Best Spots for Family Vacation in Europe

A dream will always remain a dream until you make efforts to actualize it. That’s why you should plan your next family vacation in Europe.  A trip to Europe is all that is needed to complete your family’s perfect holiday.

I consider Europe the perfect destination for anyone looking for some adventure. A trip to this awesome continent will leave you craving for more. Why not stick with me as I give you a brief tour of this awesome continent.

family vacation in europe


If you are looking for a top notch family vacation spot in Europe right now, then Croatia is the place for you. The country boasts of architectural and mind-blowing art that other countries can only admire. Besides the city’s art and architectural beauty, Croatia is a friendly city with the locals always showing a willingness to relate with tourists and foreigners. If you are a foodie like me, then get ready for a roller coaster adventure, as there are enough cuisines to cure your food addiction.


Dublin is another reason to plan your next family vacation in Europe. Think you have seen the best of what nature has to offer? Wait till you touch down in Dublin. The sky and the people you meet will make you want to stay permanently. If you are looking for some sizzling and tasty meals, then you should visit a Dublin restaurant where you will be treated with some of the finest delicacies on the planet. For those looking for other side attractions, a trip to Bray will do the magic.


Paris is much more than a romantic hub. It is the perfect destination for a family vacation. The city boasts of wines and local meals that would keep you wanting more. A good way to start your adventure is to visit some of the local cafes. If you are worried about where to stay, then you should consider Citadine in the Bastille/Marais neighborhood. It is an awesome neighborhood with an open market not too far from the house. Eiffel Tower is the perfect historic site for people looking to get hold of some architectural treasures.


Very few people wouldn’t want to have a feel of the ancient city of Rome. Your family vacation in Europe wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the colosseum. For pious families looking to enjoy the religious feel of Rome, then a trip to the Vatican wouldn’t disappoint you either. Just like Paris, Rome is the home to some of the world’s best wines and dishes; hence, don’t end your vacation without visiting Perrelli in the Testaccio neighborhood.

Did I mention that Italy is also classed as one of the most romantic spots in the world? I guess that’s the perfect spot to reclaim all that life’s troubles may have taken away from your relationship.

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