The Best Museums In Prague

PragueA museum visit might not be the first thing that you think about when visiting Prague. That does not mean that you should forgo the museums altogether, especially because there is a great deal to explore in the field of art and culture throughout this beautiful city.

Before you get excited, one thing that you do want to keep in mind is that most museums listed here are closed on Mondays, and are open every other day of the week from 10 AM until 6 PM. The National Museum, that you will see listed here, is free on the first Monday of the month and is open on Mondays.

Mucha Museum

Alfonse Mucha is known as one of the 20th century’s most celebrated Art Nouveau artists and this museum features a number of his works. Mucha became especially famous for his posters advertising theatre productions. He also designed banknotes, stamps, calendars, postcards, menus, magazine covers, and decorative panels. Each period of Mucha’s career is covered at the museum.


The Best Attractions In Berlin

Brandenburg Gate at sunset, BerlinAside from being German’s capital city, Berlin is also rich in culture and history. Even though the city was badly divided during both World War II and the Cold War, it has since reestablished itself as an internal city with spectacular architecture and diverse cultures. These are some of the best tourist attractions in Berlin.

The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is the only surviving city gate of Berlin and was built in the late 1700s. It marks the entrance to Unter den Linden and is located in the western part of Berlin. Because it was used as a crossing for the Berlin Wall, it was a site of protest during the separation of Germany and became a place of celebration when the wall finally fell in 1989.

During World War II, the Brandenburg Gate was badly damaged. But in the early 2000s, it underwent extensive renovation. Today the gate has been fully restored and it serves as a symbol to the reunification of East and West Berlin and the turbulent history of the region.


France First-Time Travel Mistakes To Avoid

FrancePerhaps you are planning your first-ever trip to France, something that you have been dreaming about for years now. Yet there are a number of different rookie France travel mistakes that might make your trip a little less entertaining. These tips are going to help you avoid those rookie mistakes and make the most out of your trip.

Spending more than you have to

The little decisions that you make throughout your trip are going to make your vacation twice as expensive as it needs to be. For example, instead of taking out money with money exchange companies, get it from an ATM or charge it on your credit card. Remember that the rates offered by most of the money exchange companies are horrible and the amount of commission you pay is relatively high.

If you are traveling to Paris or any other large city, make sure that you purchase a ticket to ride the train to the airport rather than relying on a cab. The average cab fare is going to be approximately three to four times the amount that you pay for a train ride.


Free And Cheap Family Activities in Sydney

Sydney, AustraliaOftentimes going on vacation means a chance for parents and kids to spend some time, form some amazing memories together, and share some quality time. However, travel can be expensive. Consider attraction admission prices, accommodation, and airfares and travel, and it quickly starts to add up, especially in a place like Sydney.

This is why it might be good to do some things that are not as expensive, that are completely free while still being enjoyable. This is a list of some of the best free things to do in Sydney that will end up costing you absolutely/next to nothing.

The National Art Gallery

Even though this sounds like the type of place where stuffy historians criticize masterworks, it turns out to be a great repository of art in its own right. On Sundays, you can expect the art gallery to put on a concert that is targeting kids, but will incorporate both music and/or animation in such a way to appeal to kids even more.

The range of films will appeal to teens and younger kids alike and include a blend of classics, animations, and live action movies. You can see the level of suitability for your own kids thanks to the age recommendations given before each show. The seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and the concerts are free of charge. You want to give yourself time for an early arrival if you plan to visit the gallery with the kids.


Best Things To Do In Auckland And Surroundings

Rangitoto IslandThere is no shortage of things to see and do around Auckland, not strange considering that it is the largest city in New Zealand. The city itself offers a number of different activities, these activities range from the relaxing to the extreme, with adventure activities and cruises located close to the city center. Regardless of what you are looking to do, Auckland has something to do for everyone, for all ages and personality types

Visit Cornwall Park

This landscaped park is located on the volcanic cone of Auckland’s One Tree Hill. It offers a relaxing escape from the rush and hectic lifestyle of the city. Cornwall Park is massive, it is filled with lingering examples of Maori architecture, livestock grazing in various spots, oak trees, and walking tracks. It is also very clear and provides some much-needed fresh air. When the flowers of its various trees are in full bloom, it makes for an amazing place to visit.

