Common Sense Tips for Avoiding Theft while Traveling

TheftRead the headlines and it’s easy to see why traveling can be a scary prospect these days. Yet millions of people worldwide still opt for at least one vacation per year, and many of those individuals, couples, and families traveling a lot further than just a handful of miles from their own backyard. The world is still full of wanderlust and there are so many enticing places to see that it’s easy to understand why the excitement usually trumps the sometimes-frightening aspects of travel.

That said, if you heed travel advisories and stay out of the high-risk zones, and take some simple precautions while traveling to countries on the safe list, you should be rewarding with a catastrophe-free vacation where your safety is concerned. Same goes for issues such as theft. Abiding by some of the suggestions listed below will help you keep your Euros, pounds, or other currency safe and sound.


Visit one of Europe’s Oustanding National Parks

Teide National ParkIf you’re a regular visitor to the properties in the U.S. National Park systems, you’ve no doubt realized that some of the most stunning – and interesting – scenery in America can be found in places like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Everglades, and many of the other amazing parks around the country.

It’s the same in Europe. Some on the most spectacular landscapes are offered in the protected lands that make up the national park systems in various European countries. Many of those same parks also provide great places for active pursuits including hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, boating, and any number of other fun activities you might want to include on your next trip to Europe. (more…)

Plenty of Whitewater Rafting Adventure in Europe

Inn River, AustriaIf you’re a whitewater aficionado, you’ve probably already struggled through some of the most spectacular river rapids in the U.S., perhaps elsewhere, too. Many of the best-known rivers for whitewater rafting are in the western portion of North America, like the Colorado, the Salmon, and the Magpie. But did you know that Europe is also a wonderful place to enjoy a whitewater rafting trip, offering a wealth of options in countries that include France, Switzerland, Austria, and the British Isles?

If you’d like whitewater adventure to be part of your next trip to Europe, check out the rivers we’ve listed here. The class of rapids vary from river to river so there’s sure to be a rafting journey that’s just right for you!


First Time in Europe? Check Out these Cities First!, you’ve decided to “go abroad”. Chances are you’ve thought about such an excursion for a really long time but perhaps you’re just not sure about what destinations are ideal for first-time visitors to Europe. There are so many choices and, no doubt, lots of places on your bucket list, but what’s best for someone who’s never traveled to Europe before.

Well, allow us to offer a few suggestions. We’ve compiled a list of the destinations that we consider among the best for newbie European travelers. You’ll find them below along with a list of reasons as to why we’ve selected these particular cities. Once you’ve read the suggestions and pondered about your travel desires, contact one of our travel agents and get started on designing your ideal European vacation. Undoubtedly, you’ll want to go back again and again, so maybe you can check off all the great cities listed below! (more…)

Moscow’s Luxury Hotels Offer Contemporary Charm and Old World Elegance

Moscow, RussiaIf you grew up during the Cold War, Moscow probably evokes images of drab structures and men in severe military uniforms with stern looks on their faces. But the post-Cold War Moscow is world’s away and today’s city is a treat for visitors from all countries who want to know more about the Russian culture and hope to explore the area that was once taboo for American visitors.

There’s so much to see in Russia’s capital city…and plenty of wonderful accommodations options as well. Many of the world’s best hoteliers offer splendid lodging in Moscow, so the choices for discriminating travelers are many. Below we’ve listed a handful of our favorites.


Italy Offers Plenty of Top-Notch Options for the Avid Golfer

ItalyWhile it’s true that most people equate golfing in Europe with countries like Scotland and Ireland, many other countries on the continent offer excellent courses and wonderful opportunities to hone your golfing skills on links that truly challenge your game…and sometimes your patience and stamina.

Italy happens to be one of those places that’s rich with great courses, though you probably don’t hear about them as often as you might hear about similar courses in the U.K.  Most are stunningly beautiful and many have been lauded internationally for not only their appearance but for being creative and challenging. Some were designed by well-known names on the U.S. golf scene – past and present – while others were designed by European pros. Regardless, you’ll find them in a variety of locations, from Rome and Tuscany to the Lakes region to Sicily and Sardinia. Here’s a list of some of our favorites. (more…)

Music Festivals make England the Place to Be this Summer

GlastoburySummer brings all sorts of opportunities to spend time outside, and there’s nothing quite lot enjoying great music in the open air, surrounded by others who enjoy the genre, whether its rock, pop, jazz, classical, or alternative. International music festivals abound, and England has one of the most impressive lists of such festivals, available throughout the summer in a number of different locations. So, if you’re heading there this summer, consider the possibility of including one or more of these great festivals on your list of must-dos. (more…)

Europe’s Best Shopping Cities are a Test for your Shopping Willpower

Florence, ItalyIf you’re like most travelers, you enjoy bringing home a few things from your trips, no matter where you go. Some vacationers settle for a sweatshirt or a refrigerator magnet, but there are many travelers who truly make hardcore shopping a part of their vacation. For those individuals, cities with superior shopping opportunities are high on the list of go-to places.

Some locations have wonderful overall shopping districts while other cities are known for a particular item or category of item. Regardless, you’ll want to leave some space in your suitcase if you visit any of our favorite shopping cities listed below. (more…)

Channel your Inner “Crocodile Dundee” with a Trip to the Outback continent of Australia, though small in comparison to other continents, offers the traveler much diversity. From gleaming cities and sparkling beaches to vast open plains, Australia has a bit of everything and most of it is quite fascinating, including the country’s famous “Outback” regions, which provide visitors with a whole different experience than anything found elsewhere in the world.

If you’re over 40, you probably relate Australia’s Outback with the likes of Paul Hogan’s famous Crocodile Dundee character of filmdom fame. He was quite a character, battling not only the bad guys but also the wild animals that inhabit the areas. But there’s really much more to the Outback then just an old broken down bar and lots of cowboy-type characters. As a matter of fact, the Outback is a fascinating and beautiful place to visit, and putting it on your Australia itinerary should certainly be a consideration if you enjoy communing with nature. It’s also a great way to learn more about the Australia of days-gone-by and about the Aboriginal peoples. (more…)

Tips for Dealing with Europe’s Crazy Summer Crowds and Long Lines is nearly here. That means it’s time for seemingly half the world to pack up and head out on that long-awaited vacation. Indeed, the months of July and August are the most popular travel months, no matter where you’re heading and from whence you are coming, and that means dealing with huge numbers of people, many of whom get cranky and irritated when they have to deal with long lines and hot, sticky weather.

Europe is no exception. During the summer, the continent is packed with tourists, including many families traveling with children. But, unfortunately, for many who love to vacation, summer is the only option and dealing with the crowds is a given. Nevertheless, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can make your summer vacation much more enjoyable and avoid the frenzy associated with traveling during these busy months. Here’s a list of tips you might consider before you go. (more…)

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