The Top Sights In Perugia

Perugia, ItalyItaly – the land of pasta and so much more! With mindboggling scenery and a beautiful landscape, Italy is definitely a must-visit country! Perugia is one of Italy’s most artistic and traditional cities and it is truly spectacular. It is home to numerous elegant sites that make Perugia an exclusive place to visit. These are some of the top sights that we believe that you HAVE to see.

Etruscan Well

The Etruscan Well is an amazing work of hydraulic engineering. It highlights the level of technical and civil engineering knowledge that the Etruscans had at 300 BC. Its original construction is estimated to be dated back to 4th or 3rd century BC. Even though the well is very deep, it is accessible through stairs that were specifically made for visitors to use. The bottom of the well and the walls of the well are covered with a material called travertine.


The Best Tourist Attractions in Düsseldorf

Old Town DusseldorfFor the city of Düsseldorf, art and fashion has defined its culture for centuries. This German city, as quiet as it may seem upon first glance, is actually considered to be one of the more important cultural centers in Europe. It is home to hundreds of art galleries and fashion shows that are sure to please even the more discerning guests. Located near the Rhine, Düsseldorf is the place to be to enjoy creativity in the most vivid of flavors.

Schloss Benrath

As a starting point in the beautiful city of Düsseldorf, Schloss Benrath is the place all tourists must go to at least once. It is easy to reach as well, since it is only ten kilometers from the center of the city. Schloss Benrath is an ancient Baroque palace that was built somewhere between 1756 to 1773.


The Best Of The Slopes In Megève

MegeveMegève is a commune with a resort that offers breathtaking spas, dining and shopping as well as a massive ski area. Megève is where France’s upper class comes to play at the Megève ski resort. The medieval village also boasts breathtaking scenic views, and offers amenities for all tastes and budgets. However, those who want to experience a true luxury vacation would be wise to come here.

The town began as a ski resort in 1910 when the Rothschild family began to take their winter vacations there. This happened after the family grew tired of a different Swiss resort. The massive hotel here was opened by Baroness Noémie de Rothschild in 1921, something that really augmented the resort’s growth. Around the 1950s, Megève was amongst the most trendy ski resorts in Europe and both celebrities and the wealthy elite were more than enamored. Today it continues to be frequented mainly by wealthy people as is obvious by the price of real estate. Being a ski town, and one of the best that there is in all of Europe, we want to talk about the slopes.

Average weather conditions and snowfall

Megève is one of France’s original ski resorts and it includes the most snow-sure slopes. Many of the north-facing slopes are protected from excessive sunshine. The area also provides snowmaking, with almost 300 snow machines covering the slopes.


Some Of The Best Italian Restaurants In Venice

Venice, ItalyBetween the gondolas and the endless romance, Venice seems to have just about anything that tourists may be looking for. However, as the saying goes: ‘one cannot live on love alone’. That is why it is important to have a few great places to eat as well – luckily, Venice has you covered in that regard too. We have narrowed down a list of some of the best places that you are going to find in all of Venice.

Osteria alle Testiere

There is limited seating available (it only seats 24 patrons) but it is a great place to explore the Venetian culinary scene without having to break the bank. There is a carefully chosen wine list and the staff is young and relaxed.

La Cusina

This is perhaps the only hotel restaurant in Venice that warrants a spot on this list. The view once you sit down is certainly one of the reasons a reservation here is highly sought after, a terrace right on the Grand Canal. There is a special page on the menu reserved for items that the chef will make from ingredients he found on the market that morning.


Planning Your Trip To Portofino, Italy

PortofinoPortofino is one of the most romantic, enchanting, and picturesque places in all of Italy. Because it is hidden away in a narrow cove that overlooks the rocky coastline, it provides a far more mythical sight than you might otherwise experience. This relatively small, cliff-lined port is often heralded as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean.” This is one of the reasons that it continues to attract wealthy sophisticates, celebrities, poets, and artists from all over the world.

Set against luxuriant, lush vegetation and a very agreeable climate, the only thing more spectacular than the natural beauty offered by Portofino is the intimacy and charm that visitors can find in the quaint cafes, hidden coves, and narrow streets. There are only about 500 permanent residents in the town, but it is still one of the Italian Riviera’s most popular resort towns.

The town of Portofino really has not changed much since being declared a national monument in 1935 by the city government of nearby Genoa. Before any architectural changes can be made to any structure, there needs to be approval granted from the counsel.

How do you get to Portofino?

Between late spring through early fall you can grab a ferry quite regularly from Camogli, Rapallo, Ligure, and Santa Margherita. It is also possible to travel by boat from any of the Riviera towns to the south, most notably Genoa. The nearest train stations are Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure. Keep in mind that the town itself is car-free (even though you can park outside of the town).


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