Money-Saving Tips For Shopping While On A Vacation

Save Money - VacationEven if you have enough money to spend, why not save a little here and there if you are able to? These are some of our favorite money-saving tips for shopping while on a vacation that we have garnered through years of being in the travel business and talking to our customers. You might be surprised at what small things are able to save you quite a bit of money.

Make sure to pay with a credit card

If you are on vacation, it makes sense to shop with a credit card or a debit card, for everything but the smallest of purchases. You get preferred exchange rates when you are using plastic to pay your purchase. Remember this budget travel axiom, when on a trip, it is best to keep currency exchanges to a minimum. Remember that you get very little in return, and every exchange costs you money.


The Best Italian Beach Vacations

PositanaAs the weather is slowly turning colder, it might be interesting (possibly even necessary) to dream about an amazing beach vacation. Italy offers some of the greatest beaches that you are going to find in Europe. These are some of our personal favorites that you should certainly consider.


There is plenty of thermal activity on the island of Ischia. The magnificent Mezzatorre Resort and its spa treatment center certainly utilize this to the fullest. You also get exclusive access to a marvelous bit of Mediterranean at this 57-room hotel. You can find long strips of white sand beach at the nearby town of Forio d’Ischia, because the little bay outside of the resort is rocky (though perfect for snorkeling with the local marine life).

Vasto, Abruzzo

With seemingly endless white-sand beaches, the Adriatic coast is worth exploring beyond Riccione and Rimini. This location is an elegant place, set alongside a stretch of coastline in the Punta Aderci nature reserve and the family-fun beach high-rises. You will find that many of the places that you are able to stay are only a stone throw removed from the Adriatic waves.


Must-See Sights In Melbourne

Melbourne, AustraliaMelbourne is often regarded as not just one of the best all-round cities in Australia, but the entire world. A city of contrast, color, coffee, and culture, it is often represented in contests that try to determine the ‘World’s Most Livable City’. Because the city is able to retain something of a small-town feel while still being an urban metropolis, there are several different reasons to want to visit Melbourne. If you ever visit Victoria’s capital, these are some of the sights that we believe that you have to visit.

Melbourne Zoo

When you are visiting the Melbourne Zoo, you are visiting one of the best wildlife facilities that you are going to find in Australia. The zoo is only four kilometers from the heart of the city, but there is enough space to give each of the animals their own ‘region, reflecting their worldwide location where they might normally be.

There is a variety of landscapes within this relaxing atmosphere. The entire zoo is set within a scenic and comfortable botanic garden setting, which range from the lush jungles of the Asian and African rainforest areas to the Victorian-era formality of the main drive to the zoo.


A Few Overrated British Attractions

BritainThere are some amazing sights throughout Britain, yet some of the less than spectacular ones have built up quite a reputation. This article is going to discuss a few of the overrated British attractions, which should give you a chance to determine for yourself whether some of these sights are actually worth visiting.


Harrods remains one of the obligatory stops on a tourist visit to London. The unfortunate truth is that the concept of ‘Britishness’ that Harrods has thrived on for decades has evaporated years ago. Nowadays the legendary sales have made way for a very expensive department store, one that is continuously packed with tourists.

Make no mistake about it, it is still great to look through the decorated windows and admire the massive terracotta building in Knightsbridge. However, do not expect this to be anything more than a ‘retailing theme park’ rather than the pinnacle of Britishness. Most Londoners never set foot inside Harrods.


Five Reasons to visit Rhodes Island

Rhodes, GreeceWhen you have so many different Greek islands that you are able to visit, what sets Rhodes apart from all the other ones? It cannot just be the 300 days of sunshine that are on offer here or the long and beautiful beaches – you can find those just about anywhere in Greece. Yet there are a number of different reasons why you should choose Rhodes over other options in Greece.

We can forget about resorts and beautiful beaches for a moment and focus on the other amazing things that there are to explore. These are five reasons that you might want to consider a visit to Rhodes in the future.

It offers a rich history

There is a rich history to be found on Rhodes Island that goes back all the way to the ages of mythology – back thousands of years. According to the myth, after Zeus’s victory against the Giants, he looked at the Olympian gods and decided to divide the earth amongst them. However, Helios, the god of the Sun, was the only one not to receive anything.


The Best Sunsets in Australia

Australia SunsetThere is something enchanting about a sunset, the soothing glow in the sky, the rich tableau of colors, and the calm of the moment, it is enough to make even the most stonehearted people melt. In Australia, you are able to see some of the world’s most breathtaking sunsets. Because there are numerous different coastal aspects across the massive country, you have a wide variety of sunset viewing locations. These are just a selection of the absolute best sunsets in Australia.

