle and a monastery. Once you get here, you can get some unique souvenirs, including monastery-made food/drink products such as wine. If you want to participate in the abbey life for a few days, it is possible to enjoy a hostel stay at the Abbaye Notre Dame de Lérins.

Île Sainte-Marguerite is the larger island of the two. This island is home to restaurants, bars, shops, and a castle. You can get some shade from the palm trees, a quiet cove, and just swimming around the rocky coves for a little while. It is possible to get a ferry that travels to these islands every hour – starting at seven in the morning. (more…)

What to do in Saint-Tropez

Panoramic view of the bay of Saint-Tropez, FranceSaint-Tropez is always going to remain a draw for people across the globe. Despite the fact that its reputation may have waned slightly in the last few years, it is important to remember that this will never be anything like an “expensive” Ibiza. It is a truly wonderful holiday location for couples and families. Saint-Tropez is all about being safe, contained, and cozy. These are just a few suggestions on what you could do in Saint- Tropez.

Explore the café life of Saint-Tropez

Once you are in the port of Saint-Tropez, you will find that there is no better place around to people watch. Watch the stunning and interesting people go by at Le Senequier in the port. This café is known throughout and you can look over the bobbing row of super yachts as the evening sun is slowly setting for the day. This is also where you are going to spot the celebrities if they are staying in Saint-Tropez. If you prefer to stay somewhere a bit more traditional, make sure that you visit the Place des Lices. Sitting in the shade of the giant plane trees is going to keep you comfortable in the heat.

Visit Saint-Tropez’ museums

Few people are going to travel to Saint-Tropez for the museums, but it is home to one of the most beautiful town centers that you are going to find along the coast. It has drawn in some of the more famous painters in the world, starting with Paul Signac in 1892. Because Signac was utterly drawn to Saint-Tropez, he also invited a number of his friends to the town. Because of this, Saint-Tropez became an active part of the avant-garde set. New techniques such as fauvism, pointism, and impressionism were actively being explored here. The Annonciade museum is home to works from Signac, Bonnard, and Matisse. (more…)

Reasons to Visit Reims

Illuminated town hall of ReimsAs the home of the most celebrated and celebratory wine in the world (Champagne for the uninitiated), Reims is the most important city in the Champagne region. The entire region is filled with history, and it has one of the most beautiful buildings that were built during the Middle Ages. Despite the fact that World War I destroyed most of the old homes, the Art Deco style that the city was rebuilt in certainly has its own special glamour. If you want to know some of the reasons that Reims is worth a visit, we recommend that you keep on reading.

The Cathédrale Notre Dame

Honestly, this cathedral alone is worth the trip to Reims. With two square towers and a triple-arched doorway, it is truly a magnificent sight that defies description. Can you imagine the extravagance and egos of a French royal coronation? This resplendent Gothic cathedral was the home for many of those coronations, and the site itself has been home to churches since the 5th century. The stained glass windows truly mark a rainbow of colors, with the most spectacular ones being the Chagall creations in the central axial chapel, the north transept’s rose window, and the western facade’s 12-petalled great rose window.

The most famous event that has taken place at the Cathédrale Notre Dame happened on 17 July 1429, when Charles VII was sworn in as King, with Joan of Arc at his side. Between 1223 and 1825, 25 total coronations took place here. Since 1991, the Cathédrale Notre Dame has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are feeling particularly strong, you should consider taking the one-hour tour that leads you up all 250 steps. (more…)

Some Must-See Sights In Lyon

Lyon in September

Clasical view of Lyon over the Saone river.

Even though it is the second-leading city in France (after Paris of course), Lyon remains surprisingly undiscovered by most tourists. Even though you will not see this city in many tourist itineraries, those who are willing to take the time to understand Lyon will find and adore its cultural treasures. There is a reason that Lyon is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. There is so much to see and explore in Lyon, we would rather show you some of it than talk about it.

Old Town Lyon – Quartier Saint-Georges and Quartier Saint-Jean

You are able to enjoy the city’s Old World charm by getting lost in the atmospheric Quartier Saint-Jean. You can find this medieval quarter just north of the cathedral, and it is filled with quiet little courtyards and narrow cobblestone lanes. Start around the Place Neuve Saint-Jean and the Rue du Boeuf. Make your way around the pedestrian streets of Rue des Trois Maries and Rue Saint-Jean.

Once you get to Place du Petit Collège, make sure to explore the Hôtel de Gadagne. This mansion (dating back to the 15th century) is home to two different museums: the Puppet Museum (Musée des Marionnettes du Monde) and the History Museum (Musée d’Histoire de Lyon).


The Best Of The Slopes In Megève

MegeveMegève is a commune with a resort that offers breathtaking spas, dining and shopping as well as a massive ski area. Megève is where France’s upper class comes to play at the Megève ski resort. The medieval village also boasts breathtaking scenic views, and offers amenities for all tastes and budgets. However, those who want to experience a true luxury vacation would be wise to come here.

The town began as a ski resort in 1910 when the Rothschild family began to take their winter vacations there. This happened after the family grew tired of a different Swiss resort. The massive hotel here was opened by Baroness Noémie de Rothschild in 1921, something that really augmented the resort’s growth. Around the 1950s, Megève was amongst the most trendy ski resorts in Europe and both celebrities and the wealthy elite were more than enamored. Today it continues to be frequented mainly by wealthy people as is obvious by the price of real estate. Being a ski town, and one of the best that there is in all of Europe, we want to talk about the slopes.

Average weather conditions and snowfall

Megève is one of France’s original ski resorts and it includes the most snow-sure slopes. Many of the north-facing slopes are protected from excessive sunshine. The area also provides snowmaking, with almost 300 snow machines covering the slopes.


Finding The Best Fast Food In Paris

ParisDespite the fact that Paris has a reputation for being a culinary delight, the fast food in Paris can be hit-and-miss at times. Especially if you are near areas that see a great deal of tourism, you run the risk of eating a sandwich that might have been made and stored with questionable hygiene practices or find a stale, gummy crepe that tastes nothing like you would expect. Fortunately, we can help you avoid many of these mistakes and help you find the best option for you.

Bakery fare – sandwiches, quiches etc.

Even though Paris has a reputation for being a great city for bakeries, remember that not all sandwiches are created equal in the City of Light. You can get a delicious sandwich, quiche, or croissant for less than 3 dollars at some of the high-quality Paris bakeries. You are better off going into an actual patisserie or boulangerie (bakery) and getting something there than you are by visiting a supermarket or buying it from a stand on the street.

Avoid the street vendor sandwiches

Keep in mind that the traditional street vendors that you see throughout Paris are not actual bakers. These vendors usually buy their sandwiches at a supermarket beforehand and will then sell them to you at inflated prices. If you are opting for hygiene-sensitive fillings (think tuna and/or mayonnaise), you are better off buying from real bakeries


France First-Time Travel Mistakes To Avoid

FrancePerhaps you are planning your first-ever trip to France, something that you have been dreaming about for years now. Yet there are a number of different rookie France travel mistakes that might make your trip a little less entertaining. These tips are going to help you avoid those rookie mistakes and make the most out of your trip.

Spending more than you have to

The little decisions that you make throughout your trip are going to make your vacation twice as expensive as it needs to be. For example, instead of taking out money with money exchange companies, get it from an ATM or charge it on your credit card. Remember that the rates offered by most of the money exchange companies are horrible and the amount of commission you pay is relatively high.

If you are traveling to Paris or any other large city, make sure that you purchase a ticket to ride the train to the airport rather than relying on a cab. The average cab fare is going to be approximately three to four times the amount that you pay for a train ride.


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