There is also a fine restaurant located in the park that allows guests to enjoy something to eat and drink alongside the beautiful surroundings. Even on the most crowded of days, you will find ample amounts of space for a picnic or be able to use the gas grills to cook up some sausages and steaks.


The Most Beautiful Churches In Rome

Basilica of Santa Maria del PopoloAside from being heralded as the ‘eternal city’, Rome is also a beacon for the Catholic faith. Even though the head of the church technically resides in Vatican City, Rome is still home to the pope. However, you do not need to be Catholic to be able to appreciate the beautiful architecture and art that is found within these churches.

Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo

According to the experts, you can find the best works by Renaissance artists, including Caravaggio, Bernini, and Raphael, in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo. It was originally built in 1099 to alleviate fears that Nero’s ghost was haunting the area near the north gate to Rome. Each of the different chapels of the church contains works by leading artists.

Santa Maria in Trastevere

This is one of the oldest churches in Rome, in fact, many historians believe that it was built around 350. There are some impressive 12th and 13th century mosaics found at the Santa Maria in Trastevere. Over the years, it has been enlarged and restored. It was first destroyed during the sacking of Rome in 410, but it was promptly rebuilt later.


The Best Beaches in Australia

Whitehaven BeachAustralia is renowned for its beaches all around the world. And that should come as no surprise, especially because Australia is home to some of the longest stretches of coastline on the planet. The beaches in Australia are not almost universally-high quality, but also plentiful.

Australians tend to take care of their beaches, keeping them pollution-free and clean. However, with there being so many different beaches to choose from in Australia, how do you find the best ones? This list is going to help you narrow down your options a bit.

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven is often referred to as the ‘Most Beautiful Beach in Australia’. The highlight here is undoubtedly the fine sand, but the reef surroundings and stunning waters are certainly are worth a visit as well.

Speaking of the sand, you will often see mention of ‘silica sand’ when talking about Whitehaven. That might be all nice and well, but what is ‘silica sand’ and why is it being treated as something special? Silica is an extremely high-purity form of sand, it has extremely fine grains. This prevents it from becoming too hot for your feet after the sun has been beaming down on it and makes very soft to the touch.


The Best Places To See In Utrecht

The Domkerk CathedralForget about Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or even The Hague, if you want to see some of the most interesting sights in the Netherlands, you will want to visit Utrecht. It was once one the largest cities in the Netherlands and it is a city filled with culture and history. Many of the structures that you find in Utrecht date back all the way to the earliest settlers in the area. The city was one of the most important in the nation until Amsterdam slowly but surely began to overtake Utrecht in importance.

It might be easy to overlook the charm of Utrecht, but once you start uncovering some of the more interesting sights, you will find that the Netherlands’ most centrally located city has a great deal to offer you.

The Domkerk Cathedral

Considering that the Domkerk Cathedral (the Domtoren, often just abbreviated to the ‘de Dom’) took almost 300 years to build, it is certainly worth a visit. With 50 bells and 465 steps before you reach the top, you will be unable to ignore the Domtoren. Even though it is going to be a tough trip to the top, it is certainly worth it, especially because you will not find any better city views than up there. If you are lucky and are exploring during a clear day, you will be able to see all the way to Amsterdam.


Free Things To Do In Venice

Basilica di San MarcoGetting to Venice and staying in Venice might be expensive enough already – factor in the meals and souvenirs, and you might want to save money wherever you can. These are some of our favorite things to do in Venice that are going to cost you absolutely nothing.

Basilica di San Marco

We have come to expect that just about anything in Venice has an admission fee, which makes it even more surprising for most people to find out that perhaps the most famous attraction in Venice will not charge its visitors. If you want to find the ultimate symbol of Venice’s former glory, the Basilica di San Marco is it. It dominates the Piazza San Marco.

There are breathtaking intricate mosaics that mark the domed interiors, but be prepared that at least part of the basilica is going to be covered for renovation (which appears to be ongoing continuously). Even though entry is free, a tour of the lustrous Pala d’Oro, the Treasury, or St. Mark’s Museum do have fees attached to them.


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