France’s Burgundy Region Perfect for an Autumn Honeymoon

110939281A honeymoon in France! It’s the stuff that brides (and maybe grooms) have been dreaming about for eons! It’s tough to find a country more romantic than France, from the city lights of Paris to the rolling hills of the country’s rural and agricultural regions. If you’re considering France as a honeymoon destination and want to do more than explore beautiful Paris, why not ponder a visit to one of the country’s spectacular wine regions, like Burgundy?

 A beautiful area that is a favorite with wine lovers and foodies alike, Burgundy is stunning, blessed not only with lush vineyards producing tantalizing reds and whites but also well-preserved medieval cities, spectacular churches, several notable museums, an ancient pilgrimage site, and even a few sleepy little towns where rest and relaxation is the name-of-the-game.


Munich is More Kid-Friendly than You Might Imagine

159001892A lot of first impressions of Munich seem to conjure up thoughts of a rather stuffy city, one that’s not likely to be popular with families. But the fact is that this Bavarian metropolis – and the area surrounding it – provides more than enough to keep the kids happy for at least several days, with moms and dads equally excited about the activities they’re planning for their family.

For starters, visitors can purchase a Münchner Familienpass from the Munich Visitor Center, which provides discounts to a variety of terrific attractions that kids of various ages will enjoy. With the family pass you’ll find useful info – in English – about all sorts of potential ways to keep the kids happy, from community pools and playgrounds to renowned museums that offer special kid-friendly areas or classes/workshops for little ones. (more…)

Venice’s Top Hotels a Treat for the Luxury Traveler

87558535All of Italy’s most popular tourist cities boast a collection of wonderful luxury hotels, but nowhere is there a better choice of accommodations that are truly spectacular than in beautiful Venice.

Perhaps it’s the setting on the canals or the classic buildings in which they’re housed. Or maybe it’s the amazing service. Whichever it is, it seems that travelers are willing to overlook the exorbitant prices and – often – a lack of amenities for the charm exuded by the best hotels in this often-crowded city. Some travelers say they had the best hotel stay of their lives in magnificent Venice, courtesy of hotel owners and managers who know how to answer to the discriminating clientele that so often makes its way to Venice for a holiday, a romantic trist, or even for a special event like a wedding or reunion. (more…)

Top 10 Reasons to Take a European River Cruise this Fall

136256057If you’ve been fortunate enough to travel on some of the world’s best luxury cruise lines, you’re no doubt familiar with the joys of shipboard life. Comfortable accommodations, excellent service, great food and wine. All of those are part of cruising with a reputable line that puts their passengers’ happiness first.

Sea cruising is wonderful, there’s no doubt, especially aboard the luxury liners, but have you ever considered something even more intimate, like river cruising? Cruising along the rivers of Europe is an unforgettable experience for a number of reasons, 10 of which we’ve listed below. So, if you’re thinking about a new and exciting autumn European vacation this year, read carefully!  (more…)

Aberdeen, Scotland’s Other City, is Well Worth a Visit

140402454For decades, Scotland’s third-largest city, Aberdeen, was referred to as “The Grey City”. That doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? But the “grey” in “grey city” doesn’t indicate that this wonderful coastal city is dull or boring. The word, instead, refers to the locally-produced hearty grey granite that was used to construct many of the buildings there. Actually, “silver” is the more appropriate word, as the high mica levels in the granite seemingly make this vibrant city sparkle, making it especially appealing to visitors who want to explore more than just Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The people that made their home in the Aberdeen of old made their living from the sea, in shipbuilding, or at one of the many paper or textile mills that dotted the city. Today, technology and agricultural research top the list of industries in Aberdeen, and the city – which is uber cultural – boasts an excellent tourist infrastructure as well. It’s also known for its stellar nightlife and great shopping!  (more…)

Is There a Kid-Friendly Side to Adult-Oriented Florence?

139497167So you’re heading to Italy with the kids and you really want to spend some time in Florence, but you realize what an adult-oriented place it is, filled with architecture and stuffy art museums that will wow you but make the kids fidget and ask to return to the hotel for a nap. Just the thought of visiting Florence with your offspring in tow makes you cringe.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! While Florence is certain not the kid-friendliest place in Europe, there are a number of terrific activities you can insert in between those museums that’ll keep the kids happy while providing them with great memories of this marvelous city. Check out these options listed below.


Don’t Forget to Visit Spain’s Other Exciting Cities!

166607139Spain is as popular a tourist destination as ever. Throughout the past decades, many travelers have opted to head to this fascinating country to enjoy its culture and arts, particularly targeting the two most popular cities – Madrid and Barcelona. And for good reason! Both are magnificent.

But there’s more to Spain than its wonderful capital city and the uber-exciting and beautiful Barcelona. So if you’re planning a trip to Spain, regardless of the time of year, you’ll want to include other destinations on your agenda, including Seville, Granada, and Toledo, all cities with plenty to offer the tourist. They are all worth carving out a day or two on your busy itinerary and if you travel south from Madrid, you can easily visit all of them within a fairly short amount of time.  (more…)

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