Things Not To Do In Denmark

CopenhagenIf you are planning to take a trip down to Denmark, there might be a few aspects of the country that you would not necessarily guess right away. In order to have people enjoy their stay and have as few issues as possible, we have come up with a few things that you should try to avoid while in Denmark.

Do not break the rules

Under most circumstances, there is only one ‘right’ way to act in Denmark. It is not recommended that you try to jaywalk across the street, because the Danish in general are disciplined rule-followers. Everyone is expected to maintain courteous behavior, whether these people be tourists or locals. You might be admonished in a civil manner if you break the rules.

Appreciate the family dynamic

You might have heard the phrase “children should be seen, not heard.” However, things work a little differently in Denmark. At a very young age, Danish children are encouraged to express their opinions. If they are old enough to ask about them, they will be informed about topics that are more adult in matter.

This might appear a little strange for those who are less liberal. Also, keep in mind that many couples do not make the relationship “official” through marriage, but still live together with children.


Top Places To Visit In Denmark

Tivoli GardensWhen most people think about a ‘dream vacation throughout Europe’, Denmark is not the first country that comes to mind. However, what people do not realize is that Denmark is one of the most unique and interesting countries in Europe to visit.

Tivoli Gardens

Just a few minutes from Copenhagen City Hall, you are going to find Tivoli. Especially because the Copenhagen Central Station is right nearby, it is extremely easy to get to Tivoli. In 2014, the famous wooden rollercoaster that Tivoli is famous for is going to be one century old.

It is the second oldest amusement park in the world and one of the most famous attractions in not only Copenhagen, but also Denmark as a whole. For those that are not necessarily interested in the rides, there is also live music playing every day.


10 European Museums and Galleries Not to Be Missed!

The LouvreNo matter where you go in Europe, you’ll certainly find wonderful museums that should be on your must-see list! Many are quite well known and you’ve no doubt heard lots about how you can’t miss them. Others are small museums but of particular interest for one reason or another. Some will be in large cities; others in smaller towns or villages. But there are handful of museums and galleries that stand out head-and-shoulders above the rest, and you simply must make them part of your itinerary if you find yourself in the destination where they are located.

One note in regards to the list below: You’ll often find it difficult to nab tickets to these places if you wait until you get there, and will most likely find yourself in a long line, even if tickets ARE available. So, as long as know when you’re going to be there, plan to buy advance tickets if available online or through a travel professional. It’s well worth any extra dollars you might spend doing so. (more…)

The Danish Island of AEro is a Vacationer’s Delight’s capital city of Copenhagen is charming. There’s no doubt about it. But if you want to get a close look at the Denmark of yesteryear, plan a side trip to the delightful little Danish island of AEro, situated about 18 miles off the country’s southwest coast and offering everything from charming villages to windswept beaches where you can spend the day in relative peace and quiet.

AEro, situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea, is less than 20 miles long and generally fewer than 5 miles wide at any given spot. Easy to navigate, it boasts some 104 miles of lovely coastline, making it especially popular with nature lovers and with those who enjoy sports like cycling and fishing. Accessible via car ferry from Svendborg (about a one-hour ride), it’s easy to reach from the mainland and certainly a worthwhile trip for those who’d like to explore this delightful spot.

Things to Do on AEro Island

  • ·         A Day at the Beach – If you’re heading to AEro for a relaxing day, you won’t be disappointed. The island has a number of excellent beaches, all lovely and clean and – happily – most are rarely crowded. The best beaches are on the northern and eastern coasts but all are quite picturesque. Even in July and August, the optimal time to visit, you’ll find plenty of space to spread out.
  • ·         Gone Fishin’ – Anglers will absolutely love AEro Island. The old seaport village of Marstal is home to a busy marina where you can catch a fishing charter and head out for a few hours. In addition, the hamlet known as Søby is home to a large fishing fleet and is where most yachters land when heading to AEro for the day. Ask locals about good spots to catch your dinner!
  • ·         Cycling – By far, the best way to explore AEro Island is by bicycle. There are several places to rent a bike in the largest village, Aeroskobing, and once you set off from there you can pretty much plan your own route or follow the routes suggested on the map you’ll most likely receive from the bike rental agent. (The maps are great for walkers, too.) Be sure to try to visit all three main villages as well as the coastal regions. Because of the size of the island, you can do this within several hours, depending on how often you stop.

