Where To Stay In Bhutan

Taj Tashi Patio BonfireIf you have not read the amazing travel experience from Rebecca before reading this article, we highly recommend that you do so here. As you can see from her experience, Bhutan is not an ordinary location. It is a modern country that still has one foot squarely locked in the past. It is moving forward slowly without actually compromising on what its history means.

A few of the keywords that Bhutan is renowned for include the preservation and protection of its natural environment, the preservation and promotion of culture and tradition, and the careful progress in sustainable socio-economic development. Simply put, Bhutan is different from anything that you might have seen before. However, that does not mean that you cannot explore Bhutan in luxury.

The Taj Tashi

This was where the journey ended after the first day. The Taj Tashi is a luxury hotel that is located in the heart of the Thimphu Valley. It is a gateway to a land steeped in magic and mythology.

This hotel blends together modern design and Bhutan’s traditional Dzong architecture. There are 66 elegant guestrooms, most of which offer spectacular views of the mountains high above the Thimphu valley.

The hotel is located in the capital city of Thimpu, making this a perfect place to stay if you want to explore the pristine wilderness, scenic mountain passes, centuries-old street festivals, and spectacular monasteries. (more…)

The Best Tourist Attractions in Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden wooden sign with winery backgroundPeople have been using spas since the Romans, and nowadays, a great number of people come to Baden-Baden to enjoy the amazing spa opportunities here.  Baden-Baden has a reputation for being the finest spa town in all of Europe. However, you have more to enjoy here aside from spas. Golf clubs, tennis clubs, horseback riding, hiking, skiing, and many more activities are available at Baden-Baden. There are also a vast number of forests, one of the more popular ones being the famous Black Forest. We will look at some of the best attractions in all of Baden-Baden.

New Castle (Neues Schloss)

Built by Margrave Christoph in 1479, this historic castle known as Neues Schloss, is located on the edge of the Black Forest in the Florentine mountains. At one time, a grand-ducal family lived here, and now a private group bought it in 2010. The goal was to have it renovated and turned into a Hyatt hotel. The highlights of this castle are the exquisite architecture and the beautiful scenery.

The Paradies Cascade

Constructed back in 1925, this is an arrangement of fountains and cascades. The waterfalls are upwards of 40 meters high, and are served by an underground spring. The town center provides public transport, and perhaps best of all, it is also reachable by foot. (more…)

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