Sydney In January And February

Sydney, AustraliaSydney In January And February

When most of the world is freezing cold, Sydney is enjoying summer. With public holidays on New Year’s Day and Australia Day (Jan 26), it gives tourists a chance to experience some of the great things that you can do in the largest city in Australia. The weather conditions reflect the middle of summer, meaning that the temperature can skyrocket very quickly. This means that people will spend these months trying to cool off with aquatic endeavors such as watersports. These are just some of the things that you could do during these two months.

Jet boating on Sydney Harbor

If you want to take in some of the most spectacular sights in Sydney in a refreshing way, having a jet boat ride in the Sydney Harbor is a great way of doing so. This is a fun-filled but yet scenic rush that shows you the area, but still provides you with the thrills of traveling at high speeds.


The Best Things To Do In Brisbane

BrisbaneOne of the reasons that Brisbane is one of the up-and-coming capitals in Australia is because of the balance it manages to strike between urbanization and nature. Because of this balance, it is one of the most enjoyable cities in Australia to visit. There is plenty on offer for both tourists and residents.

Even though Brisbane does not have the international renown that its southern brothers Melbourne and Sydney enjoy, the ideal balance between atmosphere, attractions, and activities is drastically increasing its reputation. In a city that offers that much to do, what are some of the best things that you should focus on?

Visit the arts and museums available at Brisbane’s Cultural Centre

If you want sophistication and culture during a great day out in Brisbane, and you want it at a modest price, the Brisbane Cultural Centre is the place to be. The cultural district is adjacent to Brisbane’s South Bank waterfront and has many different ways to immerse yourself in history both recent and old.


Best Things To Do At The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland State, AustraliaOne of Australia’s tropical north Queensland main draws remains the Great Barrier Reef. This natural marvel has been a tremendous boost to the tourism industry, because there is a wide range of things to do, sights to see, and activities to engage in. As the most spectacular coral reef system in the world (and the largest), it is home to 6,600 species of sea life and 400 types of coral. This means that you have an almost endless range of sightseeing options. With so many different options, these are some of our favorites.

Great Barrier Reef snorkeling cruise – Cairns

The moment that you set your eyes upon it, the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef is clear. Yet you can see what beautiful life forms reside underneath the water the second that you dip under the crystal-clear water. If you want to experience this in a refreshing new way, having a snorkeling trip will certainly allow you to see the magnificent Outer Reef in a completely different way.


Best Places To Visit In Australia

RottnestConsidering that Australia is such a massive country, chances are that you will be unable to see everything for yourself the first time (or even the second time) that you visit there. You can however consider what some of the best places are, and what the highlights might be. These are just a few of our favorite locales that we believe are certainly worth the visit.

Rottnest Island, WA

A few of the highlights here include whale watching, swimming and diving, snorkeling,  pristine sands, easy access from Perth, striking water colors, and unique wildlife. The beautiful Rottnest Island is just 19 kilometers off the Western Australian mainland. Locally known as “Rotto,” it is home to some of the most unique animals in Australia, secluded bays, and spectacular white sandy beaches.

What really makes Rottnest special is the fact that this natural wonder is only 30 minutes from the coast. You would assume that you would be in a much more isolated locale if you did not just depart from the mainland a half hour ago. In terms of physical beauty, it is often compared to one of the many Greek Islands.

However, there is more here than just amazing physical beauty, you are able to experience some amazing swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and surfing here. Especially considering how close it is to Perth – a major suburban center – it really shows just how carefully preserved Rottnest truly is.


Must-See Sights In Melbourne

Melbourne, AustraliaMelbourne is often regarded as not just one of the best all-round cities in Australia, but the entire world. A city of contrast, color, coffee, and culture, it is often represented in contests that try to determine the ‘World’s Most Livable City’. Because the city is able to retain something of a small-town feel while still being an urban metropolis, there are several different reasons to want to visit Melbourne. If you ever visit Victoria’s capital, these are some of the sights that we believe that you have to visit.

Melbourne Zoo

When you are visiting the Melbourne Zoo, you are visiting one of the best wildlife facilities that you are going to find in Australia. The zoo is only four kilometers from the heart of the city, but there is enough space to give each of the animals their own ‘region, reflecting their worldwide location where they might normally be.

There is a variety of landscapes within this relaxing atmosphere. The entire zoo is set within a scenic and comfortable botanic garden setting, which range from the lush jungles of the Asian and African rainforest areas to the Victorian-era formality of the main drive to the zoo.


