The Absolute Best Cities In All Of Italy

ItalyThere are many historic and beautiful cities spread throughout Italy that are worth a visit. Yet with so many different options, how do you find the absolute best cities that you have to see for yourself? That is why we are offering you a list of the best cities in all of Italy. Even though this list is based on personal preference and interests, we believe that most people would agree with the list.

Genoa – Genova

Genoa is located on Italy’s northwest coast and is considered the principal seaport in Italy. It was the European Culture Capital in 2004, adding even more praise to an already famous city. Thanks to the accolades in 2004, it is now a better place to visit than ever. This is a port that was originally made famous by Columbus himself. It is home to the largest medieval quarter in Europe, has a wealth of museums, palaces, churches, an interesting port area, and a fascinating aquarium.


Considering that Perugia is home to two universities, it should come as no surprise that this is considered a very cosmopolitan city. If you want to learn Italian, the University for Foreigners is a great place to start, and it is also home to a world-famous jazz festival in the summer. It has a good central square, is home to several important monuments, and the city itself is walled up located on a hilltop with great views over the valley. The history of Perugia can be traced back all the way to the ninth century BC. It is the capital of the region of Umbria and located in the heart of Italy.


Why Visit Europe In The Off-Season?

Travel EuropeYou have probably heard the virtues of traveling to Europe between September and May so many times that you can recite them by heart – the lack of that summer swelter, cheaper airfares and hotel rates, a more relaxed atmosphere, mingling opportunities with the locals, greater cultural options, and fewer tourists.

However, there is a reason that Europe during the high season is so popular, there are abundant tourist resources, it is easy packing light, and you can experience maximum daylight. However, for many travelers off-season travel still has benefits that high-season travel cannot touch.

Picking your destination

Before we can get started on discussing possible destinations and why it might be beneficial to travel there, there are some commonly agreed upon shoulder-season and off-season dates that we need to discuss first. The definition used here includes:

  • The peak season (the high season) – Summer, middle of June-August
  • The shoulder season – April through May. Some might suggest that it is mid-June September through October
  • The off-season – November through March


Seeing Germany On A Budget

German FlagIf you are a budget traveler and still want to see Germany – you are in luck. The reason is because  Germany is a relatively cheap country to visit. Furthermore, arguably the best town in Germany to visit (Berlin) is one of the most inexpensive big cities in Europe.

In order to make sure that you can stretch your budget even further – without taking the fun out of your vacation – we have come up with the following tips/pieces of advice that are going to help you. These tips range from sightseeing to public transportation, from flights and hotels, our Germany budget travel tips are going to help you.

Save on your flight to Germany

Granted, you can always catch a good deal if you are lucky, but the basic rule of thumb is straightforward – the earlier you book, the cheaper your flight is going to be. Visiting Germany during the tourist ‘off-season’ is another way to lower your airfare even more. This means going outside of the times that it is most expensive to travel to Germany.

The most expensive times to travel to Germany include during the holiday season (December) and during the summer (June through August). Perhaps you can make time to visit Germany between January and May. Alternatively, between October and November. You will notice that the overall travel prices are down while the crowds for some of the more famous sights are significantly lower.


The Best Attractions In Athens

Acrópolis AtenasWhen it comes to Athens, there is no shortage of amazing attractions and monuments. However, most people have a limited number of days during their vacation. What are some of the places in Athens that you really do not want to miss during your vacation? Time for a convenient list that you can use to help make the right decision. These are some of the absolute best attractions that you are going to find in Athens.

The Acropolis and the Parthenon

When looking across Athens, you will see that both the Acropolis and the Parthenon dominate the landscape. Even people who have no real interest in history are drawn towards these beautiful structures. Even if there were no Parthenon nearby, it would still be worth visiting the Acropolis. You get an amazing view of the surrounding temples below and the location provides a magnificent view of Athens

The nearby New Acropolis Museum has become an attraction onto itself. It is possible to visit both in the same trip and you can even get a discounted ticket that will allow you to see both, plus many of the local attractions nearby.


Avoid The Tourist Mistakes People Make In Italy

ItalyThere is a great deal to love about Italy, and any vacation to Italy is going to be memorable. However, following these tips is able to make your vacation to Italy even better. We address some of the most common mistakes that people make when visiting Italy and tell you how you can avoid them on your next trip.

Too much too soon

Remember that Italy (and the rest of southern Europe for that matter) is not known for always being very punctual. Whereas sticking to a rigid, tight schedule might work in Germany, you might find that in Italy, everything takes a little longer. People have a relatively short vacation and are often trying to jam too much in at once. Take the time to enjoy the moment rather than trying to overschedule everything.

Oftentimes we hear that what people enjoyed the most was something that they did not actually plan in advance. Remember that traveling abroad and becoming adjusted can be exhausting, you should leave yourself some time to become acclimated and enjoy your stay far more.

Standing in line for tickets

We still see this every day, people standing in line for hours to get tickets to some of the best museums or sights throughout Italy. Nowadays you can buy tickets online for most places that you are going to want to see. It might require planning and an itinerary, but it does give you some extra time that you do not have to spend standing in line.


Reasons To Select Ireland As A Holiday Destination

IrelandWhen traveling to Europe, most people understand being drawn to Spain, Italy, France – but Ireland? That is one destination that most people are not necessarily going to think about. However, there are countless reasons that you should consider the Emerald Isle on your next stop. We have listed a few of the reasons why traveling to Ireland is a good choice.

It is the ‘Auld Country’

Most people from Australia, Canada, and the United States have some Irish ancestors at some point in their history. In fact, anywhere the British Empire once meddled might have a distant relationship with Ireland. If you want to explore these roots and see for yourself where your ancestors came from (provided this is applicable to you) Ireland would be the perfect stop.

The original Irish Pubs

It does not matter if you are in the United States, Australia, Turkey, or Mongolia; you can find “Irish Pubs” almost everywhere on the planet. However, most of these pubs are nothing but pale imitations of the original Irish pub. You can opt for the top pubs in Dublin or opt for the sawdust-and-spit affairs that have pig-farmers as their main clientele. If you have any interest in the Irish drink, you need to have had your Guinness in a pub in Ireland.


Some Smaller Italian Cities That Are Worth Your Time

Tuscany CityYes, Milan is the undisputed fashion capital of Italy, Rome has more history and artifacts than you could possible take in within an entire week of exploring, and Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the entire world. No one is going to suggest that you should not see those locations either because they are stunning.

Yet in order to experience everything that Italy has to offer, you are not just limited to going to the bigger Italian cities. One can safely avoid Rome and Milan and still see some of the most beautiful sights in the world while traveling through Italy. For those that are trying to get away for the hustle and bustle of the big cities, these are a handful of the best smaller cities in Italy that we believe are certainly worth your time.


The Etruscan spirit is still strong in this almost forgotten area of Tuscany. Here you are able to scale the cliffs that have ancient roads carved deeply into them. When visiting, seeing the nearby Etruscan tombs is a must. It will give you a great idea of the people who were here before the Romans. Be sure to try the local specialties – wild boar dumplings and the fresh white wine.


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