Cable Beach, Western Australia

Unlike many of the other destinations that you are going to find on this list, Cable Beach’s main attraction is the sunset itself. The Indian-ocean-facing aspect combined with the unbelievable mix of colors on display makes this a truly surreal experience.

Locals also know that one of the primary reasons that tourism still exists on Cable Beach is because of the sunsets. This means that as the sun begins to descent, they are often accommodating to tourists who want to grab a bottle of wine and sit on the beach.


Things Not To Do In Denmark

CopenhagenIf you are planning to take a trip down to Denmark, there might be a few aspects of the country that you would not necessarily guess right away. In order to have people enjoy their stay and have as few issues as possible, we have come up with a few things that you should try to avoid while in Denmark.

Do not break the rules

Under most circumstances, there is only one ‘right’ way to act in Denmark. It is not recommended that you try to jaywalk across the street, because the Danish in general are disciplined rule-followers. Everyone is expected to maintain courteous behavior, whether these people be tourists or locals. You might be admonished in a civil manner if you break the rules.

Appreciate the family dynamic

You might have heard the phrase “children should be seen, not heard.” However, things work a little differently in Denmark. At a very young age, Danish children are encouraged to express their opinions. If they are old enough to ask about them, they will be informed about topics that are more adult in matter.

This might appear a little strange for those who are less liberal. Also, keep in mind that many couples do not make the relationship “official” through marriage, but still live together with children.


Top 10 Italian Restaurants in Florence

Florence, ItalyThere is so much to enjoy in Florence, so many sights to see, that some of us may almost forget about the amazing food that you can find here as well. Even though it is virtually impossible to have a bad meal in Italy, these are some of our favorite places when you touch down in Florence.

10 – Trattoria Bordino

So many people recommend this place, yet it remains well hidden. Once you are near the Ponte Vecchio, it is only a minute away. The décor and dark dining room (which is almost the same as eating by candlelight) give the place a very medieval feel. Expect a glass of Prosecco to welcome you and a great selection of inexpensive meals.

9 – Olio & Convivium

Up front, you will find the delicatessen with fragrant and fancy food. In the back, you will discover a great restaurant that provides a great lunch menu that consists of a photogenic plate of cheeses, mousse, and flavorful cold hams. The seasonal a la carte dinner menu may have crispy suckling pig and duck breast stuffed with figs.


Top 10 Italian Restaurants in Rome

RomeRome has some amazing places to eat, whether you are looking for a four-course meal or simply want to eat a Panini while you are going about your busy schedule, there is something here for everyone. While it is virtually impossible to narrow down the list of amazing restaurants in Rome to 10 (or even 100 for that matter) we gave it our best shot anyway. These are some of the best places to eat in Rome.

10 – Ditirambo

Near the Campo dei Fiori, you are going to find this inviting and lively restaurant. It has stone arches and beamed ceilings and looks every bit as picturesque as you might imagine. Because the inside of the restaurant is rather dark, it is best when the weather is bleak outside or in the heat of summer. You can find a careful selection of Roman specialties and interesting innovations. There is an unusually good selection of half bottles of wine here along with fair prices.

9 – Fortunato al Pantheon

The service here is welcoming but very professional. If you are looking for the traditional Italian cuisine, this is a great place to go. They have a daily list of chef’s suggestions. In season, you can find fresh funghi porcini and tagliolini with white truffles here.


Things To Avoid At Oktoberfest

oktoberfestIf you have ever considered going to Oktoberfest, you probably realize that it is going to be a rowdy, hectic, and most of all FUN atmosphere. However, there are a few things that you should avoid when you attend one of the world’s largest drinking festivals. This is not to say that any of these things are going to ‘ruin your fun’, but knowing what you can avoid is certainly going to enhance your experience.

Do not – just hope that you will find a place to stay

Remember that preparations for Oktoberfest should start well in advance of opening day. Hoping for a miracle of an affordable open room or sleeping it off in the train station may seem plausible at first, but you will start to regret it after the first two or three nights. If you do not book well in advance, chances are that you are going to have to stay at some of the less desirable hostels. This means that you are going to pay premium prices for non-premium accommodations. Honestly, you know you can do better by planning in advance, even if having a hostel is not necessarily a bad last-minute alternative.

Do not – Arrive early on a weekday

Some people think that it is best to arrive when the tents first open – this is not always true. For example, if you were to arrive at 10 AM on a Tuesday, you are going to see that people are not walking into their reservations until around the midafternoon. If you arrive at any point between 2 PM, you will find that there is plenty of space available and you can make friends with the people at your bench. You are also able to stay all night at some of the open-air beer gardens that do not take reservations


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