Why Salzburg Is An Awesome Destination

One of the main views of old town in Salzburg - AustriaWhile some might only know it as the home of The Sound of Music and the birthplace of Mozart, there is much more on offer when traveling to Salzburg. These are some of the best reasons that we recommend traveling to Salzburg.

The castles

While there are many European cities that have one beautiful castle, Salzburg has three of them. Amongst the most interesting is undoubtedly the Hohensalzburg, which dates back to the 11th century. This sparkling white palace is a stunning piece of Baroque architecture. This was once the most powerful castle in all of central Europe, and nowadays it entertains countless tourists with its elaborate Goldene Stube (golden chamber), ramparts, courtyards, towers, and torture chamber.

The great shopping experience

The sprawling, ornate squares of the Altstadt are great to discover, but the shopping might be even better. Even though we are seeing the introduction of some of the major chains, the long-standing independent confectioners and antique shops still dominate the scene in Salzburg. (more…)

The Stunning Views Of Porto Ercole, Italy

Porto Ercole, ItalyOn the Argentario Promontory, you will find the charming seaside village of Porto Ercole. The harbor here is surrounded by different hills, each of them lined with colorful buildings. The Rocca Spagnola (the Spanish Fortress) dominates the landscape here.

A little history

If we delve into the history of Porto Ercole, we have to go back as far as the Etruscan times. It was not until 1296 that the town actually began to take shape. It was then that Margherita Aldobrandeschi – the countess of Savona – ordered the construction of the Torre di Terra. The Republic of Siena overtook the harbor in the 15th century, which leads to the development of the medieval city walls that you can still find surrounding parts of Porto Ercole. This includes a gothic gate with a clock tower that you can admire in the historic center of Porto Ercole.

Afterwards the town was taken over by the Spanish, which held the town under a client state called ”Stato dei Presidi.” This lead to the development of the fortresses of Forte Santa Caterina, Forte Stella, and Forte Filippo.

Nowadays, especially during the summer time, Porto Ercole is a very popular tourist destination. The primary reasons for this are the beautiful bays and beaches that you find nearby. And the lively seaside promenade that has a number of different restaurants and bars. However, there is much more to see:

The Palazzo dei Governanti

One of the most interesting pieces of architecture of the village of Porto Ercole is without doubt the Palace of the Governors (the Palazzo dei Governanti). The building was constructed in the second half of the sixteenth century and originally served as the residence for its Spanish rulers, the lords of the State of the Garrisons. (more…)

Why You Should Totally See Seville

SEVILLE, SPAIN - JUNE 4: Interior of Cathedral of Seville on June 4, 2014 in Seville, Spain. World Heritage Site since 1987, It is the largest Gothic in the world. While it might not be as famous as Madrid or Barcelona, Seville remains one of the must visit cities in Spain, in no small part because it is the capital and largest city of Andalusia. With its breathtaking squares and wonderful architectures, there is much to see and appreciate when in Seville. From the traditional to the modern, Seville has something for everyone.

The Seville Cathedral

If you are planning to stay in Seville, the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See is undoubtedly a ‘must-see’ destination. Commonly referred to as the Seville Cathedral, the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See is the third-largest church all over the world and the largest Gothic cathedral on the planet.

The cathedral was built in the 16th century in order to flaunt the wealth that Seville had at the time. Once here, you can visit the grave of famous Italian explorer Christopher Columbus as well. If you only take one suggestion from this entire article, we highly recommended that you make your way to the roof of the cathedral. You are able to enjoy the most spectacular panoramic view in all of Seville here.

It is also important to visit the bell Cathedral’s tower – the Giralda. This once served as the minaret of the mosque that stood here when Seville was under Muslim rule. It was built in the likeness of the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech. After the Reconquista, it was converted into a bell tower. You may also want to visit the nearby Plaza de la Virgen de los Reyes. (more…)

Why Monaco Is Certainly Worth Your Time

Luxury yachts in the bay of Monaco, France

Luxury yachts in the bay of Monaco, France

When people think of Monaco, they often think of lavish parties and other spectacular scenes. There are some other reasons that a trip to Monaco is certainly worth your time though. These are some of our favorites.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo

There is no better place to splash the cash in glamorous surroundings than here at the casino. The gold-splattered décor looks lavish and the extravagant surroundings are enough to make even large high rollers feel a little underdressed. The smart dress code is strict, but it is certainly worth it in order to see this for yourself.