The Best Sunsets in Australia

Australia SunsetThere is something enchanting about a sunset, the soothing glow in the sky, the rich tableau of colors, and the calm of the moment, it is enough to make even the most stonehearted people melt. In Australia, you are able to see some of the world’s most breathtaking sunsets. Because there are numerous different coastal aspects across the massive country, you have a wide variety of sunset viewing locations. These are just a selection of the absolute best sunsets in Australia.

Cable Beach, Western Australia

Unlike many of the other destinations that you are going to find on this list, Cable Beach’s main attraction is the sunset itself. The Indian-ocean-facing aspect combined with the unbelievable mix of colors on display makes this a truly surreal experience.

Locals also know that one of the primary reasons that tourism still exists on Cable Beach is because of the sunsets. This means that as the sun begins to descent, they are often accommodating to tourists who want to grab a bottle of wine and sit on the beach.


Free And Cheap Family Activities in Sydney

Sydney, AustraliaOftentimes going on vacation means a chance for parents and kids to spend some time, form some amazing memories together, and share some quality time. However, travel can be expensive. Consider attraction admission prices, accommodation, and airfares and travel, and it quickly starts to add up, especially in a place like Sydney.

This is why it might be good to do some things that are not as expensive, that are completely free while still being enjoyable. This is a list of some of the best free things to do in Sydney that will end up costing you absolutely/next to nothing.

The National Art Gallery

Even though this sounds like the type of place where stuffy historians criticize masterworks, it turns out to be a great repository of art in its own right. On Sundays, you can expect the art gallery to put on a concert that is targeting kids, but will incorporate both music and/or animation in such a way to appeal to kids even more.

The range of films will appeal to teens and younger kids alike and include a blend of classics, animations, and live action movies. You can see the level of suitability for your own kids thanks to the age recommendations given before each show. The seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and the concerts are free of charge. You want to give yourself time for an early arrival if you plan to visit the gallery with the kids.


The Best Beaches in Australia

Whitehaven BeachAustralia is renowned for its beaches all around the world. And that should come as no surprise, especially because Australia is home to some of the longest stretches of coastline on the planet. The beaches in Australia are not almost universally-high quality, but also plentiful.

Australians tend to take care of their beaches, keeping them pollution-free and clean. However, with there being so many different beaches to choose from in Australia, how do you find the best ones? This list is going to help you narrow down your options a bit.

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven is often referred to as the ‘Most Beautiful Beach in Australia’. The highlight here is undoubtedly the fine sand, but the reef surroundings and stunning waters are certainly are worth a visit as well.

Speaking of the sand, you will often see mention of ‘silica sand’ when talking about Whitehaven. That might be all nice and well, but what is ‘silica sand’ and why is it being treated as something special? Silica is an extremely high-purity form of sand, it has extremely fine grains. This prevents it from becoming too hot for your feet after the sun has been beaming down on it and makes very soft to the touch.


Channel your Inner “Crocodile Dundee” with a Trip to the Outback continent of Australia, though small in comparison to other continents, offers the traveler much diversity. From gleaming cities and sparkling beaches to vast open plains, Australia has a bit of everything and most of it is quite fascinating, including the country’s famous “Outback” regions, which provide visitors with a whole different experience than anything found elsewhere in the world.

If you’re over 40, you probably relate Australia’s Outback with the likes of Paul Hogan’s famous Crocodile Dundee character of filmdom fame. He was quite a character, battling not only the bad guys but also the wild animals that inhabit the areas. But there’s really much more to the Outback then just an old broken down bar and lots of cowboy-type characters. As a matter of fact, the Outback is a fascinating and beautiful place to visit, and putting it on your Australia itinerary should certainly be a consideration if you enjoy communing with nature. It’s also a great way to learn more about the Australia of days-gone-by and about the Aboriginal peoples. (more…)

Get a Taste of the Good Life in South Australia’s Prolific Wine Regions

144874921Australia is home to so much diversity, not just in its population but also its landscape. On one hand, there are marvelous sunny beaches where visitors can swim, surf, and dive, while – on the other hand – the continent plays host to some of the driest, most barren spots on the planet.

Australia is also home to locales where the conditions are just right for growing grapes and producing some of the finest vintages available. Some of the best spots for winemaking are in South Australia, just outside the region’s wonderful capital of Adelaide, a smallish city that provides urban perks while also serving as the gateway to the area often referred to as the wine capital of the continent.


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