Some Of The Best Kept Secrets In The Mediterranean

KastellorizoThe Mediterranean, known for its world-renowned cuisine, relaxed lifestyle and picturesque villages…no wonder that it has become a go-to destination for travelers for decades now. As the popularity of a location increases, often so does the price. What was once an authentic experience of the Mediterranean lifestyle can quickly become a gaudy tourist trap.

However, that does not mean that you should avoid the Mediterranean altogether. It has some of the most amazing beaches, amazing restaurants, and most hospitable people that you can find. This is why we are giving away some of the best-kept secrets in the Mediterranean. Many of these are not too far from the already popular destinations.



Visit one of Europe’s Oustanding National Parks

Teide National ParkIf you’re a regular visitor to the properties in the U.S. National Park systems, you’ve no doubt realized that some of the most stunning – and interesting – scenery in America can be found in places like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Everglades, and many of the other amazing parks around the country.

It’s the same in Europe. Some on the most spectacular landscapes are offered in the protected lands that make up the national park systems in various European countries. Many of those same parks also provide great places for active pursuits including hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, boating, and any number of other fun activities you might want to include on your next trip to Europe. (more…)

Plenty of Whitewater Rafting Adventure in Europe

Inn River, AustriaIf you’re a whitewater aficionado, you’ve probably already struggled through some of the most spectacular river rapids in the U.S., perhaps elsewhere, too. Many of the best-known rivers for whitewater rafting are in the western portion of North America, like the Colorado, the Salmon, and the Magpie. But did you know that Europe is also a wonderful place to enjoy a whitewater rafting trip, offering a wealth of options in countries that include France, Switzerland, Austria, and the British Isles?

If you’d like whitewater adventure to be part of your next trip to Europe, check out the rivers we’ve listed here. The class of rapids vary from river to river so there’s sure to be a rafting journey that’s just right for you!


Who Needs the Caribbean? Europe Offers Great Beaches for the Sun Worshipper’s coming and our thoughts naturally turn to sun and sand, especially those of us who’ve been stifled by this year’s particularly harsh winter. No doubt you’re thinking about some lush island location where the temperature climbs into the 70s and the trade winds blow gently, keeping you warm yet comfortable.

But if you were planning a trip across “The Pond” rather than an island vacation, you don’t have to forego the beach portion of your summer trip. Europe boasts a number of wonderful beaches that rival most anything you’d find in the Caribbean. Besides, heading to a European locale rather than just an island destination means you’re not locked into just spending your days on the sand. Just a short drive from most of the beaches listed below are great cities, towns, and villages, and/or plenty of cultural attractions as well. (more…)

For Fun in the Sun, Visit Croatia’s Island Destinations

162573358Croatia is one of those up-and-coming destinations that discriminating travelers from the U.S. are just discovering, though Europeans with wanderlust have long recognized it as superb. While the Dalmation Coast area is among the most popular beach destinations for sun worshippers heading in that direction, the southern islands of Croatia are also becoming more and more well-known, especially the islands of Hvar, Brac, and Korcula.

Located in the middle of the Adriatic in an area that is nothing short of breathtaking, these islands all the ultimate destination for beach goers in-the-know, but also boast more than warm sand and clear, sparkling waters. Most are blessed with lovely boutique accommodations – some that are quite over the top, excellent restaurants, really cool small towns, and historic sights.  (more…)

Discover the Natural Beauty of the Dalmatian Coast

164386052Mention “The Riviera” and most people’s thoughts immediately turn to France and maybe Italy. But there’s a part of the world that many travelers and travel experts are dubbing “The New Riviera”, a lovely spot on the Adriatic Sea that offers the same natural beauty as places like Nice or Sanremo but at only a fraction of the cost and without all the trappings. That place is Croatia’s marvelous Dalmatian Coast.

Particularly, the Lower Dalmatian Coast has been dubbed by Croatia’s clever marketers as “The Mediterranean as it Once Was”, and that slogan happens to be very attractive to travelers that remember the Riviera of yesteryear. Now, they can experience it all once again with a trip to that thin strip of land that runs between Split and Dubrovnik, offering beach lovers plenty of room to sit and soak up the sun but also providing a look at historic towns and sights, wonderful examples of notable architecture, good food, natural attractions, and much more.  (more…)

Be Enchanted by the Castles of Croatia

Ancient walls of Dubrovnik, CroatiaPicture the castle of your fantasies and you’ll most likely see in your mind’s eye Germany’s memorable Neuschwanstein or perhaps France’s magnificent Château de Chenonceau. While those are among the most well-known and – without a doubt – some of the most beautiful castles on the planet, you might be surprised to know that there are a number of breathtaking castles in places you might not expect to find them, including in many of the countries of Central Europe such as Croatia.

If you’ve never thought of visiting Croatia, perhaps it’s because you remember the Croatia of the late 20th century when it was an area in turmoil. Indeed, after World War II the country became a Socialist federal unit, ruled by the Communist party. The region remained explosive for nearly 50 years but, finally, in 1995, after a war with Yugoslavia, Croatia gained its independence and recognition by the United Nations and the European Economic Community. Today, it continues to have a developing economy but has worked towards making itself more visitor-friendly. That’s good news for castle fanatics, since there are more than 5 dozen castles, manors, and fortresses spread throughout this 21,000 square-mile country. (more…)

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