Luxury Hotel Experiences Abound in Beautiful Prague

102774790Pretty Prague – The City of a Thousand Spires – has seen its share of tough times. Political strife and war have left their mark on the city for centuries, but – happily – it has slowly emerged as one of Central Europe’s must-see destinations, an ideal spot for those who love history, architecture, music, and all the other perks one might expect from the perfect holiday spot.

As such, there’s been a huge increase in Prague’s tourist infrastructure, and where there was once a shortage of quality restaurants and good hotel rooms, that’s certainly not the case anymore. As a matter of fact, there are now a number of wonderful luxury hotels designed for the comfort and convenience of those who prefer to travel in style. If it’s beautiful rooms, excellent amenities, and fine service you seek on your next stay in Prague, you won’t be disappointed with the options. Most are centrally located as well, which makes them the perfect base for exploring this magnificent city. (more…)

An Ireland Golf Vacation Offers Fun and Plenty of Challenges

ballybunion castle ruin viewGot a thing for golf? If so, you’re probably one of those people that judge a destination by how many rounds you can squeeze into a week’s time. Chances are perhaps you’ve played the great courses of the U.S. and perhaps you’ve ventured to Scotland for some golfing fun. After all, it is the birthplace of the game. But have you considered Ireland for your next golf vacation?

Ireland, like Scotland, is a land where the game of golf is highly revered. There are many courses on The Emerald Isle that are internationally renowned but there are also some great local clubs you can enjoy as well. As a matter of fact, the island is home to about 400 courses or, estimates say, about one-third of the world’s links courses. That’s a lotta golf! Even more exciting is the fact that they are literally spread throughout the county, so one day you can enjoy a wonderful game on an interior course featuring gently rolling hills and beautiful trees, and the next day you might find yourself at a challenging course near Ireland’s beautiful coastline. The options are many…and many are magnificent!  (more…)

Biking in Europe: Tips and Destination Guides for the Avid Cyclist

Val PassiriaSome travelers like to explore Europe on foot. Others prefer the comfort of a chartered limousine or perhaps a luxury motorcoach. Still, some think that traveling by train is the ideal way to experience the real Europe. But if you’re a bicycle aficionado – one of those die hard riders who just can’t get enough of the sport – why not consider a bicycle tour of Europe?

Avid bikers agree that there are many advantages to seeing the sights from the seat of a bicycle. First of all, it’s cheap! Many who’ve done it note that they can literally see Europe for less than $50 a day if they travel by bicycle only. But most individuals who really enjoy this mode of transportation aren’t all that concerned about cost. They simply love to ride their bicycle and see this as an opportunity to perhaps get into those nooks and crannies not otherwise accessible by those on a huge tour bus or train. Furthermore, it allows them to meet others with similar interests, both from their own country, the country they’re visiting, and from all around the world. (more…)

Paris for Kids: Enjoying the City of Lights with Your Family

Paris at NightWhile it’s true that the “City of Lights” is one of the world’s top romantic destinations for couples, if you’re traveling with children – at least for several more years – don’t cross Paris off your list of places to go with the kids. France’s capital city is plenty kid-friendly and is without a doubt a destination your children will long remember.

In the city itself and throughout the surrounding areas as well, you’ll find everything from museums that aren’t too boring and stodgy, lots of nature-related activities, and plenty of great parks. And when it comes to food, we’re not talking frog legs and coq au vin. You’ll find plenty of spots where kids can dine on familiar foods (a.k.a. there are lots of restaurants serving “American” food) or taste kid-friendly French meals that are suitable for the young palate. (more…)

Take a Grand European Tour with a River Cruise on the Danube

Danube Schloegener SchlingeSouth America has its Amazon. Egypt has the Nile. The U.S. Midwest loves its Mississippi River. But when it comes to sheer beauty, nothing quite compares to Europe’s beautiful Danube River. The subject of a waltz by Johann Strauss and a major player in centuries of literature, the lovely Danube River is the second-largest on the continent, stretching some 1,780 miles and passing through 10 different countries.

The Danube River begins quietly in the Black Forest town of Donaueschingen and eventually empties into the Black Sea via the Danube Delta. Along the way, you’ll encounter more than two dozen islands and pass through in excess of 100 cities and towns. Travelers along the Danube can spot hundreds of species of birds, dozens of variety of fish, and plenty of breathtaking flora.   (more…)

Romantic Rome Offers an Unforgettable Honeymoon Experience

The Colosseum, Rome - Italy.Looking for the ideal European destination for your honeymoon? If Italy is on your list of considerations, perhaps you’ve pondered Venice, with its romantic canals, or maybe Tuscany, with its rolling hills, vineyards, and friendly people. Or maybe you’ve researched Verona, land of those famous star-crossed lovers? But have you thought about Italy’s most obvious choice?

Rome, the Eternal City, is one of those places first-time visitors to Italy usually include on their itinerary, but it’s often overlooked by those planning a honeymoon trip. But it shouldn’t be! Rome is ultra-romantic, just as much so as Venice but perhaps in a different way. A honeymoon in Rome doesn’t have to be all sightseeing and museum-hopping. There are plenty of Rome experiences that’ll get those romantic juices flowing and will produce honeymoon memories that you won’t forget.  (more…)

Discover Mallorca, One of Europe’s Favorite Islands

Cala Figuera, MallorcaWith a long winter coming to a close, many avid travelers are anxious to find a warm place that’ll allow them to shake off the winter doldrums and emerge into the spring season feeling refreshed and renewed. While the U.S. has its Virgin Islands and other favorite Caribbean destinations, when Europeans need a bit of sunshine and want to head to a tropical paradise, many of them choose the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain.

Located in the Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of the mainland, Mallorca (also spelled Majorca) is the largest of an archipelago known as the Balearic Islands. Blessed with mild winters and summer temperatures that average in the high 70s/low 80s, Mallorca is a bright and sunny destination that offers not only lovely coastal areas complete with warm, inviting beaches, but also mountainous regions that are perfect for exploration as well as lovely fertile flatlands where olive and almond trees grow in abundance.        (more…)

Enjoy Oslo’s Natural Beauty on a Luxury Vacation to Norway

Oslo, NorwaySome European capital cities are known for their amazing architecture. Others are lauded for their great museums or other cultural offerings. Still, others have earned kudos for their culinary scene or perhaps their friendly people. Oslo, while it certainly has all of that, is a city that has also been touted for its amazing natural beauty. Greener than just about any other capital city in Europe, it’s blessed with forested areas and plenty of parks, and is just a stone’s throw away from the North Sea and the country’s picturesque fjords.

Oslo has also forged another reputation. As it’s certainly not the least expensive destination in Scandinavia, it has become known as a wonderful getaway from those who aren’t overly concerned about budget. Truly, the city has become one of the top locales for those seeking a luxury vacation experience that perhaps is void of some of the trappings of other more well-known European luxury travel spots, including traffic and relentless crowds, even in the summer months.   (more…)

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