Things to See on AEro Island

TV travel guru Rick Steves calls AEro Island Denmark’s “ship-in-a-bottle” village. It’s truly charming and a wonderful place to explore on foot or, as we mentioned before, on your bike or by auto. There aren’t a lot of “attractions” per se but certainly some buildings and other landmarks you should see while you’re there, including the following.

·         Bregninge Church (Kirke) – This beautiful white-washed church with red tile roof hails from the Romanesque period though its arches are Gothic, built a few centuries later. Located in the town of the same name, the interior incudes some marvelous early 16th century frescoes that were restored about a half-century ago.

·         Store Rise Prehistoric Tomb and Church – Head to Store Rise to get a look at a 6,000-year-old Neolithic burial place, one of about a dozen that are still in existence on the island. (There used to be more than 200.) Scientists have studied the mound and have determined that the remnants of an old Viking ship may have been burned and buried there. Also nearby is the Store Rise church, with its lovely 12th century altarpiece, a Renaissance pulpit, and a wonderful ship motive that includes tiny boats hanging in the nave and a painting of Martin Luther with his hand on the rudder of a ship. It has a neat copper spire and there’s a beautiful circular graveyard surrounding the structure.

·         Marstal Sofartsmuseum – A visit to this museum is a wonderful way to learn more about the maritime and shipping history of the island. Everything is well presented and the guided tour is very interesting and informative. It’s spread out over four buildings and it takes a while to take in all 30-something exhibits, but it’s well worth the time and you’ll be glad you made the visit. (Closed on Sundays.)

·         Aero Museum – This small local museum in Aeroskobing won’t take you nearly as long to explore as the Sofartsmuseum, but it really is quite interesting and includes some unique artifacts, antiques, and artwork that tell the story of the island’s past. Stop in for an hour or so.


Plan a Luxury Honeymoon to Sparkling Copenhagen

149427965Each year, tens of thousands of newly married couples make their way to the grand cities of Europe for their honeymoon. Among the most popular destinations are places like Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, and Dublin. Those are all grand places for a honeymoon, but if you’ve got a penchant for something a little different or if you’ve already visited Europe’s most notable cities, perhaps you’d like to consider something a little different. Something like Copenhagen!

Beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark is a delightful place for visitors of all ages, but if you know where to go and what activities to schedule, it can be an ultra-romantic destination as well. From strolling along charming streets to taking a spin on the “tea cups” at Tivoli to sailing along the canal, you can fill your days with wonderful activities and your night with meals at top-notch restaurants and dancing at clubs.


Family Fun in Kid-Friendly Copenhagen

Old Town in Copenhagen, DenmarkMany adults, even those with children at home, prefer to travel on their own. Other parents, however, delight in the opportunity to take their children with them on their adventures. And why not? For the most part, kids – especially after they’ve reached about age 7 or 8 – are excellent traveling companions. At the risk of being cliché, they literally see the world through different eyes, catching things that adults might otherwise miss or may not otherwise appreciate if not viewed with the benefit of that wonderful childlike exuberance demonstrated by our kids when they’re seeing something for the first time.

That said, of course, it’s evident that not every destination is kid-friendly. There are some locales where it’s definitely advisable to leave the little ones at home. No 9-year-old wants to spend their vacation going from one museum to another, for example, so if you find that’s the case with a destination you have in mind, skip it or plan an adults-only trip to that location. If, however, you’re open-minded as to vacation spots that kids will love, consider wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark, where the locals love children and there’s plenty to keep them busy.  (more…)

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