Le Jardin Exotique

The principality is basically built onto the side of a mountain, something that is often an understated factor in the appeal of Monaco. To see the terracotta-roofed dome stand out from the Mediterranean Sea is a truly spectacular sight. If you buy a ticket here, you also get entry to a tour of La Grotte de l’Observatoire. This mountainside cave is home to flint weapons designed by pre-Neanderthal man, some 250,000 years old. (more…)

Reasons To Want To Visit Marbella

MarbellaThose who want sunshine, sunbeds, and sangria for their vacation have long known that the Costa del Sol is one of the best places in Europe to vacation. Even though the appeal has been known for quite some time, the resorts Fuengirola, Torremolinos, and Benalmadena still manage to pull in the tourists on a regular basis.

Considering that Marbella is renowned for being sunshine chic, it should be no surprise that it continues to draw in guests. These are just a few of the different reasons that we believe that you should consider Marbella for your next summer vacation.

The warm weather

Most people who live in the northern part of Europe are only going to look for sunshine as one of their primary criteria for a good vacation spot. Even if sunshine is not your only concern for a good vacation, most of us can probably agree that bathing in sunshine is a great way to spend your vacation. Given that Marbella has more than 320 sun-filled days every year and that the average temperature between July and August skyrockets to over 30 degrees Celsius, Marbella is certainly worth it if you want a warm vacation spot.

The beautiful beaches

There are more than 24 different beaches in Marbella to take in, spread across 27 kilometers of spectacular coastline. Many of the beaches in Marbella have Blue Flag status. This means that they have top facilities, great environmental management, and excellent water quality. Something to consider is the fact that most beaches are known by the name of the beach bar that can be found there, rather than having an actual “beach” name. These offer great places to soak up the sun and have a drink while you are at it. The better beaches that you will find include Las Flores, Chiringuito Copacabana, and Chiringuito Red. (more…)

Why Cannes Is A Can’t Miss

amazing blue firework in Bay of Cannes, FranceWhile it might be renowned for its film festival, there is more to Cannes that meets the eye. What is now one of the social hubs in all of Europe once started out as a small fishing village on the French Riviera. This expensive and glamourous seaside town has plenty to offer, and we will take you through a number of the different sights.

Dynamic and entertaining

Cannes is an entertaining and dynamic city. While it might be renowned for being the capital of cinema and playing host to some of the most renowned international event, that is not all that you can expect here. When staying in Cannes, it can be easy to reach other attractive cities by train. A few of the different options include St. Tropez, Monaco and Nice.

Îles de Lérins

If you are looking for a place worth visiting, look no further than these two islands in the bay. The smaller of the two is St. Honorat. This small island is home to a ruined castle and a monastery. Once you get here, you can get some unique souvenirs, including monastery-made food/drink products such as wine. If you want to participate in the abbey life for a few days, it is possible to enjoy a hostel stay at the Abbaye Notre Dame de Lérins.

Île Sainte-Marguerite is the larger island of the two. This island is home to restaurants, bars, shops, and a castle. You can get some shade from the palm trees, a quiet cove, and just swimming around the rocky coves for a little while. It is possible to get a ferry that travels to these islands every hour – starting at seven in the morning. (more…)

The Impressive Sights of Bhutan

Taktshang Goemba, Tiger's Nest monastery in BhutanBhutan is certainly no ordinary location. The Himalayan kingdom has a reputation for magic and mystery – being a place that carefully embraces global developments while retaining much of its traditional Buddhist culture. These are just a handful of the reasons that this little slice of heaven is worth the $200 tourist tax that you have to pay for every day that you stay.


While the Thimphu Valley has been able to support small settlements for many centuries, the current city did not develop until the King of Bhutan declared that it would become the new capital in 1961. Only a year later, the first vehicles were seen on the streets. This is one city that slowly started to adapt to its newfound role of nation capital.

