Why You Should Ship Luggage to Europe

LuggageImagine walking off the plane that just landed in Europe and heading directly to The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, The Colosseum, a castle, the local market, a winery, the golf course, the beach, a restaurant or virtually any other local attraction. It makes you smile just thinking about it, doesn’t it? It sure makes us happy. Lucky for you, this is very attainable.

When you ship luggage with Luggage Forward, you get to skip the common hassles of air travel such as hauling heavy luggage to the airport, waiting in long check-in lines, worrying about lost luggage or wasting time at the baggage claim. By skipping these processes, you get to shave at least 2 hours off of your airport experience! Your bags will be picked up at your home or office and delivered directly to your hotel, cruise ship, rental property, residence or golf course.

We also ship golf clubs, ship bikes, and ship skis and snowboards so you can avoid hauling heavy gear around and renting equipment.  Want to create your own bike tour through the Netherlands, golf in Scotland or ski the Alps? You can!


14 Small European Towns That You Simply Must Visit

Ghent, BelgiumIt is true that Barcelona had architecture, Venice has Romance, London has that metropolitan feel, and Paris has well….everything. But the truth is that there are some smaller European towns that are absolutely worth your time as well. These are just a few of our favorites that we believe certainly warrant a visit if you are nearby.

Arosa, Switzerland

If the British Royal family makes this one of their favorite spots to vacation to, you had better believe that this relatively small town in the Swiss Alps has a great deal to offer. You will be surprised at some of the spectacular sights here, certainly worth a visit.

Bergen, Norway

If you are looking for a picturesque, charming town with a great deal of history, you should look no further than Bergen. The town itself was established well before 1070 AD. It is located on the west coast of Norway and even though it does not offer much in the way of sights, the true sense of history and natural beauty that you get when you travel here is astounding.

Ghent, Belgium

Everyone knows about Brussels, but this is one of the hidden delights in Flanders. The interesting thing is that this is only 20 minutes from Bruges (coming up later) but you can experience an entirely different atmosphere. Find out for yourself why both have their own unique charm.


Make Sure To Explore Argolida In Style

Palamidi FortressThere is a reason that Argolida is one of the most popular locations in the Peloponnese. Many tourists come here every year to experience the magic of the ancient civilizations of Greece and explore the historical and archaeological sites.

A few of the most important things that you can see in Argolida include Epidaurus, Argos, Mycenae, and Nafplion. Each of these brings its own amazing look.

  • Since ancient times, the theater of Epidaurus has been preserved. It has always been renowned for its excellent acoustics.
  • There are a huge number of attractions in the city of Argos. These include the ancient theater, the ancient Agora, and Castle “Larissa.” It is a stunning site with an emphasis on stunning buildings built in a neoclassical style.
  • Mycenae is home to a number of archeological sites, including the vaulted tombs and the palace called the “Lion Gate.” You can find one of the most important museums in Argolis here as well – the Mycenaean archaeological museum.
  • The city of Nafplion is without doubt one of the most picturesque and beautiful cities in all of Greece. The neoclassical age is represented beautifully and it has a Venetian aura with its narrow streets.

Soak up the sun at the beaches of Argolida

When traveling from Nafplion, you can find a number of spectacular beaches. If you want remarkable turquoise waters, look no further than Arvanitia Beach. Even better is the fact that it is only about two kilometers removed from the city. If you want to go a little further (about five kilometers), you arrive at Karathona beach, which has been designated as a ‘Blue Flag’ beach.

If you want to go for a swim after checking out the many different archaeological sites, the pebbled beaches at Epidaurοs and Nea Epidaurοs are perfect places to do so. Porto Cheli and Ermioni offer some spectacular beaches as well.


Luxury Vacations In Bodrum

BodrumOn the balmy south-west coast of Turkey, you can find Bodrum. It is one of the most popular luxury resorts in the entire country. It does lure a fashionable crowd, leaving it to develop a reputation for celebrity and sunshine that can rival some of the most renowned places in all of Europe.

Enjoy a sea of tranquility

One of the greatest things about vacation in Bodrum is the splendid summer features that you have there. Right before the breeze kicks in during the day, the early-morning flat calm is something to behold. The traditional boats in the water, the relaxed way of looking out in the deep, this is nothing more than normal in Bodrum. You are able to swim around in clear blue water, or relax inside of a little cove that has seen no changes in the last two centuries. There is utter peace and quiet when you are on the water near Bodrum, and it is utterly amazing.

Gives you a chance to forget about economic woes

Even though the nearby island of Kos is struggling with the turbulent Greek economy, Turkey meanwhile is experiencing some tremendous economic growth. The north side of the peninsula above Bodrum – Türkbükü – is one of the places where this is most evident.

You have to see – the Castle of St. Peter

If you ever travel to Bodrum, you will notice that most people have this right at the top of their ‘must-see list’, and with good reason. Because it lords over the seafront, the castle certainly has a majestic feel to it. The structure was originally built between 1402 and 1437 by the Knights Hospitallers of St. John. Ever since, the defense of particular sections of the walls was entrusted to knights of various nationalities. Amongst the many different towers, you can find the Gatineau Tower (which ultimately leads into the dungeons), the English Tower (whose west wall has a sculpted lion on it), and the French Tower.


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