10 European Destinations Where Your Dollar Will Go Really Far In 2017

Over the years, the value of a strong dollar has always amounted to so much money abroad. So when planning your ideal trip to a nice spot where you can get the best experience with the lowest possible dollar, you might want to keep the following European destinations in mind, as reports from banks about the dollar still maintaining its strength since 2003 further makes 2017 a banner year for American travelers.

The rise is consequent upon an economy that is strong, having been growing when other countries are biting their fingers to keep up with the pace. So American travelers will have a lot of money to save up, which may even be as high as 40% if you chose any of the 10 European destinations listed below for your vacation this year.

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  1. GREECE – This year, you can reach the ancient ruins, azure waters, and whitewashed villages. Greece remains one country that has irresistible deals for travelers. Your dollars will really go far if you come here.
  2. PORTUGAL – Portugal is known as an ideal destination for seekers of culture. And even with the growth of tourism, hotels and others, ground costs still remain affordable. For instance, beds at the highly-rated Good Night Hostel in Lisbon starts from €13 ($14) upward per night, while rooms go for €16 (about $17) at Nice Way Sintra Palace in Sintra. You can’t spend beyond your budget in Portugal.
  3. LATVIA – In 2014, Latvia’s capital city Riga took the spotlight as Europe’s Capital of Culture. However, the country is still considered an off-the-beaten-path destination for travelers. That same 2014, the nation made the euro its official currency. But then, prices for things like hotels, restaurants, and activities have continued to be lower than in other European countries. That’s a country you can afford to take a trip to.
  4. LITHUANIA – Lithuania is the latest country to have switched its currency to euro to join the Eurozone. However, the nation is on the rise, and prices have yet to catch up, especially at hotels, restaurants, and bars. With a few dollars, you can also get to see the country’s dense forests, rivers, seaside resorts and medieval history.
  5. WESTERN EUROPE – If you’re looking for Eurozone’s most affordable cities to visit, think of exploring Western Europe. Cities in this area have been ranked cheapest on the 2017 Backpacker Index.
  6. ITALY – This is definitely the biggest surprise destination to make this list. Italy’s airfares have been relatively low. If you need an affordable place to stay, check EuroCheapo, which lists budget-friendly hotels that are mostly for under $100 per night in both Rome and Milan.
  7. POLAND – Last year, Poland was Europe’s best travel bargain according to the Price of Travel’s annual European Backpacker Index. This year isn’t different. Travelers who explore the beautiful old city’s culture will find many cheap hotels and restaurants. Even fares are being discounted by the country’s flagship carrier LOT Polish Airlines at press time. So you should also think Poland.
  8. SPAIN – During the past years, Spain was faced with supreme economic woes. But today, it has joined the ranks of top European budget destinations. U.K.-based Post Office Holiday’s Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer for 2015 says Spain was the second-most affordable Eurozone country after Portugal when it has to do with expenses like coffee, soda, wine, sunscreen and a three-course dinner for two. That’s some place you really want be, even with the very little dollar you may have at hand.
  9. SWITZERLAND – ­If there is one place I will suggest you visit, then Switzerland will be that cool location. This country houses some of the most beautiful lakes, villages and peaks of Alps you can find anywhere, and what about the currency? Well, with as much as $10, you will be able to buy the best chocolates in the country.
  10. IRELAND –­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Ireland is one of the best locations in the world right now, and when I say “best” I didn’t mean how cheap it would be to come here but some of the things you stand to enjoy when you do. The Irish Sea is a sight you wouldn’t want to miss when you travel here, and did I mention the Irish nightlife? I bet you wouldn’t want me to tell you how cool it is. (more…)

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