If you want to learn more about the religious aspect of Bhutan, we highly recommend that you travel to some of the monasteries that you can find here. These include the Changangkha Lhakhang (which dates back to the 15th century, making it one of the Thimphu Valley’s oldest temples), and the Avalokiteshvara, the Buddhist emanation of compassion.

Another good example is the National Memorial Chorten. Especially as the locals are heading here for evening prayers, this is certainly worth a visit. It was built in memory of the third king back in 1974. (more…)

Where To Stay In Bhutan

Taj Tashi Patio BonfireIf you have not read the amazing travel experience from Rebecca before reading this article, we highly recommend that you do so here. As you can see from her experience, Bhutan is not an ordinary location. It is a modern country that still has one foot squarely locked in the past. It is moving forward slowly without actually compromising on what its history means.

A few of the keywords that Bhutan is renowned for include the preservation and protection of its natural environment, the preservation and promotion of culture and tradition, and the careful progress in sustainable socio-economic development. Simply put, Bhutan is different from anything that you might have seen before. However, that does not mean that you cannot explore Bhutan in luxury.

The Taj Tashi

This was where the journey ended after the first day. The Taj Tashi is a luxury hotel that is located in the heart of the Thimphu Valley. It is a gateway to a land steeped in magic and mythology.

This hotel blends together modern design and Bhutan’s traditional Dzong architecture. There are 66 elegant guestrooms, most of which offer spectacular views of the mountains high above the Thimphu valley.

The hotel is located in the capital city of Thimpu, making this a perfect place to stay if you want to explore the pristine wilderness, scenic mountain passes, centuries-old street festivals, and spectacular monasteries. (more…)

The Best Tourist Attractions in Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden wooden sign with winery backgroundPeople have been using spas since the Romans, and nowadays, a great number of people come to Baden-Baden to enjoy the amazing spa opportunities here.  Baden-Baden has a reputation for being the finest spa town in all of Europe. However, you have more to enjoy here aside from spas. Golf clubs, tennis clubs, horseback riding, hiking, skiing, and many more activities are available at Baden-Baden. There are also a vast number of forests, one of the more popular ones being the famous Black Forest. We will look at some of the best attractions in all of Baden-Baden.

New Castle (Neues Schloss)

Built by Margrave Christoph in 1479, this historic castle known as Neues Schloss, is located on the edge of the Black Forest in the Florentine mountains. At one time, a grand-ducal family lived here, and now a private group bought it in 2010. The goal was to have it renovated and turned into a Hyatt hotel. The highlights of this castle are the exquisite architecture and the beautiful scenery.

The Paradies Cascade

Constructed back in 1925, this is an arrangement of fountains and cascades. The waterfalls are upwards of 40 meters high, and are served by an underground spring. The town center provides public transport, and perhaps best of all, it is also reachable by foot. (more…)

What to do in Saint-Tropez

Panoramic view of the bay of Saint-Tropez, FranceSaint-Tropez is always going to remain a draw for people across the globe. Despite the fact that its reputation may have waned slightly in the last few years, it is important to remember that this will never be anything like an “expensive” Ibiza. It is a truly wonderful holiday location for couples and families. Saint-Tropez is all about being safe, contained, and cozy. These are just a few suggestions on what you could do in Saint- Tropez.

Explore the café life of Saint-Tropez

Once you are in the port of Saint-Tropez, you will find that there is no better place around to people watch. Watch the stunning and interesting people go by at Le Senequier in the port. This café is known throughout and you can look over the bobbing row of super yachts as the evening sun is slowly setting for the day. This is also where you are going to spot the celebrities if they are staying in Saint-Tropez. If you prefer to stay somewhere a bit more traditional, make sure that you visit the Place des Lices. Sitting in the shade of the giant plane trees is going to keep you comfortable in the heat.

Visit Saint-Tropez’ museums

Few people are going to travel to Saint-Tropez for the museums, but it is home to one of the most beautiful town centers that you are going to find along the coast. It has drawn in some of the more famous painters in the world, starting with Paul Signac in 1892. Because Signac was utterly drawn to Saint-Tropez, he also invited a number of his friends to the town. Because of this, Saint-Tropez became an active part of the avant-garde set. New techniques such as fauvism, pointism, and impressionism were actively being explored here. The Annonciade museum is home to works from Signac, Bonnard, and Matisse. (more…)

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