Things That You Should Not Miss In Rhodes

Kamiros, RhodesAs the largest of the Dodecanese Island complex, Rhodes (sometimes referred to as Rodos) is a popular destination for those wanting to experience the authentic Greek Isles. The shores of Asia Minor are relatively close to Rhodes, and on a clear day, you can probably see them yourself. With a subtropical climate, low mountains, hills, and a number of forests, there is plenty of natural beauty to draw you to Rhodes.

However, there are a number of other places on Rhodes that you should make sure not to miss. Even though sea and sand are the main attractions, the island has a great deal more to offer. These are some of the best sights that you should not overlook.

The village of Monolithos and the castle

Monolithos’ main attraction is its mediaeval castle. It rests alongside the pines on an isolated rock. This is where the name Monolithos (which translates into ‘lonely rock’) comes from. After parking at the bottom of the rock, you have a 10-minute walk to the summit. Here you are alone with the fragrance of wild herbs and sounds of the sea.


The Top Sights In Lisbon

Mosteiro dos JerónimosDespite the fact that Lisbon is best known for its tradition of Fado music, ornate Manueline architecture, and colonialist history, there are several other reasons to want to visit this beautiful city. A true “cafe culture,” friendly inhabitants, pleasant year-round weather, and breathtaking hilltop vistas are just a few of the reasons that warrant a trip to Lisbon.

Even though other cities like London and Paris receive a great deal more praise, Lisbon predates all of the modern European capitals by centuries. In fact, it is one of the oldest cities in the known world. With so much to see in Lisbon, we will tell you about some of the must-see locations that you have to see if you ever decide to make it down to Portugal’s capital.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

The Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (which translates into Jeronimos Monastery), is one of the lasting symbols of Portugal’s Age of Discovery. It was built in 1502 during the reign of King Manuel I. The monastery was built to commemorate Vasco Da Gama’s voyage.


A Guide To Appreciating Barcelona Architecture

Casa BatllóEven though Barcelona’s architecture has become virtually synonymous with Gaudí, there is much more to see than just the architectural style of the best-known practitioner of Catalan Modernism. There is some breathtaking modern architecture throughout Barcelona to enjoy as well

Even though the style of modern architecture does not always highlight Gaudí’s influence, you can often see it in the use of imagination and bright colors. It is evident in the fact that architects designing for Barcelona will use brighter colors than they might anywhere else in the world.

What makes Barcelona’s architecture distinctive?

Unique, varied, harmonious, distinctive, colorful, brash – there are a plethora of adjectives that have been used to describe the Barcelona architecture. One of the reasons that Barcelona is interesting is because it blends the old and new together in such a way that most other cities are unable to do.


The Most Beautiful Costs In Northern Europe

South WalesPeople come to the Mediterranean shores of Spain, France, and Italy from all over the world in order to enjoy the beautiful coastline, warm weather, and tasty cuisine. However, few people realize that the northern part of Europe also offers a number of different beautiful coastlines that are worth your time.

Even though your visit might require a sweater, the magical history here, breathtaking dunes, and unbelievable views might be worth being a little chilly.

Saaremaa Island, Estonia

This fragrant Baltic isle is home to a number of different spas, and many people who visit here comes specifically for the amazing spa treatments and mineral masks. There is one important factor in this Estonian island that brings everyone together – relaxation. You can explore the 13th-century fortress in Kuressaare, take a stroll around the cafe-lined streets, and reinvigorate your skin and muscles at the local spa. Leaving town and heading west brings you to Mändjala-Järve beach.


Highlights in the French Riviera

St. TropezThe French Riviera – or as it is known locally ‘The Cote d’ Azur’ is known for having amazing weather and beautiful beaches, combined with a healthy dose of glitz and glamor. Even though you can come here for some of the more famous events such as the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival, there are other highlights as well.

St. Tropez

The beaches and resorts of St. Tropez have attracted the affluent and wealthy alike from around the globe since about the 1950s. It is located near Nice and Cannes, and an old Mediterranean seaport that draws people in with its historic center and cobblestone lanes.

At the same time, the harbor is filled with stunning yachts and St. Tropez is home to countless upscale beach clubs that cater to the needs of the affluent. If you do visit St. Tropez, you will want to visit some of its breathtaking beaches. Perhaps the most famous beach in St. Tropez is Pampelonne. It is also known for its lively nightlife scene and the dining and shopping options.


Top Tourist Attractions in Milan

Milan is unquestionably the financial and fashion capital in Italy. It is located in Lombardy in Northern Italy and is heralded as a sophisticated metropolis. Despite the modern influences, Milan remains a city that never forgets its past glories. Both the city’s centuries-old cultural institutions and designers like Versace, Armani, and Prada alike attract countless visitors. There is a reason that Milan is the third most visited city in Italy after only Venice and Rome.

Santa Maria delle Grazie

The Church of Santa Maria Della Grazie was built by renowned Renaissance architect Donato Bramate in the late 1400s. The Santa Maria delle Grazie is perhaps best known for the fact that it is the home to Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’. Despite the fact that the canvas only shows glimpses of its original glory, it still draws countless visitors in every year. Keep in mind that reservations are mandatory for this must-see masterpiece; only 25 visitors are allowed to view the masterpiece at a time.


The Best Places to Visit in Tuscany

TuscanyThere are many different reasons that people come to Tuscany. Some come for the rolling hills and the spectacular countryside while others come for Tuscany’s rich collection of fine art and medieval history. Those with a love for gourmet food will come to Tuscany for their famous wines and wonderful cuisine. Regardless of why you visit Tuscany, several factors might be able to draw you in. These are some of the best places to visit in Tuscany.


The city of Pisa is located in the northwestern region of Tuscany, right along the Arno River. Even though the famous Leaning Tower is one of the primary reasons that people visit, there is quite a bit more to see in Pisa. The beautiful remnants of its former golden days as a commercial empire during the Middle Ages are still visible throughout the city.


Top Places To Visit In Denmark

Tivoli GardensWhen most people think about a ‘dream vacation throughout Europe’, Denmark is not the first country that comes to mind. However, what people do not realize is that Denmark is one of the most unique and interesting countries in Europe to visit.

Tivoli Gardens

Just a few minutes from Copenhagen City Hall, you are going to find Tivoli. Especially because the Copenhagen Central Station is right nearby, it is extremely easy to get to Tivoli. In 2014, the famous wooden rollercoaster that Tivoli is famous for is going to be one century old.

It is the second oldest amusement park in the world and one of the most famous attractions in not only Copenhagen, but also Denmark as a whole. For those that are not necessarily interested in the rides, there is also live music playing every day.


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