What to do in Saint-Tropez

Panoramic view of the bay of Saint-Tropez, FranceSaint-Tropez is always going to remain a draw for people across the globe. Despite the fact that its reputation may have waned slightly in the last few years, it is important to remember that this will never be anything like an “expensive” Ibiza. It is a truly wonderful holiday location for couples and families. Saint-Tropez is all about being safe, contained, and cozy. These are just a few suggestions on what you could do in Saint- Tropez.

Explore the café life of Saint-Tropez

Once you are in the port of Saint-Tropez, you will find that there is no better place around to people watch. Watch the stunning and interesting people go by at Le Senequier in the port. This café is known throughout and you can look over the bobbing row of super yachts as the evening sun is slowly setting for the day. This is also where you are going to spot the celebrities if they are staying in Saint-Tropez. If you prefer to stay somewhere a bit more traditional, make sure that you visit the Place des Lices. Sitting in the shade of the giant plane trees is going to keep you comfortable in the heat.

Visit Saint-Tropez’ museums

Few people are going to travel to Saint-Tropez for the museums, but it is home to one of the most beautiful town centers that you are going to find along the coast. It has drawn in some of the more famous painters in the world, starting with Paul Signac in 1892. Because Signac was utterly drawn to Saint-Tropez, he also invited a number of his friends to the town. Because of this, Saint-Tropez became an active part of the avant-garde set. New techniques such as fauvism, pointism, and impressionism were actively being explored here. The Annonciade museum is home to works from Signac, Bonnard, and Matisse. (more…)

Reasons That Verona Is Worth A Trip By Itself

Arena, Verona amphitheatre in ItalyWhile most people know Verona as the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, it does offer a great deal of amazing other factors that warrant a visit. Even though there is little evidence that Romeo and Juliet ever really existed, what IS proven is that Verona is certainly worth your time. This beautiful city is going to offer a number of different sights that go far beyond what Shakespeare wrote.

If you are in Northern Italy or planning to travel there, Verona should be a must-see destination. It makes for an excellent day trip, especially because it is only a half hour away from Venice by train. If you are still not convinced, we have a number of reasons as to why you should consider Verona.

The tombs of the Scaligeri family

This is one of the most elaborate tombs that you are going to find anywhere. The tomb is located around the corner of Piazza delle Erbe. The five Gothic funerary monuments are considered to be some of the best examples of Gothic art that you can find anywhere. Honestly, once you are in the neighborhood, they are quite hard to miss.

As evident from the name, these belong to members of the Scaligeri family. The Scaligeri family ruled Verona in the 13th and 14th century. Make sure that you do not ignore the church of Santa Maria Antica that is located behind the tombs. It is both lovely and tiny, certainly worth a visit. (more…)

Why It Is A Great Idea To Travel To Elounda

Elounda Crete, Greece

the amazing view on turquise water, Crete, Greece

What was once a picturesque fishing village is now a perfect destination for those who want to experience a seaside vacation without having to give up anything at all. In fact, Elounda is has archeological interests, crystal clear seas, shaded beaches, a spectacular coastline, and it is not too busy nor too isolated. You can find many smaller, gorgeous beaches in Elounda, and from here, you are able to explore some of the nearby small villages. While this picturesque fishing village once made its money with salt extraction from the Venetian saltpans, fishing, and farming, nowadays luxury tourism is what draws people in.

More about Elounda

Chances are that you have never heard of Elounda before. It is located in east Crete, south of the seaside resort of Plaka and north of Agios Nikolaos. The hills surrounding Elounda were home to “akonopetra” or whetstone – a mineral that is unique to Greece. This fine emery was used to make emery paper and whetstones. The spectacular luxury hotels and beautiful scenery immediately drew in people, making this a destination for those who want opulent luxury without having too many people around.

The Elounda harbor

The harbor of Elounda is also known as the Gulf of Korfos – a beautiful, natural lagoon that has rugged peninsulas bordering it. The island of Spinalonga serves as a gatekeeper to the entrance of the harbor. It is almost as though you find a shelter within a shelter with turquoise, clear waters. (more…)

The Top Reasons To Visit Hamburg, Germany

Old Speicherstadt in Hamburg illuminated at night. Sunset backgrMost people who tour Germany are going to travel to Munich, Berlin, and if there is time, a trip along the Rhine or the Black Forest. There is far more to enjoy in Germany though. The country’s second biggest city – Hamburg – has its own personality and it is certainly worth a visit.

The rich history

There is a reason that the citizens of Hamburg are proud of the city’s maritime history. The city is located on a river that connects Hamburg to the nearby North Sea. This made Hamburg an important trade partner for centuries. The city was declared an Imperial Free City in 1189, which meant that the city enjoyed tax-free access from the Elbe River to the North Sea. In 1321, Hamburg joined the Hanseatic League and became an even more prominent trading hub.

Art and other museums

If you appreciate the arts, Hamburg gives you a chance to enjoy seven centuries of it. In the three different buildings of Hamburg’s Kunsthalle, you are able to experience everything from medieval to contemporary. Make sure to visit the Deichtorhallen if you are more interested in contemporary art and photography.

If you want to learn more about the aforementioned history of Hamburg, you can visit the Maritime Museum. This museum details why Hamburg became such a prominent trading partner for much of Europe. One of the most popular attractions in Hamburg is the Miniatur Wunderland, home to a working model airport, full model cities, and the largest model railroad in the world. (more…)

Exploring the Beauty of Marmaris

Marmaris city and fortress view from seaMarmaris is a popular resort town that effortlessly combines the old and the new. This is true from the stylish marina area to the beautiful harbor that overlooks the 16th century Ottoman castle. Walking through the twisting alleyways will lead you to Turkish traders and bazaars while the traditional fishing harbor is full of restaurants and bars. This is truly one of the better destinations in Europe. These are just some of the reasons that we believe that Marmaris is worth your time.

Explore the harbor

Like many other towns in the region, Marmaris originally was a fishing village. If you take a stroll down to the Marmaris harbor, you can find traditional fishing boats, sailboats, and authentic wooden-hulled yachts – which contrast with the modern ocean yachts that are worth millions of dollars. The contrast of old and new blends together perfectly in Marmaris.

Hiking the Marmaris Mountains

Marmaris is situated between two transecting mountains, meaning that this is a perfect location if you like to hike. If you want to explore the local area, we recommend going along the narrow meandering roads with a jeep safari. From there, you travel upwards to the pine forested mountains. Make sure that you bring your hiking boots, because you will be passing the local wildlife and birdlife, serene lakes, and small villages. The sight of the rolling Turkish hills below is certainly amazing. (more…)

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