Visiting the UK? Don’t Forget Wales!

Every year, millions upon millions of international travelers visit the United Kingdom. Ask one of them about their destinations and you’ll most likely hear words like London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and perhaps even Belfast. But what about that country off to the west, the one that has about four times more sheep than people?

Wales, the smallest country in Great Britain and second-smallest in the U.K., is often treated like the proverbial red-headed stepchild. Many people visiting the region seem not to care whether or not they spend time there. Their loss! Those visitors who haven’t included Wales on their itinerary are missing a treasure trove of history and magnificent sites, not to mention the opportunity to hobnob with lovely people who are eager to welcome visitors to this intriguing piece of land. (more…)

Florence a Natural Choice for a Luxury, Culture-filled Vacation

Steeped in history, rich with museums and other cultural sites, and truly one of the must stunning cities in the world, Florence is quickly becoming one of the most visited cities in Italy. Once overlooked in favor of the ever-popular destinations of Rome and Venice, Florence is a huge hit with those who enjoy cultural and history-related tourism and will truly appreciate the reasons why the city has long been dubbed the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Florence is the gateway to Tuscany, another region of Italy that has drawn more and more visitors throughout the past few decades, thanks to movies like Under the Tuscan Sun, which served to truly romanticize the area. Visitors can certainly combine the two – the city and its countryside – for an amazing trip, but Florence does indeed have enough to offer and is a fine stand-alone vacation for those who enjoy a true urban experience packed with culture galore. (more…)

Let a Virtuoso Travel Advisor Manage Your Next Vacation

These days, it seems everything we do can be accomplished via the internet. We communicate with friends and family daily via Skype and other services, buy necessities and gifts from myriad sites, keep track of our stocks, and – yes – even plan our vacations online. But, truly, how wise is that? While it seems that some aspects of life can easily be managed online, do you truly want to trust your treasured leisure time to just the click of a button and no interaction with a real person who truly knows the ins and outs of travel?

As travel sites become more and more popular and have moved far beyond places like Travelocity or even Kayak, it’s difficult to know just what’s out there in the category of internet travel retailers/wholesalers. Who can you trust? Are the descriptions and photos accurate? Will your trip go as smoothly as possible or will it be a disaster? Does the person on the other end of cyber space an hourly employee or do they know the travel industry intimately? (more…)

Take an Incredible Journey on the Orient Express

Have you ever simply had enough of air travel? If you’re a frequent flyer, perhaps the airport lines, delays, and impersonal service have started to bug you. If you had a choice, would you choose to travel another way on your next vacation?

If your answer is “yes”, you’re not the only one. Each year, millions choose trains over planes, traveling across the continents of the world on the rails, content to be moving at a slower pace and taking time to enjoy the sights. Of course, rail travel of today isn’t as luxurious as it was, perhaps, as much as a century ago, unless you choose to embark on a trip with the leader in luxury train travel – the fabulous Orient Express. (more…)

Find a Winter Vacation Paradise in the Swiss Alps

If gigantic snow-covered mountains, great skiing, traditional chalets, amazing shopping, and friendly locals sound like the ideal parameters for a winter vacation, then a trip to the Swiss Alps is certainly in your future.

Generally divided into two parts – the Western Alps and the Eastern Alps – Switzerland’s alpine region is nothing short of spectacular. Each section contains a number of notable peaks and each also boasts ski resorts that’ll no doubt be among the finest you’ve ever visited. (more…)

Luxury Cruises of Greece are Tops for Discerning Travelers

Greece is certainly beautiful from the ground or even from the air, but have you ever seen it from the crystal clear blue waters that surround it? Truly, the sight of the Greek Isles from the deck of a cruise ship is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s no wonder Greek cruises have become a favorite with those who simply love exploring the world from the comforts of a top-notch cruiseliner that offers all the comforts of home, including views that’ll leave you longing for more.

If you’ve never pondered cruising the Greek Islands, it’s time to give this destination some consideration. Though Greece has had its share of financial and political problems lately, those issues haven’t affected the sheer beauty of this country, with its white-washed houses, picturesque fishing harbors, and awe-inspiring historic sites. And when you explore Greece from a luxury ship, you get the best of both worlds – all the Old World charm of Greece with the best of modern accommodations and superior service. Consider these cruise ship companies for your trip to the land of the Parthenon, Mount Olympus, and great minds like Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates. (more…)

Luxury Skiing Packages Offer Pampering Vacations for Snow Bunnies

Is winter your favorite season? Are you counting the days until ski season starts? Are your skis polished and ready for that first run down your favorite black diamond slope? If so, you’re probably a hopeless skiing fanatic and, no doubt, you’ve tried – or are hoping to take a stab at – some of the best ski destinations in the world.

Perhaps the Rockies are your desired destination. Or maybe you love Canada’s Mont-Treblant, Switzerland’s Zermatt, or perhaps something as exotic as Campanella di Fossa in Italy’s Dolomites. Whatever your preference, you can take that skiing vacation and turn it into a luxury package that’ll make you happy and even excite your non-skiing friends and family. (more…)

A Visit to Berlin Combines Old and New for a Delightful Vacation Experience

Germany is a delightful country! Within its borders visitors can find charming old towns, thriving urban areas, snowy mountains, valleys full of grapes, picturesque rivers, and much more. Many of these locales are regular stops on the travel itineraries of visitors from every ends of the earth, but the wonderful capital city of Berlin is often overlooked. That’s too bad. While it’s true that Berlin has had a checkered past, today’s Berlin has plenty to offer. Indeed, the Berlin of the 21st century is a charming yet exciting mix of old and new.

Seventy years after World War II, Berliners don’t try to hide what many view as a humiliating time period in the life of this vibrant city. Rather, they more-or-less embrace that era, admitting to the mistakes of the past and doing their utmost to make up for them with museums and memorials that attest to the atrocities of the past and pay homage to the heroes of that time. (more…)

Enjoy the Opulence of Mandarin Oriental Hotels

There are numerous hotel groups that claim to be among the best-of-the-best. Surely, if you’re accustomed to enjoying luxury travel, you’ve experienced many of them. Some may have pleased you. Others may have left you feeling as if the promise of opulence was unfulfilled.

One group of hotels that continuously earns kudos from not only esteemed travel publications but also from “real folk” – whom they refer to as “fans” – is the Mandarin Oriental group of hotels and resorts, headquartered in – of course – the Orient but boasting upscale accommodations literally all around the world. (more…)

Book a Luxury Golf Tour of Scotland

Die-hard golf aficionados invest every inch of their being in the sport. They play whenever possible, watch tournaments on television, look for the finest and newest equipment, and do their best to engage their friends and family in the sport as well. So when it comes to vacations, many golf addicts make sure to include at least a little golf time on the itinerary, checking out the best courses at each of their holiday destinations.

But for the ultimate golfer, nothing compares to a vacation that is centered on that favorite pastime. And nowhere is a golf vacation as appropriate is in bonnie Scotland, where the sport originated and continues to thrive centuries later. What could be better than golfing on some of the greatest and most historic courses in the world? How about combining those experiences with stays in upscale hotels, meals at five-star restaurants, and a host of other unforgettable Scottish memories that add up to an unforgettable trip. (more…)

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