The Top British Cathedrals

Winchester CathedralOne of the great things about Britain that often gets lost in the many other attractions is the abundance of spectacular cathedrals that you can find throughout the island. Even if you are not into history or churches entirely, these are some of the most beautiful structural achievements that have ever been created. There are countless cathedrals throughout Britain, so we wanted to give you a selection of a few of the best ones that you should make time for on your trip.

Winchester Cathedral

The magnificent Church of England Cathedral is located in the heart of the historic town of Winchester. Once the seat of the Anglo-Saxon monarchs, the history stretches back 15 centuries. After the cathedral was already five centuries old, it found new life with the coming of William the Conquer.


The Hidden Sights In Prague

Prague Skyline and Powder TowerWhen people plan a trip to Europe, Prague is not often the first (or second, or third) city mentioned. However, it truly deserves to be. Especially if you consider everything the city has to offer people. Even though it does not have the cool factor that Amsterdam has, the buzz of London, or the allure of Paris, Prague is still worth a visit.

Some might go on record and suggest that it is the most romantic and breathtaking city in Europe. It is possible to spend days lost in the capital of the Czech Republic. These are a few of the worthwhile sights that might not get as much attention.


Powder Tower

This is one of the original gates into Old Town Prague. The tower itself was first built in the 11th century, and rebuilt again in the 15th century. They would store gunpowder in the tower during the 17th century, which is where the tower gets its name.


The Essential Guide To Tapas

TapasWhenever Spaniards are asked to go to a tapas restaurant abroad, their heart might break a little each time. Even though the food is generally a good approximation of the Spanish ‘tapeo’, the way that it is served is not.

What are tapas exactly?

When it comes to Span history, the use of tapas goes back a long way. Some suggest that it was the Spanish King Alfonso X ‘The Wise’ who came up with the idea of tapas. He would have a glass of wine and some small portions of food between meals.

Even though that is certainly an interesting theory, it is more likely that tapas originated as a snack for fieldworkers to still their hunger between breakfast and lunchtime. The word ‘tapa’ literally means ‘lid’ or ‘cover’, meaning that the wine during these snacks was served in a ceramic jug covered with a piece of bread and some cheese or Serrano ham. The piece of bread would make it impossible for flies to get into the wine – thus explaining the use of the word ‘tapa’.


Explore Rome Like The Locals

Rome TravelYou probably do not need an introduction to some of the main attractions in Rome like the Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum. However, there are some lesser-known neighborhoods and attractions in Rome that are just dying to be discovered. Get away from all the crowds and explore some of the Roman sights that usually only the locals know about.

Quartiere Coppedè

If you want to get away from all the historical glamour, travel down to Quartiere Coppedè for a little while, it is located just a bit northeast of Villa Borghese. This relatively small district was designed in the 1920s. There is a complete hodgepodge of graceful palm trees, arches, gargoyles, towers, and turreted villas.


Europe’s Hidden Gems

When people think about traveling throughout Europe, they think about the ‘big draws’ such as Rome, Barcelona, and Paris. What people fail to realize is that when it comes to beauty and charm, bigger is not always better. These are just a few of the hidden gems scattered throughout Europe that offer great sights, without having to deal with as many tourists.

Haarlem, the Netherlands

When most people think of the Netherlands, they think about the raw draw that Amsterdam offers. However, Haarlem offers some sights and sounds that you should put on your must-see-list. For starters, some of the finest works of Dutch master Frans Hals was painted here. (more…)

Things Off The Beaten Path In Madrid

El RetiroWhen you travel to Madrid, you have to do the ‘touristy’ things. You have to eat bocadillos de calamares and tortillas de patata until your stomach can handle no more. However, what if you want to get a bit more of an ‘authentic’, local feel of what Madrid has to offer? These are some of our suggestions for off the beaten path things to do and see in Madrid.

El Retiro

This is where many madrileños and madrileñas come to charge their batteries when they need a mental break from the streets. You are instantly welcomed into 18th century palace gardens. It offers a true green escape right in the heart of the city. You can sit in the grass, enjoy the Crystal Palace and its surroundings, and aside from the annual Book Fair, there are fortunetellers, street performers, puppet shows, concerts, exhibitions, and activities in certain parts of the park. The palace itself has modern art exhibitions that might intrigue you as well.


Some Of The Best Kept Secrets In The Mediterranean

KastellorizoThe Mediterranean, known for its world-renowned cuisine, relaxed lifestyle and picturesque villages…no wonder that it has become a go-to destination for travelers for decades now. As the popularity of a location increases, often so does the price. What was once an authentic experience of the Mediterranean lifestyle can quickly become a gaudy tourist trap.

However, that does not mean that you should avoid the Mediterranean altogether. It has some of the most amazing beaches, amazing restaurants, and most hospitable people that you can find. This is why we are giving away some of the best-kept secrets in the Mediterranean. Many of these are not too far from the already popular destinations.



Some Must-Have Spanish Delicacies If You Visit

Spanish seafood rice paella, close upIf there is one universal truth when visiting Spain, it is that there is no reason for you to go hungry. You can find food markets, food vendors, and restaurants of every variety in all the inner cities. You can also find roadside restaurants throughout Spain at regular intervals.

What makes the Spanish cuisine so special is its freshness. Add in the fact that you can enjoy a wide variety of regional dishes, and we cannot ignore the plentiful availability of quality seafood either. You can find a variety of produce in most of the Spanish supermarkets. These are some of the favorites that you have to look out for:



Enjoy an Intimate Cruise on Portugal’s “River of Gold”

If you’ve ever browsed the options for river cruising in Europe, chances are your attention was drawn to the most popular cruising destinations, probably the Rhine, Rhone, or Danube Rivers, which certainly offer plenty of wonderful sights. However, another European river has stepped in and stolen a bit of the thunder from the others – Portugal’s Douro River, otherwise known as the “River of Gold.”

The Douro is the third-longest river on the Iberian Peninsula, with its source near Duruelo de la Sierra in Soria Province. From there it flows across north-central Spain and Portugal, eventually reaching its outlet in Porto, the second-largest of Portugal’s thriving cities, home to about 2 million residents and boasting an ancient city center that’s dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A trip along this river offers passengers a chance to see plenty of notable sites and breathtaking landscapes at a leisurely pace while being pampered by outstanding staff members to are eager to cater to your wants and needs. (more…)

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