The Best Places To Visit In Brussels

Grand Palace, BrusselsIf you have a city like Brussels that is renowned for its sights, it can be a rather difficult decision to determine where you should spend your time. We wanted to narrow down all the different available attractions in Brussels so you can make the best possible decision for yourself. These are a few of our personal favorites that we believe you have to see.

Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée

Comic strips throughout Belgium are serious business, despite the fact that they are often considered laughter provoking. Herge created the country’s best-known comic export in 1929 – Tintin. This Belgian Comic Strip Center not only pays homage to Tintin, but also to Charlie Brown, Andy Capp, Willy and Wanda, the Smurfs, Thorgal, and Asterix. Comics are considered such an important factor in Belgium culture that they are often called the ninth art.

Palais Royal

What was once the traditional palace of independent Belgium is now home to a small museum with artifacts from the royal dynasty and it is the crown prince’s residence. It overlooks both the parliament building and Parc du Bruxelles. You know the King is in Brussels if the national flag is flying outside the palace. During the summer, it is free to tour the building and you can explore the music room, the mosaic parquet floor, and the impressive throne room.


The Best Shopping in Brussels

BrusselsGiven that Brussels has a great number of shops and stores available, it can be hard to narrow down all your options and come up with the ‘best one’ to visit. This is especially true if you are pressed for time as far as your Brussels shopping experience is concerned. That is why we will only take a moment, evaluate the best options throughout the city, and make sure that you know exactly where you should be shopping.

Beer Mania

If you are a beer connoisseur or know a beer connoisseur who is traveling to Brussels, you will likely end up in this store here. There are more than 400 different Belgian beers for sale, consistently receiving high praise from the people who stop by and appreciate the massive selection. It is also possible to try many of the in-stock brews before you buy.

The husband and wife owners are more than happy to tell you what sort of glass that you should serve a particular beer in. This is especially helpful because there are more than 100 different shapes and sizes of beer glass available – all of them officially sanctioned!


Delectable Reasons To Visit Brussels

Belgian FritesWhen traveling to the Belgian capital, chances are that you already know that Brussels offers a great number of culinary delights. Even though you can opt for the world-famous golden arches or have any other type of fast-food meal, chances are that you want to experience the food that makes Brussels famous, the type of food that makes tourists’ and locals’ mouth water. These are some of the more famous culinary delights that you will have to try for yourself if you make it to Brussels.

Only real chocolate connoisseurs need apply

You probably already know that Belgium has some of the finest chocolate throughout Europe, even the world. If you stand in the heart of Brussels, just take a moment and appreciate how many chocolate shops are nearby.

Belgians really know how to make good chocolate, and you will not have to resort to grabbing a map to be able to find these chocolate shops for yourself. You only need to pay attention to the colorful window displays, the bright lights, and in some places, the overflowing chocolate fountains. In some stores, you are going to have a chance to taste test everything beforehand, thus making your choice even easier.

Those tourists on a budget that want to experience the delights of the Belgian chocolate without breaking the bank – just go ahead and buy some at the nearby supermarket. These have a great selection and some excellent options. Brands to try in the supermarket include Cote d’Or, Godiva, and Neuhaus.


Europe’s Best Culinary Cities are a Foodie’s Delight people eat to live. Others live to eat. If you’re part of the latter group, chances are your vacations always include trips to great restaurants. If you’re an avid foodie, you probably do a little food-based research before you go, zeroing in on a few of your destination’s best restaurants or perhaps some signature dishes that you simply MUST try while in town.

Europe, of course, offers a wealth of some of the world’s most magnificent culinary capitals. Some are easy to guess while others might not be so obvious. A number have been on this list for decades and others are relatively new on the list of notable European food destinations. Take a look and consider including one or more of these on your next vacation itinerary. (more…)

Flanders’ Bruges is the Other “Venice of the North”

148652959Amsterdam is often given a moniker that associates its many canals with those of Italy’s beautiful and historic Venice. Blessed with equally lovely canals as that Italian city, Amsterdam has long attracted visitors who are looking for a Venice-type experience while visited northern Europe.

However, another city has earned the same nickname – “The Venice of the North” – thanks to its lovely waterways, stunning architecture, and rich cultural scene. That city is the less-well-known Bruges, a lovely municipality in West Flanders that’s long been an important port and was once one of the most vibrant commercial cities in Europe. (more…)

Brussels: Truly a “Capital” City

Given its role as the capital of not only Belgium but also the European Union, there’s plenty of “la-di-dah” in Brussels. Certainly, it’s not unusual to encounter a lot of people with a lot of power. Also home to the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Brussels is home to large numbers of diplomats and politicians, host to lots of soirees and red carpet events, and a place where it means a lot to say you’ve rubbed elbows with so-and-so.

That’s not to say, however, that Brussels and its people – the regular people – are pretentious. Even though the buildings are grand and the per capita income high, the city isn’t snobby; visitors feel welcome and can sense a sort of laid back feel that’s prominent throughout, especially in the neighborhoods that are home to long-time Belgians who’ve been around long enough to remember what the city was like before it became the political center of Europe. (more…)

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